Firstly, we see the watch and the magnetic charger and the menu. So these are all the content for this smartwatch and now let’s check the watch. The app is glorified app and it is 3 atm water resistant in this side. There are two buttons. This case is a plastic case, so the watch is very light. Firstly, we can check the watch face. It has three watch face inside the watch and then let’s test the quick actions from the top to the bottom. We can see some icons for quick action, such as the brightness and the bluetooth, and also the setting and brightness 2, and also the info and turn off reset and the qr code. Then from the button to the top. Is the message then, from the right to the left? We can see the steps and the blood pressure also slip, monitor and the temperature bluetooth music and from the left to right. We can see some functions, such as the chaining, and there are many chaining exercises such as outer running cycling, and it can measure the distance heart rate, steps and calorie. It has the auto running, cycling, swimming skipping and many other options, and then the status and the heart rate and the blood pressure after you put the watch on your wrist and go to the heart rate function. The watch will measure the heart rate automatically and the green light is flashing, also the blood pressure and the sleep monitor, and also the weather, music and the message and more the stopwatch and the timer, then the flashlight and find the phone.

Finally, is the settings such as the watch face and brightness and the info of and reset and the qr code due to this watch is very light. It is very comfortable to wear this watch on your wrist. We can scan this qr code and go to the link to download the app and we can also search the glory fit from the airport store. After the app is downloaded. We can click open and there are some settings. We all click, ok and we need to register and sign in the app. Currently we click skip and there were some settings. We all click allowance, and now this is the app in the device page. We can click, add a new device and select device. Then we can see that the rs is in the searching result. We click to pair and pair and allow the watch to display the iphone notification allow and in the dashboard you can see that the watch cam add some more watch faces and can also customize the dials, and then we can check the app. The app has four pages. The first home page is to synchronize the data from the watch to the phone, such as the slip, monitor and heart rate blood pressure, and also we can see the weather. The watch can also synchronize the same weather as the phone and then the spot page. It has many spots exercise and can also add some more motion, and the third page is the device page, such as the dashboard, can add extra work faces and can also customize, which faces, and also the heart rate, setting automatic and the phone setting when the phone Is running the device will vibrate and also the sms when the phone has a message, the device will vibrate too, and also the app we can enable the app so that when there is any new incoming messages from the apps, the watch will also show the same Messaging notification and the center reminder you can enable to remind you to stand up and alarm clock and light up when the hand is reached.

The screen will automatically light up and do not disturb and more setting, such as shake to take picture and find the device display. Timeout the maximum is 15 second and 24 hour time and the device language. We can see that the app has many language inside and finally, the firmware update and already the newest firmware and reset the device and unpair, and the last page is the profile we can set the goal and also the third party service, such as connect. We channel link to the apple house and also the setting and finally, the help. If you have any question you can check the answers here.