You'Ve got vibrational capability as well, and overall settings that include things like a stop. Watch alarms countdown timer, built into it, there's your brightness again phone calling with a speaker here and a microphone, so you can use it for bluetooth, calls shake capability, reset power off about, and the qr code to download the fit app that this thing runs with. If you have any push, notifications, they'll appear here and you'll be able to read them, and you can check everything on the panels to your right. Like your step count last night's sleep time, a continuous heart rate chart that really works. You'Ve got an exercise section that you can choose any different activity: no gps in this one, but basic stuff. You'Ve got your phone calls. Uh, dial pad to place, calls and again that'll, be through your phone there's, no volume control. I can find to adjust the volume level and it is relatively soft when it comes to phone calls. You'Ve got blood pressure and each one up to the last seven are shown in a bar chart same thing, with blood oxygen weather of the city of your choice. That you set in the app a remote shutter and a remote music player that can trigger playing music or podcasts or whatever from your phone you've got. A few different watch faces to choose from some stock ones and a downloadable one.