, The last three weeks I have tested the Zeblaze Ares.. It may look like a digital watch, but its a smartwatch with a touch screen and, of course, a colour. Display. Lets first have a look at what we get Theres. Nothing special to see on the box itself other than some of the functions listed with icons around it.. This is a simpler watch, but it can monitor heart rate and blood pressure track activities and its got some other functions all at a price of around 21 USD.. In the box, we get a user manual in a few different languages., A magnetic charging cable that snaps onto the back of the watch., Its strong enough to barely hold the weight of the watch itself and charging takes about 1.5 hours.. The watch itself has a nice black colour and its not the shiny, cheap. Looking colour. Im not saying it looks expensive, but it looks good for the price. On the sticker. We can see that the top left button works as the power button by long pressing it and it uses an app called GloryFit.. There are only two buttons on the Zeblaze Ares and both of them are on the right. Side. Heart rate sensor is located on the back next to the charging connectors.. The left side is completely empty. On the front is a raised edge that goes all around the display, so it is somewhat protected against banging into stuff.. The 20 mm bands are made of silicon and skin friendly TPU and its got a lot of holes for adjusting the size, so it should fit all wrist sizes.

, Even though it is flexible. I think its a bit hard, but luckily its not so hard that it gets uncomfortable to wear. Its time to power it on.. This is a 1.3 colour display with 240 by 240 pixels, so its very clear and bright. Viewing angles are also very good.. The watch itself weighs only 33 grams and measures 41 by 46 mm and its 11 mm thick.. The setup process is quite simple and the same as with many other watches. Just scan the QR code and install the app. After the install is finished. It will ask you to log in, but this isnt really necessary unless you want to save your data in the GloryFit cloud., I just clicked Ignore and it works. Fine. Next youll be asked to set up the permissions, and the method here may be different depending on the phone model you’re using so ill skip it for now.. It will search for the device and all we need to do is select it and it will do the rest itself.. I recommend going through all the points that are on the screen right now to set up call and message: notifications, heart rate monitoring and so on.. So youll have everything set up the way you want it.. I have now been using this watch for about 3 weeks, so lets go through the functions on it before we have a look at the app. On the main screen. We have a watchface and we have a few to choose from.

The stock. One is actually my favourite as it looks, kinda cool and shows a lot of information.. There are also some that can be downloaded from the app but more about the app later.. This watch face has our heart rate at the top with a graph below it.. This graph is live and shows us readings through the whole day from midnight to midnight. Heres also date time a steps counter and the battery status.. The battery has a capacity of 170 mAh and can last up to 15 days in battery saving mode.. During my test period with normal use, I had to recharge it every 7 days.. The easiest way to change the watch face is to hold for a couple seconds and swipe between them. Theres, a few to choose from on the watch and, as said earlier, more can be downloaded from the app. Swiping up. We have our notifications, which is empty at the moment, but lets see what they look like.. First, we have an incoming text message.. It only shows a small part of the message and its not possible to scroll to see more of it, which is a bit sad.. We can also see notifications for incoming calls.. The watch will show a button for hanging up the call, but all it does is stop the vibration on the watch. It doesnt hang up the call or mute it., So the phone keeps ringing. Swiping down. Are the quick toggles – and here we have the DND mode for the watch, the brightness which I usually keep at the lowest, because the display is quite bright.

. Note that there’s no automatic setting for it. Next is the find phone functions which will play the ringtone if its connected to the phone.. The last one is the watch settings and in here we have info brightness again off reset and so on., When swiping between the different menus were actually draggin. The layout around. Its not just an animated transition like we see on some cheaper watches., Its a little bit choppy, but it looks ok. Swiping to the left. We find today’s activity data which shows us steps. Distance and calories. Next is heart rate with the last reading. Highest and lowest results., I like the look of the heart rate graph, but its not real., Meaning it doesnt actually show your heart rate at all its just a picture that never changes. Sleep shows us how long we slept in total, our deep sleep and light sleep Weather shows today’s weather and a forecast for the next few days.. The music player is only a remote, so we cannot upload mp3 files to this watch.. Here we can play pause and change, songs forward and backward.. Sadly, it doesnt show the title of the song. Its also a bit far into the menu, so its not very quick to access from the main screen. Swiping to the left. We have another menu. Here we have training which is used to start new activities.. We can choose between outdoor running cycling swimming yes, it is 30 meter, water, resistant, skipping, badminton table tennis, alpinism, walking, yoga, spinning bike, sit ups, indoor running and jumping jack.

. If we tap one of them, it will start after a 3 seconds. Countdown. Theres really not much info to see in here, though, so all we get is the time spent distance heart rate and swiping up shows steps and calories.. This watch doesnt have a GPS, so I guess theres not much more info to find anywhere. Anyway. Status is exactly the same as we saw. Earlier. Heart rate is also the same with the fake graph at the bottom.. Blood pressure is not something we saw earlier and it only works when starting it manually. Its not possible to get any reading from it automatically. It takes a while to get the result, but it works and they are saved in the app. So we can find them. Later. Sleeping is also exactly the same as we saw before. And the same goes for weather. Im, not sure why they keep repeating the same functions in different menus. But I guess it looks like theres more. If you keep repeating them., Music and message are the same again, but in More we have a few new items. Heres, a simple stopwatch that does not support laps and we can start it by touching the screen or pressing the top button.. The timer function works as expected. Just set at time, and it will notify you when it’s done by vibrating.. Next is the flashlight, which I personally never use. Its placed a bit far into the menu. So when you actually need it, youll have to swipe quite a bit to find it.

. We already saw the find phone function in the quick toggles, but here it is again.. This settings menu is the exact same one as we have in the quick toggles, so it doesnt really need to be here at all., Its also much quicker to access it from the toggles menu. Anyway. In here we first have the watch face option.. So this is one way to swap between the different installed faces.. We can change the display, brightness or just use the quick toggles, which is much easier.. The info page shows us our mac address and the firmware version. Off is used to turn off the watch. Obviously. Reset will delete all data thats on the watch. QR code is a shortcut for downloading the GloryFit app. That covers the whole menu on the watch and, as you saw, almost every item is repeated at least once, which is a bit unnecessary in my opinion.. Just out of curiosity lets see what the menu would look like if we remove all the items that are repeated. Now thats a bit more compact isnt it At least navigating between the different pages is easy and the animation looks ok. One function. That is nice to have on watches is a notification. If we lose connection with the phone., The Zeblaze Ares does show a notification on the screen and vibrates a bit.. Just in case you forgot the phone somewhere. Let’s move over to the GloryFit app.. The main page shows us the weather at the top today’s activity data, a heart rate graph, sleep record and blood pressure at the bottom.

. It may be a simple app, but everything looks ok and the data is easy to understand.. The activity page has a nice graph of today’s steps with the totals below and the whole days activities listed at the bottom.. A weekly and monthly summary is also available at the top here and youll find another steps counter in the notifications area on the phone. Activities that you start manually can be found in the other sources section and they are sorted by type. So you can easily find what you’re looking for., Since this is a simple watch, theres not too much info about each activity, but we have our distance steps. Time spent calories, heart rate info and a heart rate graph on the next page.. The daily heart rate info shows us a graph of the whole day, the lowest highest and average heart rate, and some ranges. Below. Sleep monitoring seems to work fine and its able to show us deep sleep, light sleep and awake time. Theres. Also, a short sleep analysis at the bottom, and apparently I go to sleep too late.. Like I said earlier, the blood pressure monitor can only be started manually and it shows us a graph with high and low values. Under is each reading in a list.. The sports tab allows us to start activities from the phone and it does show up on. The watch as well., Which is nice. Device, is where we have all the settings for the watch, and this is where you have to go to download new watch faces.

. They call it dial settings and its split into three sections. Dial center is for downloading new ones, but theres not that many to choose from so lets. Hope more are coming.. My dial shows the ones we already downloaded. Custom dial lets us make our own watch face by choosing a background picture, but its not possible to change the layout of the objects.. So we can only set a background and change the text. Colour. Heres also some settings for turning on or off different notifications, sedentary reminders and setting the alarm clock. The Zeblaze Ares doesnt have a speaker, so we only get vibration alarms. Its, not a very powerful vibration, but it had no problems. Waking me up in the morning.. The Do not disturb mode works well by turning off notifications and stops the display from lighting up. If you wear the watch at night., Some watches have a function for taking pictures by using the watch and in this app its placed in Universal settings. So its a bit hidden. Its called shake to take picture, but its very sensitive so its enough to just move the hand a bit or tap the watch with a finger.. Usually, when I wanted to take one picture, I ended up with several before I managed to turn the function. Off. Heres also some functions for changing units changing between 12 and 24 hour time format, changing the device, language and so on., Although its not the prettiest app I’ve seen it works fine and the information in it is mostly easy to find.

. I dont like the step counter they placed in the notifications area on the phone, though as its much bigger than it needs to be, and its not really necessary to have it there at all. In my opinion., The Zeblaze Ares watch doesnt exactly look expensive, but I kinda like the design. Its also easy to use and navigate through the menus. Even though every function is repeated, several times. To test the accuracy, I started an activity wearing both the Zeblaze Ares and the Mi Watch Lite. The Ares counted about 860 steps more, which is about 6.5 higher than the Mi Watch Lite.. I do like the display on this watch as its very bright and looks good, especially with this watch face.. The battery life is ok but youre never going to get 14 days unless you switch everything off so with normal use. Youll get about 7 days.. This battery indicator in the corner shows the remaining battery in increments of 25, so its not going to show the actual percentage, and you may get a surprise when it suddenly falls from 25 to 0 and shuts off shortly after. Overall it’s. A simple watch with basic activity tracking – and I think the watch is ok for the price. And that’s it for this video.. If you liked, it click that, like button and if you didnt already subscribe, just click that button below the video and the bell for more. Have a nice day and see you in the next video.