I did an inbox, and today i got something for you guys see blaze, gts all right. This smartwatch from zblaze gts. It has been sent over to me by bengal there’s gon na, be some links down below into the video description. Guys, please check them links. Maybe they can help. You understand a bit more. What i’m gon na do in this video? Apparently, besides unboxing the product is gon na, be my first impression of the product also trying to set it up and prepare it for a nice review. So it’s gon na be an unboxing video first impression, video i’m going to be reviewing. What is it inside? The z blaze, gts and it’s going to be more than that, because i’m going to do. This switch all right i’m, going to leave my active 2 for a while to be able to wear this baby and test it. So i can prepare myself for the full review of this product before we start, i want to set the scene here guys. We are talking about a watch that costs around 30. 35. 40 us dollars. This watch has built in speakers and also microphone. So this option here is probably one of the most affordable option to get a built in speaker and also microphone, but without any further ado, let’s open the product. There probably more to this, so you see brand new sealed in a package. Okay, i’m. Just taking this off very careful with my professional blader here all right before i open the box for the first time we have a nice packaging, i would say quite modern.

We have zidblaze here nice logo. We have the product display, fancy color. We have gts here. Smart fitness watch on that side. We have working on google play above android, 4.4 and, of course, also on ios, so apparently also works on the iphone, and here this the feet. Okay, i think this is the application that is used to manage the watch. Synchronized audio step on the side, we have again z, blaze, gts the model of the watch, z, blaze, quite nice packaging. On the back, we have some specifications, we have again the logo, zip blaze. We have the product name. The product name is smart. Fitness watch the model is gts. What is inside the package? The smart watch. There is one strap one cable, one user manual. The manufacturer is jen, shannon z, blade smart company limited. This is the address made in china, i’m gon na be linking down below. In my video also the site to zigblaze, because they apparently have a lot of smart watches – probably some very interesting offers and now guys now hey. Can you hear the drums unboxing it for the first time: okay, wow? Okay, so this is the inside of the box. Guys we apparently have the product. No, i will remove this one here. Okay, this is what hosts the watch. Okay, please reuse. The menu carefully before using the smartwatch it’s very light in the hand by the way and the materials are not bad.

I can tell it: doesn’t really feel cheap. Oh okay, yeah! You see what happens here now. Let me just save that moment. I want to see what else is inside the box. Okay, so we have again some packaging here, some cardboard i’m gon na put this away. It’S, apparently the charger. Okay, let me just see how this works so charger, one charger with two pins: okay, aha, i got it now, okay, so this is how you’re supposed to charge the watch. I guess. Okay, all right! This here is the charger that is used on the huawei gt2 g2 pro so it’s pretty much the same. I think it says just magnet so it’s kind of the same. We have two pins here, all right, it’s, a bit more bulky, i would say – and here we have the strap and the instructions – and this is blue Music. I kind of like the color guys, like a lot of my straps – are really black. So speaking about the strap okay, i’m just testing the material here feels quite nice and fancy comparing it to the samsung active 2 watch. This really doesn’t feel much different right, pretty much the same as what i have into the active 2 watch so probably also interchangeable. That’S quite good, let me then just connect the strap to the watch and i’m going gon na be doing this switch. Now i got the strap connected guys. One thing missing: only let’s do this together.

I know this is the favorite moment when you have a new product and yes removing it. Okay, good and now guys the switch. I told you i’m, removing my samsung galaxy active to watch and i’m switching to the z blaze, gts i’m gon na be wearing it for some days testing it by the way. By the way. This really is light in the hand it is only 38 grams. It has this square shape concrete here to the active 2, which is round, and i think it’s actually a bit lighter all right. Apparently you can get the straps in blue in green purple in black. I think the blue one is very nice and guys we see here that we have a crown, is also like the button on the back. You can find the sensors, it does have a heart rate sensor. It also has proximity, sensors accelerometer. It does not really have a gps or an ecg and even an nfc, but again guys don’t forget you have the built in speaker here and you have also tons of features. This here is the booklet and you have russian. You have tons of language english. Of course, all the nice instructions how to download the fit and then also set up your watch. Let me try to start a watch by the way. The display here is an ips display and it has 240 by 240. Pixel resolution actually does look quite nice and clear i’m wondering how it’s going to behave when i go outside on the sun.

By the way i managed to start the war, so it even has battery inside okay. What i can see here on the screen we have the time right. I need to calibrate it when we have the heart rate. We have the steps, calories. Okay, let me just see okay, oh you navigate by just swiping left and right, and if i go to the right, i get this nice menu all right, i’m. Gon na leave this, of course, for the full review. If i swipe to the right side, i get apparently some fitness information like the steps. Let me go one more time. I get probably my data from sleeping and, of course, also heart rate exercise, form blood pressure, wow blood pressure, blood oxygen, all right. This one doesn’t have blood oxygen, weather and shutter. Okay, you can probably use this as a remote shutter i’m. Putting this on my hand, because this video is meant to provide some initial impressions and prepare myself for using this watch. Okay, i think it looks quite nice by the way right with this shape of the watch and also with this color. Let me get my phone. Okay, guys, i got my phone in my hand, the pixel 3a running android, 12 and now about to scan the qr code for the fit okay. Now i can open the link opening in play, store up i’m gon na now install the fit application and perform a connection to my brand new word.

Let’S try to connect to the watch. You have not linked a device. Okay, adding a watch! Please, oh directly, very quick, immediate, i think connecting let’s see oh, and i have here now already the right time displayed, i would say, flawless connection guys. 32. This really worked. Okay very nicely, i would say: okay, parent connect, okay, allow access to all of my contacts. This here is the fit main screen. It does look quite nice guys i used who have a hell application. I use samsung health monitor. I use xiaomi fit this. One really looks like on its own. Really i, like the design. You have the steps here. You have the sleep, you have the heart rate. You have continuous heart rate. Okay, i’ll anyway say this for my full review right now. I can just see that i have the watch connected. We have the watch faces here and apparently a lot of nice watch faces to be chosen for let’s go for that one all right, oh and here it is quite nice by the way – and i think the contrast is really quite nice – i’m gon na be taking This baby definitely outside it, does support also wake up by lifting the hand, which is something that i use quite often and when you press here more watch faces, then, apparently you can get swamped with a lot of watch faces, oh out of the box, so many This is really great: okay, guys i’m gon na stick to that one using it for my test, let’s see what else we have.

We have notifications. We have alarms, we have the shutter, which is the remote shutter. We have also others uni system yeah. I can go to metric now and probably here i’m gon na get now kilometers very nice do not disturb reminders, continuous heart rate detection. You have the language, oh, we have russian. We have spanish, french, quite nice. You have the click view here. I need to test that one. We have the drink, water reminder, weather physiological cycle reminder menstrual management, pregnancy conditioning and gender health. I think this is really packed with features it’s really strange to see so many features into this price tag all right and you have also upgrade. Let me just check guys if there is a new firmware for my watch, because if that’s the case, i am going to upgrade it. I don’t have the battery okay i’m gon na charge. It first then upgrade it to the latest. Firmware let’s just go back right here. We have all the settings, background, operation, protection and etc, etc. Now my first impression with the watch guys the screen really impresses me: everything is pretty much teamed with my bracelet. The design is quite likable and it does really not feel cheap, honestly it’s a cheap watch, but the feeling is not of a cheap product. The material used on the straps is quite nice and it is very, very light again. You’Re, not gon na get all the sensors here, but you have the main things and what is most important? You have a speaker and you can also make phone calls because it also has a microphone.

But i will leave all of this for the full review. Now guys don’t forget to check out the links into the video description. If you like this watch, you can find more information, also about the z blaze, company i’m gon na be linking also their website and come back here in a few days where i’m gon na be doing my full review for this watch.