com. I have been hearing so much from you guys wanting a review of the z blaze gts. There are certain words that in the watch community become like icons and gts is one of them, and zeblaze has now produced their very own gts smartwatch check out whoa the packaging, definitely uh worthy of gift, giving it's got a little card on top and underneath that The nice felt cover and a module underneath and before we go further, let me tell you about it: banggood's got it for us and so does zeblaze on their official store, and this is their listing on the aliexpress site. Here'S, the listing for banggood when you click in the show notes down below it'll. Take you right over here, it's in a pre launch pre order time right now, uh, it started at 20. Bucks it's come up to 30 now about halfway through that. If you like it, buy it quickly, it's gon na tap out at about 40.. Of course, we could probably get coupon discounts if you're watching this a little bit later so check again the show notes if we've got a coupon for you still a really good price. Overall, what is it it's, a 1.5 or 4 inch apple style. Looking you know square watch unit that got 24 hour seven day a week, heart rate monitoring and look 60 plus watch faces. So if you really like a watch with a lot of watch faces, you want to do heart, monitoring the whole time and some fitness stuff.

This might be the one for you a little more detail on what it's got going for it comes from their page it's. The first smart bracelet that supports bluetooth calls you ready for that uh huh. It can stay connected with others on your wrist. That means you can receive and make a phone call on the watch and it's equipped with a large screen and can set more than 60 dials four color straps to define your uniqueness heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen steps, mileage, calories, everything you need to know it Also supports multiple languages, timely information reminders, so you won't miss important texts. More wonderful functions, look forward to your discovery, so the features are as follows. You got the built in speaker and microphone for doing calling the 1.54 inch full touch. Big screen the dials, including a do it yourself dial. You can put your own pictures on there full time. Heart rate, monitor blood pressure, blood oxygen, eight kinds of mainstream sports are built into it. It'S got real time weather as well. Music control, i don't even need to show it to you. Oh all, right! I will, after i give you a quick look at my micro reduced uh spec sheet. Now, if you want to see this a little bit better, a little bit more detail head on over to the link because that's, where all of these are from – and i use the high end technology of uh inkjet printing to be able to produce this.

For you and show it to you in such radiant detail and completely avoid using advanced technology, editing, graphics, thereby saving, trees, that's right, the energy it takes to run. Those programs is phenomenal. It runs the dive fit app, which is what i was looking for in the specs, so we know which one to uh tether this thing with and with that let's put it together and see what else is in the box. The little module is in here and they've got this little kind of secret compartment. Where you can see something. Sticking up here looks like a bottle opener. All right, i can pop it out and you can just push the module straight through it's got its own cover and its own z, blaze, labeling on this one they're taking pride in their name, there's the module itself. It'S got uh, looks really well sealed. There'S the speaker over here single knob microphone, looks like it's. Underneath the band place, the plastic case. It feels like plastic um front too, and i don't see a screen protector on it. That'S interesting could scratch so i'll have to check i'm not going to scratch it, but just be aware that um heart rate sensor charging and let's see what the chargers like deeper into the box. We get the rest of the goodies, all righty they're, using the alligator clip that's, why it looks the way it does not my favorite actually, my least favorite, especially if it's a plastic contained watch.

I don't want to scratch the screen, but it does have felt on here and the way this connects you got to line the pins up. Are you seeing that right like so and then get this on here? Make sure that they're mating there's no uh special pin to align it so you're kind of at liberty of making sure it's connected. So when you plug this in to charge it watch the screen to make sure it goes into charging mode, it should show the little battery icon before you do. You know, walk away from it. Definitely you want to have it connected if you're charging it overnight or something we've got the manual. Then we've got the bands and let's talk the bands. The bands are pretty simple rubberized bands here with a quick disconnect, pin on it and it's shipping with the black ones. However, however, it also has available pink now. The band of the the unit itself is black, but you could put it together with pink bands or your girl, your boy you're mixed baby, blue, okay, you could go with the baby blue bands or the uh middle of the road gray white. Depending on how you look at it, you could put those bands on too, which ones you want the white ones, gray ones all right, we'll go with that one for contrast, rather than just straight black black i'll charge it up and then we'll test it out. Oh, of course, we'll go through the manual sorry, i forgot here we go.

This is a really weird manual, it's all languages together and it's really really tiny prints. So we are going to unfortunately need to page through everything, but the good news is those of you who are multilingual can pick out the language you want to read and just skip to that section. Now, as you know, i'm, not holding them long enough for you to actually read them, but i am doing it long enough. I hope for you to freeze frame your youtube and then you can read it at your leisure or come back to it for reference. I guess it's going through a bunch of the different pages and features that the watch will do for us we're going to try to cover that actually working with the watch. But in case i skip something you can verify whether it exists or not and how it works right here in the manual yeah there's the weather. I got that idea from the little cloud and sunshine thing uh honestly right now, the print is so small that even in the camera i'm not reading it so i'm, not able to talk much about what we're looking at i'll just show it to you. Uh there's an alarm that looks like setting, alarms and whatnot wow wow it's a little pocket manual. So something easy to take with you. If you think you need it, but most of the times these watches are pretty easy to set up on their own.

I will mention, because this is a um, a bluetooth calling device that you're going to need to pair your bluetooth two ways you have to pair it to the app of course. Then, once you install the tethering app on your phone and separately, you need to pair the watch to bluetooth, like you would a set of earbuds that have calling capability so you'll end up with two different bluetooth, tethering setups to your phone. If you plan to take advantage of the calling as well there's the qr code for z, blaze well it's already on, but to show you, i would just simply press and hold, and it would boot the watch up. But i don't want to turn it off because i've got it paired to the app i've, got it paired to the phone for calling all kinds of things. I don't want to lose that by turning it off here's, one of the best faces. I think it's got going for it. I really like that. One it's, a digital, tells you a lot of stuff let's, walk through quickly what the watch does pulling it down. You got an interesting user interface. This is an interesting slide for the brightness very responsive, not just a tap tap up and down. I have to run it on the lowest level for doing the video, where it's going to wash out so it's a really bright watch when it's fully lit you've got your vibration controls here.

This is a special low power mode right there, which i'm not going to go into either because it'll disconnect us from all of our connections: uh here's, overall settings and then there's weather in the current area. Battery power down below should be able to twist and bring it back and uh date and information there. All on that panel, swiping up would get you messages pushed from the phone if you have any and you're tethered to the phone, and you gave the permissions in your app so that it would push the messages to your phone. You know the regular drill when you go this way, we get into a whole bunch of panels and we've got our step count and when it happened during the day, we've got last night's sleep time and uh hours and minutes for light and deep sleep. This is a continuous heart rate, which is pretty cool and i have taken it off, but i've had it on it all all last night for that sleep time stuff. If you touch it, you go back out of it, so we got to keep moving here's, an exercise which just brings you into your choice of all the different things, including swimming, so obviously it's going to be waterproof. For that you simply start one by selecting it. Three: two one there's, no gps in this, so it's going to be calculating uh your step, count from the pedometer, your calories from time and and step count.

You got heart rate on it and over here you can stop it. If you want to – and time is too short, so we'll just bail out of it, but anyway you got exercise there. Then you've got this one what'll normally say phone and then turn on phone. And if you tap that it says, connect to your phone and when you do and you're all connected, you can go into the dial pad and you can place a call from the watch through the phone. As long as you have the phone close by so it's. True bluetooth, calling any recent calls you've had would show up there. Then you got this. One you've got blood pressure, and each of these are the last seven entries that you've done if you're wearing it. You just tap here to start come back to me and it'll make a little bar chart for you for blood pressure and blood oxygen as well, and then there's weather in your area and it's about all it's going to show. Next, you get a shutter for doing remote, camera and finally, a player, and the one thing i really wish it had was the ability to loop back again because you either have to go back through every single one of them like that or you press the button And get it to return right back again should loop in my estimation, but and then you could easily go to the shutter real quickly that way, but you can't, because what you do instead is go into your app drawer.

Now let's talk about the apps. We got a few different things going on here. I'Ve got that same exercise thing. We just looked at a moment ago. I'Ve got the phone thing that we just looked at i've got messages really. I think i accidentally touched that one i've got the blood pressure. So all of these so far are all of these other panels: there's the blood oxygen here's, your weather and here's your messages which we got when we swiped up. Why do we even need this right there's, the shutter that we saw there's, something new we're gon na? Come back to that and here's the music player that we saw over there as well and that's it. So the only thing that this one is bringing in that's brand new is that so honestly, you could have swiped this way and just come into this, which gives you a stopwatch that you've got on here. You can set alarms on what days of the week and what time you want. The alarm you've got a countdown timer set up in segments all the way up to two hours. You'Ve got your overall brightness, which we just saw from sliding, but this is the one where you can incrementally increase it or decrease it. So we've been running on a number two there's, your phone turn it on or off shake turn it on or off. Theater is the mode that they're talking about to put it into that um kind of silent or resting mode we'll.

Try that at the very end reset the thing power it off and about you notice. I didn't have any kind of volume control anywhere on this kind of weird, when you've got a music player and you've got phone calling, and i can't figure that out for the life of me, i do not know anywhere where i've got access to phone calls. If i come back to the watch, face come down, there's no calling here i mean no volume, and all of these are the same things we just looked at in the system setting. So that makes it a little bit strange, especially when you consider and i'm going to do this here. Let me get set up. Okay, i've got a little audio thing, set up to play the news i'm not going to do phone call folks, because it's going to be the basically the same, and i got to get somebody on the other end and all that stuff. But if i go into the player, which is here and i hit play it's going to pick up and start playing the news that was playing on over here now i'm going to get real quiet. So you can hear it. You hear it i'm, only two inches away: it's, really pretty soft, guys, there's no volume control here either. So i have one volume that's the level for phone calls for player for everything on this one. It will play there in the background, and i can pause it from right here again and that stopped it.

So i see a bit of a failing in the fact that you don't have volume control on it. I don't see a way to pair this to earbuds either. So if you wanted to actually do a phone call, i guess you could pair your buds to the phone, but then it wouldn't be paired over here i yeah just it gets kind of confusing, but this is what you've got so far and i did want to Show you, through the app now this other watch, face we're going to get to we're going to bring the app here in a second. Let me bring that up. Well, we'll just show them to you. Haven'T found it here. You got some digital ones. There you go! This is one of the custom faces you can download from the app which i'm about to bring in and you notice uh. It has 85 percent whoops. My fingers anyway, 85 power level, uh left – and this is over almost five days of use with this i've warned this consistently day and night, and you know there's no gps, so i haven't accumulated a lot of tracks or anything for the workouts. But i have put step count on it and heart rate and blood pressure and everything so it's got really good battery life, and this is the only watch face. I could find that has the actual uh percentage on it. All the others just show you the basic information, so let's look at the watch faces and also what else is going on in the app when it transfers the data.

It'S called the fit we've reviewed this a lot so i'm going to go quickly through it. When you um log in create your account set it all up tether to the watch, blah blah blah and you're on your main page you've got your step information here. You see where it is throughout the day that you did your steps. You got your last seven days and it shows you a chart compared to other people. For those of you like comparing yourself to everything in the world. This is the app for that here's last night's sleep time. A very unusual graph looks almost like a streaming piece of paper or something, but it does do rapid eye movement time, as well as when you're awake light and restful, and it shows your pie chart for that of sorts, and your sleep quality gives you some information About sleeping – and this was last night's sleep time – my average heart rate, my resting heart rate – is computed highest one lowest one during this window of time from when i went to bed to when i woke up that's great data, you don't usually get that out of An app last seven day trend and again, where do you fit on when you went to bed when you woke up compared to other people and how many people slept less than you did in the average hours of sleeping really a lot of detail daily, weekly monthly? You can send it out, do all kinds of things with that heart rates right here, you're, getting the bar chart type thing, tells you a little bit about it.

You can measure it that's the only thing on the page remotely, which is awesome. I keep talking about that for convalescent coved folks in your house, it's great to be able to be in another room and take measurements. However, remember this does not do temperature and it doesn't have the red diode in the back it's only using green diodes for blood oxygen. So a couple of strikes against it. If you're, really looking for a health watch, no volume control, if you're going to do phone calls or play music with it, inability to, i can see tethered directly to earbuds. If you wanted to uh to do that for your phone calls and your music but it's zblaze, yeah, okay, continuous heart rate, which is different but similar to what you're seeing in here when you go into heart rate, all right, there's, the continuous heart rate chart an Individual measurement you can take when you press here and, of course have the diode and area cover it's not going to do thin air. It really is taking a real, real heart rate and you can execute that measurement. We saw from here directly on the individual one, but it also has this continuous heart rate chart and tells you, throughout the day, how many hours and minutes you're spending in each of these zones so daily, weekly monthly. In case you want to track all of that stuff. You got the same type of entry in blood pressure, with a little chart and each of the incremental trends here on that chart and a little bit of detail about it and, of course, blood oxygen which it describes for you here shows you your last reading in This last seven readings and if i hit measure it switches this on into the blood oxygen, takes the measurement and would give you another bar chart thing here.

But again you saw it it's green diode technology, so you're not going to be getting any kind of thing. Like sleep apnea or you know, detailed, lauren's, scatter diagrams and other things that we get from really advanced health watches. So what is it? It'S uh it's, basically um a health watch kinda, a sports watch kinda and a phone calling uh music blame watch kinda and i put a little asterisk next to the kinda, because none of them are really excelling in that category. In the setup, you got your notifications, alarms and all these other things that you can do check for upgrades others gives you find your device and your time frame, format and imperial or metric. You can do a do not disturb. Oh sorry about that that blooms. This out, too, brightly uh it's called uh display brightness. For those of you wondering we put this on android watches and it's so cool, you can adjust the brightness look in the show notes down at the very bottom for a link to the resource center, which is where you can download that app works on a phone Of course languages are here, the quick view is to twist your wrist, and you can turn that on or off have all kinds of reminders. Weather set for shins in right now is what we were looking at and for the ladies look at this, you got physiological reminders, it's registered as a female right now, so i could bring this up and you can get all of the cycle information when your last Start date was and it'll remind you at a certain time and tell you where you are in your cycle and all kinds of physiological stuff, more detail than most of them actually do so.

If you're, a lady, good sized watch, basic functions and physiological cycle information might be the ticket for you, so that's all in here and watch faces. We wanted to show you. These are the stock ones that are in here. You can edit this one and put different pictures behind it and you can go to more watch faces and that last watch face number five is changeable and you got some really cool ones. I brought these up before i i like them: they're they're, fun, but there's. Not a lot of information, it's, just basic um, analog time, basic digital time, lots of them but they're the same darn face with just different hands and different pictures. When you work your way through it, you could find you get into some that start having some good information if you're an information junkie, but most of them are pretty uh basic. Now here, we're getting some information, more yeah there's a lot there's a lot of faces. You can choose from different color combinations, basic black and white. If you want to see something really bright, calories, burned or heart rate, your choice, his this is the one i showed you with the time or with the battery life showing and you can get it in red or yellow and so forth. So you have selection of any of these, whichever one you pick, you say, download and it's going to start start that process of transferring it over to the watch and once it's transferred that's the active watch face, and it replaces the previous one that you put in There, as that, fifth one, so you have those four other stock faces you can choose from plus one more and that one more is chosen from this list of down.

Uh download watch faces a lot of times. You guys ask if you can put in custom faces. I don't think so. I think it would have to be set up within the app there. You go there's that interesting watch face that we just downloaded. You can edit the picture on that one. You can change that one totally from the list of them, and you have these three stock watch faces that are part of the watch, so that's everything of the app that's everything on the watch – and this is where you can get it. You got it from banggood or from the aliexpress direct zeblaze store, and this is what that listing looks like i'll have the link to both of them in the show notes down below uh either one of them they're both supporting us on this announcement of the zeblaze Gts it's a good watch overall i've seen better, but then you know that this is a blend of just enough for calling just enough for health and just enough for fitness without going too overboard, especially when you're looking at a price of under thirty dollars. The female physiological report capability and the detailed app give it an extra bonus in both accounts, so it just might be a good watch for you really good long battery life from what i'm experiencing so far so i'd, give it a thumbs up, but um yeah.