My friends, because today we are going to review a watch with a gorgeous retro design, an hd screen and, of course, three colors to choose from this 23 dollar or about 1000 peso offering from seablaze is a perfect entry level smartwatch fit for everyday use. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the sea blaze aries alright, before we go ahead and do the unboxing guys let’s first check the specs of this watch. It actually has three sensors heart rate sensor, proximity sensor and an accelerometer which are all used to track your sports activities, blood pressure and heartbeat. Now for the screen. We do have here a 1.3 inch, ips touchscreen display, which has great viewing angles and is perfectly viewable under direct sunlight. The aries will last you around 10 to 15 days on a single charge depending on usage and finally it’s certified water resistant up to 30 meters. All right now guys let’s go ahead and do the unboxing in this uh package. You really won’t get uh much in the box, just the essentials. So first up you’ll see here a very thick multi language user manual. So it contains everything you need to know about. The device specification and how to operate it also included in the package, is a 2 pin magnetic usb charging cable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a charging block, but since this is a usb, it should work with all the charges chargers you have at home and of course we do have here.

The watch itself. Just a reminder. Don’T forget to remove the two protective plastic on the display and on the sensor at the back of the device. Now let’s go ahead and take a look at the device out of the box. The aries should have a factory charge of about 25, so it should power on and ready to use. Once you receive it, as you can see, it does have two physical buttons on the right, which is on and off, and a mode button to quickly select and start tracking your fitness activities. It really does have a gorgeous 1.3 inch color display with opacity touchscreen. So you can navigate the menus using a swiping up, swiping down left to right movement and turning it at full brightness. You can really appreciate the screen because, as you can see here, the airy skin handle direct sunlight with no problem now. For my impressions about the watch, i really got to be honest: i’m, not a fan of retro looking watches, but the aries has a certain appeal to it: it’s a great mixture of bread, throw and modern design which really works. For me, the device is also very comfortable to wear weighing in at just 33 grams and considering it’s, very low price range, it’s really well made in a beautiful watch for everyday use. Unfortunately, one of the downside i see is that the straps are not replaceable and it’s made out of a type of plastic that gets brittle over time.

Lastly, i’m glad to report that the heartbeat and blood pressure monitor on this device is really accurate as i’ve tested. It against our standalone devices here at home and they get pretty much the same results and, of course, the aries comes with its own companion, app called the glory fit. You can go ahead and scan the qr code on the manual or just search for it. On google play or the apple app store, this unlocks the full potential of the device, and it gives you a ton of other features and settings. This is also the place to view all the day to day fitness data that the watch collects. I won’t go ahead and review the app itself at its as it’s, pretty user friendly and easy to understand, but some notable features are additional watch faces. Of course, you’ll have a dozen of uh additional watch faces to choose from, but you also have the option to create your own custom watch face using a photo from your phone. Lastly, you can go ahead and turn the sms and app notifications from the app any app you have on your phone. You can go ahead and get an on screen notification on your aries. Every time someone sends you a message all right: final verdict for the aries it’s, actually, one of the best value entry level smartwatch we have today with all the features, good, build quality and the fantastic display. You definitely get your money’s worth with this device.

Now, if you’re interested in purchasing a sea blaze, aries i’ll leave a link on the description and that’s it for a video today.