A youtube channel on the web at smartwatchtix.com and zblaze is back with the gts pro it’s, the pro version of their ever popular. What do you say? Apple style of uh, shape, uh swat watch, not the round one. The gtr this is the gt square pro okay, so how does it differ and would you want it we’re going to discover that today, first we’ll unbox it for a moment, show you there’s a manual a card in here, a charger and the watch itself, which is Going to tether to the glory fit out: where can you get it well, there’s the aliexpress store the official store um that has it and banggood. Has it as well. This particular one’s coming to us from banggood it’s uh again a 1.65 inch screen will show you all the specs on the gts pro very inexpensive 27 and most likely we’ll have a coupon to get the price down a little bit check. The show notes for all of that uh the link to banggood and hopefully we’ll also have the aliexpress link if it’s available as well now let’s get into the features and specs of this one it’s a good sized screen with 240 by 295 pixels will tell you Right off, that’s, bigger and more than what you saw on the original gts, you have an ultra thin metal body, very lightweight. Multiple watch faces. You can personalize a custom dial. This is a boost up 24 different goal based exercises in this one: blood, oxygen and blood pressure.

Monitoring are in it 24, 7 heart rate. Monitoring, too, you got real time, weather forecast. Of course, you got to be tethered to your phone and it derives that information and pushes it to the watch music control. Camera control. What else can we tell you bluetooth, five full screen touch and side button using the glory fit app we’ll. Take a quick look at that languages about supported heart rate, monitor all of these things are in here, but wait there’s more. Let me flip it over. The back side shows you um real time pace and distance daily step goals. Multiple watch faces stopwatch in it and so forth, we’ll dive in and look at that here’s the meat you got: uh ips hd color display 200 milliamp hour battery, looking at about 15 days standby, seven days typical use and about an hour and a half to charge. Using a clamp style charger we’ll take a look at that as well. Okay, here it is in the box, and this one’s got the nice uh beige kind of a band on it tpu style of a band. You got a cover over the sensors. You want to take off charger will attach there and it’s your standard two pin charger magnetically coupled there we go button on the side. This is a nice silver version of it and uh a cover here that tells you to tether to the glory fit app. So we’ll charge that up in a minute here’s a card that tells you thanks for choosing us and their web address and facebook information and in the manual and we’re looking at the english version of the manual here, oh boy, tiny little print.

Can you see all of that on there hope so we’re going to try to get it close enough for you to freeze frame? If you want to read it in detail, otherwise we’re just going to plow through it the glory fit app qr code for scanning app operations, how you’d go about tethering, all standard stuff, faqs and i think that’s it yeah that’s it for the english manual, all righty. Let me show you this uh when we turn it on after we charge it up. Surprise, here’s the exact same watch in black we’re going to take all these covers off of them got the front one off already nice black tpu band same basic, two pin charger that attaches here and this time i can show you that it actually will hold the Watch so it’s a pretty good, strong magnetic coupling on here as well. All your diodes and everything are in here and look at that interesting design on that wow, very fascinating. Okay, we’ve got uh one button to press to turn it on press and hold and wait and wait, and there it vibrated, says z blaze and we pop up into a watch face first thing: you notice is a beautiful quality of the color, the contrast between light And dark and the full frameness of the watch itself we’ll compare that in a minute to the non pro version. When we slide down you get all these different aspects: finding your phone brightness about and settings, and it times out really quick on us, come into brightness.

You see it’s actually on the lowest setting available. Let’S uh crank that up there we go got to hit it just right and it can get really seriously bright. Yeah yeah hard to tell on the camera, because the camera auto adjusts, but actually for doing the video it’s going to be better. If i leave it on its lowest setting. Okay, the about tells you what it is for: tethering yeah. It looks like it’s not as sensitive huh. Oh tiny, little writing the gts pro and then overall settings yeah, not sure. If this anyway brightness again, you can off reset and info. So the things we just looked at uh already. Are there also in settings that’s when you scroll that way when you go up this way, you’ve got notifications pushed to you from your what from your phone, if you have any of those set, and you set all that up in the app now we go off To this side and you’ve got your step count so far for the day, you’ve got heart rate that will automatically kick in, of course, it’s doing it 24 hours. In the background, you have blood pressure, you saw it showed briefly the last reading and now it’s beginning to monitor and it’s a rather lengthy process to get the blood pressure, but it has that in here and then you have blood oxygen again using green diodes. It’Ll get you that reading as well here’s last night’s, sleep time, it’s a good thing, it’s a high resolution screen, because the writing is really small.

There’S, your total your light and your deep sleep and that’s all it. Doesn’T show you more here, a remote music player, there’s, no onboard storage for music, nothing like that, but it will tether to your phone through the app play music. You have your training section for look at this it’s got swimming now. Interestingly, it only supports ip67, which is, as they say, in china, for a splash protection. You know when you’re washing your hands, but the fact that it has swimming tells me you should be able to dunk it under water, so there’s a little bit of a conflict. There, on Music, how waterproof it would be outdoor running swimming cycling, walking, tennis, skipping and so forth. None of these tie in with gps there’s no gps in the watch. So if it’s a moving thing like walking, uh or running or psych, well running or walking, it’s going to tie in with your pedometer cycling and things will probably just give you a reading of your um, your heart rate and uh time and calories burned. What’S. This albinism, i think that they mean climbing right cricket, a lot of interesting stuff on here, there’s supposedly 24 different uh sporting activities that you have access to here then there’s, the weather in your area, as pushed from the phone and messages again that you could get Into a built in stopwatch which, when we started and let it run and by now you know, uncle ticks, tries this test, we try to leave it and see if it’ll still be running there.

It is back at stop watch if i press the button. Well, it didn’t set to zero, but it not continuing to run so when you leave stopwatch it’s pauses it so it has to be in the stopwatch screen in order for it to uh continuously run does not run in the background, in other words, too bad find Your phone functions, which looks a lot like settings and back to the watch faces now in terms of watch faces. We have quite a few in here let’s get back to the very beginning. Oh it loops. You know that’s right, here’s, a nice round one a busy one like that. I can bring up to show you all the details of what it’s collecting in terms of data, including the forecast for your uh weather, and the current temperature is up there. So that’s interesting here’s a apple kind of layout type, but these are not touchable. That was me actually sliding it, so it doesn’t have touch face on it. It appears long presses required carefully to get it to switch i’m just going to whip through them. That’S, the one we just saw here’s another analog version now this watch face. This is one of them that you can download from the server there’s space for one extra watch face on the watch from the listing that’s available and we’ll show you that i guess right now. Let’S switch over to the app shall we it’s called glory, fit we’ve reviewed it before here’s a little picture of it.

You can go to the google play, store and search on it or use the link down below we’ll. Get you over. There. I’Ve used this watch for a while now so i’ve got some good data for you, temperature just got updated. As you can see, i got step count a real time, heart rate uh, sleep time and so forth. When you go in here, you see the breakdown it automatically tracks. Things like you’re walking, it’ll kick in on its own shows you a bar chart day week and month. You can send that out. You can bring up the calendar, all those things are capable in the app you go into heart rate: recording. Well, okay, i guess it doesn’t, you touch it and you can see the exact heart rate at the particular time of day that it happened, and this is from midnight. 3. 6. 11. 30. So you’ve got a pretty decent uh heart rate chart there i got into it and here it is expanded a little bit more and of course you can touch it. Can we do that? No, you got the chart. You got your highs and lows. I love this tranquilization state which of the 50 states. Would you call the whoops, the tranquilization state, probably either florida or hawaii right? Oh, i know arizona, really. Tranquilization state there’s also stress, relieving fat burning, cardiopulmonary, anaerobic and extremity state, yes, that’s, where your legs and arms fly off your body, you’re just doing so much overall that’s, the heart rate and again you got by day and everything last night’s sleep record is in here From when you went to sleep to when you got up broken up into deep light and awake times, there’s no rem sleeping, you can analyze, though, that tells me that i can went to sleep too late and uh and easy to wake up whatever.

That means weekly, daily and so forth. Those are the biometrics in here there’s blood pressure. Now you can actually start a blood pressure reading when you have it on by pressing that button. It’Ll. Take you about a minute to get the reading. I did have some from yesterday and they seem to be on the low side for me, i’m, usually about 128. I think over 70 80 in that neighborhood, so there’s no personal calibration available. So what you could do, if you know your blood pressure from a cuff, is add or subtract as necessary to the values that you get that’s pretty much. What those personal readings do anyway is it gives you an offset that it adds or subtracts from its own reading. There is no entry here for blood oxygen, although the um, the device, as you saw, will do blood oxygen, so there needs to be an update. I believe to the app in order to cover uh blood oxygen, but you do have heart rate blood pressure, sleep record and your exercise activity here in sports. You can set up with gps in the phone itself an activity walking running writing these kind of things and hit go and that’s a way that you can get gps, but you got to have your phone along with you with the watch here’s the device itself. This is where we’re going to get into dial settings. You have all these other things that you can take care of, going to go in here and show you the variety of faces that are available that’s, the one that i downloaded and it’s really simple.

You just touch it and sync: it and it’ll transfer it over. You have my dial, which is the one that i already downloaded, so i don’t have to download it from the server to the phone. Again, i can put the ones my favorites on here and then transferring them is faster and easier and you can also create a custom dial with your own background. Colors move the the time around and do all that kind of stuff too, and then synchronize your custom dial as well. That is the device and then the me is where you put in your own avatar stuff. You set up a training plan targets. Third party accesses only to something called wechat sports and there you go you’ve got another look at glory, fit which we’ve done many times as well, so here’s another one, but with the data from the watch so um, i know you want to know. How does this compare with the non pro version? Let’S check that out next first thing you notice is the charging approach has been changed, we’re now to a magnetic coupling standard type charger. Oh, they love each other. Look at that magnets and, of course, the original had this funky kind of an alligator clip that you had to line up with the pins and covered the screen and make sure it didn’t slide off, not really the best type of a design. Next thing you notice is, the screen is totally different.

We have a much bigger longer wider screen than on this one. We have the word z blaze at the bottom and it’s in a square, whereas this is much more rectangular. The single round button sticks out here. It’S not a turn button. It just is a button it’s, not a knob really and here it’s a pillbox type of a button, and when you scroll, you can see a bit of the difference in the layout. This is a much brighter better overall screen. So there have been some cosmetic enhancements, but one of the biggest biggest changes is this yeah. You know what that is. Don’T you uh, that’s, a speaker and somewhere on here is a microphone. Well should be a little hole base there. It is basically this is a bluetooth calling watch, you can make receive calls you can activate siri or the google assistant from it and listen to the results on the watch. The whole works. You do not have that anymore. Now on this, one they’ve pulled out the whole bluetooth calling thing and called it pro interesting, it’s pro and some enhancements. But if you like, bluetooth, calling that’s, definitely a setback 2021. They both came out about six months apart, calling is supported on the original knot on the pro bigger screen. Bigger number of pixels battery capacity has gone down because it’s not doing the bluetooth calling so it’s a smaller battery 15 days battery life versus 10. it’s, both using bluetooth 5 totally different apps.

We went from 8 to 24 sports, not that you do that many. They both claim ip67 again that’s splash resistance, not really designed for swimming or underwater we’re. Looking for a minimum ip68, or ideally at least three atm or five atm for that and that’s, a pressure underwater for literally taking it under water and the pressure that comes from swimming should be at least five atm, so i’d be hesitant to get either of these Seriously wet, even though we saw swimming is on this one. These are the sensors it’s got, these are the dimensions, and this is actually heavier than this one, even though it’s got a smaller battery in it that’s interesting right, hmm, another thing to look at is the build. This is a metal alloy and you saw the silver one. This is the shiny black one, and this is pretty much plastic, so you have a much better overall build quality. And ideally i would say this is much more waterproof and probably should be rated as three at least three atm but they’re, not claiming that so yeah it’s hard to tell the strap sizes are identical and yeah. You saw the size and the weight this one’s a little bit thicker, probably because of the speaker port, but all in all, decent watch, uh, the gts pro from banggood or from aliexpress official z, blaze store. I got links in the show notes for you to pick them up and a coupon i’m sure discount for you uh the coupon, oh it’s, in flash sale.

So i might not. Usually i can’t get a discount if it’s in a flash sale but expect to pay around 25 to 27 for for it um and a decent watch.