At smart watch ticks comm, you remember a while ago we reviewed the neo of fun little Fitness wats with a really fun carbon fiber background and nice bezel and screen, and all of that stuff. Well, we now have the Z, blaze, neo and we're gon na unbox. This one for you today and give you a quick run through, so you can compare the two of these if you haven't bought your neo, yet you might want to get the Neo let's get inside this box and take a look yeah as usual. It'S an air tight, fit there, we go now, unlike the original in a larger box, with the band already attached, or at least in the bottom yeah it is it's attached have okay. Well, maybe yours will have the whole thing there's the rest of it that's. Why? I like to do the pure unboxing smokes. Yeah we've got two buttons instead of one as one of the differences between the two, a larger watch and a bigger bezel, but we'll do more comparisons after we go through and check out where you can get this thing from Aliexpress official Z, blaze store they're, offering This introductory price of about 35 and neo – you can also pick it up directly from banggood and bancos got a tiered pricing going on same matching price at 35 for the first 200 pieces, but they're almost out then it's gon na ramp up. But, of course, I might be able to get you a coupon to keep it kinda low, we'll check on that in the show notes, if it's past this introductory period for you.

What are you looking at inside this one? Well, right off the bat they're highlighting that we've moved up to bluetooth 5, which is going to me better power management for both the watch and your phone. Multiple watch faces has been a big question from folks is: how do I get more faces? You buy yourself a newer watch 1.3 inch full round touch screen. It'S got this new RV heart rate variability health index in it take a look at that 24 hour. Heart rate monitoring and an Italian Vegeta dessert strap that's. On this thing at least half the strap is on it very nice, yeah leather it's, a leather strap here's, our sizes, here's, our weight, it's zinc, alloy, all the way around again the leather strap and the lengthen all of that stuff, 24 millimeters wide in case you Want to put your own on obviously removable we're. Looking at 240 by 240 pixel 1.3 inch IPS full round. Color touchscreen you've got different sensors in here an accelerometer for your step. Count: proximity sensor in a heart rate, sensor and 180 milliamp hour battery with a charging time of an hour and a half should last about a week or so it's got a water resistance of ip67 which supposedly you could dunk it in water briefly, but well. Yeah that's just to kind of keep it from splashes. If you can, it uses the eff fit app and it's supporting. Currently these different languages, onboard standout features, we've already talked a lot about that.

We'Ll show you each of the screens separately as we go through and all the stuff that comes with it, so let's check all of that now from the other source, there's an overall spec sheet. Just so you have it not gon na spend any time on it. Other than to scroll through come back. If you want to freeze frame it, if you'd like to read it, and if I didn't answer some of your questions, hopefully they just got answered for you. Let'S continue in the box when I take out the insert and grab the other half of the band. You notice it's got a quick release on it and these are so easy to use press down, get it inside the hole on one side which you have to kind of feel for hello. Where are you hole? Oh my gosh. It actually broke off on this one. Whoa, okay, I'm gon na have to do this off camera cuz there's, something stuck in the hole on that side, and this one of course, would just go in there. Maybe that's. Why it's off things happen inside here? We'Ve got the charging cable standard to pin connects on the back back magnetically 5050, and I should not go to Vegas because I'm always hitting the wrong side, not strong enough to hold it, and it is a relatively heavy watch. This one use the same two pin design and it looks like it's the same pin connector and a much lighter watch so that's, one of the big differences between the first and second generation we can take that off now is that this is a larger and heavier Watch for sure we also have the manual and, as we always do, gon na page through it, the English version for you simply because, as I usually mentioned, you won't be able to find these on the web easily in PDF format.

If you lose yours and there's a function, you need to know, you could be lost and so at least having this archived on the video gives you the chance that you know you can always come back to Smart Watch. Dix comm find your watch and set it all up and now we're in two different languages, so that's a quick overview of it. I think we are ready to try to fix this charge it up and turn it on yep, the neo2 there we go all back together, turned out. It was just a little bit of particles, I think, from the edge of the band that was in there when it popped out, probably wasn't seated right little q tip on both sides took care of it, no problem at all. So, taking a look at it, we saw the connectors. We have a raised area where we have the diode two green diode. For heart rate. We got some screws holding the whole back together. Two buttons, nice bezel press and hold the top button, turns it on and we are on live right now when you come down here, I want to show you first of all, brightness is at its lowest. This sucker is really bright. If I go up full bright, you can't even see anything in here. Can you I totally washed out, but actually it's, bright, yellow and outdoors it's going to be easy, easy to see so there we are we're back down here to this level and we're going to also show you that you have the QR code that you scan for Ios, if you're, using an iPhone or for the Google Play Store and the app is called F fit.

We'Re gon na look at that in just a minute or a Chinese version of it is available as well. Each QR code set for the unique store that's something new haven't, seen that before you have Do Not Disturb that you can turn on or set period of nighttime time frame that you decide to choose to. Have it automatically go on here. Is your Bluetooth connection information? Currently disconnected, but when you're tied in you'll be tethered to your phone, and this takes you into your overall settings where you have theme now. This is where we have all of the different watch faces and actually I thought, there'd be more that's. The first one here's a second one, we've seen I've, got a nice really big bright one for outdoors, so that's great, easy to see, and then an analogue faced and now I'm all the way around again. So one two three we've got basically three faces on. It. Might be possible to add more, I didn't see any way in the app to do that. But we'll take a look at that in a moment, but there you go. You got three different faces on here and that was all accessible by getting into your settings and going into your theme, you have screen off time. How long do you want it to stay on from about five seconds to 15 seconds? The longer, of course, the lower your battery will be how fast it'll run out, but its lasts a really long time anyway.

So I popped it up to 15 seconds for my use here and we also have system and when you go into system there's, not really much other than shutdown, which is a very quick and easy thing says. It'Ll turn off goodbye goes all the way away. Press and hold just takes a couple of seconds and it's back up again, so very fast, very easy for the information up here. Your power level, Bluetooth connection, the actual time and date are shown as well. You can't go anywhere from here, it's, just a get there. The other direction now drops you into your app drawer before we go into there left will take you looping backwards across a bunch of these different payton, panes or windows that go to this direction. First, where you have all your running step, your step count, calories, burn and distance travel, which you haven't done any I just unpacked it. It immediately goes into testing your heart rate and your blood pressure notice. It goes off if it doesn't sense your finger, which is really good. It does heart rate, it does blood pressure and then it's back to watch face. So you have those three things plus your watch face. You have all those features up there and coming down. No left no right there. Actually, it takes you right back to to there, but coming down is where you get into. All of these state is again that panel that we just saw on your step counts, so that's being repeated heart rate and blood pressure are going to be exactly the same as what we saw when you go across here.

So just two different ways to get to the same information for state heart rate and blood pressure after you get past that you get into sport, where you have badminton and ping pong, football writing walking climbing running, and each of these are tied to the pedometer inside, Because there's, no GPS in it and to get out of this, you press and hold long time wait, wait, wait and then you can stop it and you get your data. Basically, on this sport there won't be any trajectory tracking or any of that stuff. Sleep notification. It'S hard to get these to stop just right, they tend to jump that's. Your last night's sleep time will be shown on here. If you wear it to bed, then notifications is the notifications sent to you that you've set up to from the app that's typical. We have, after notifications a stopwatch and a countdown timer. Now these show on the screen and when you activate them, you're locked in the screen and everything is frozen. The only way you can get out of it is literally to pause it here and reset it get out of it. That way, if you want to, you, do not have the ability to leave a stopwatch or a countdown timer and have it run in the background. So just be aware of that it'll be showing on the screen and you kind of have to work with what you got. But it is really nice big, bright digits.

So if you're doing some sort of interval training – and you want to quickly be able to look down and see how much time you have left you've got it right there on the screen and it's already preset for one three, five, ten or you could dial in The time you want for your own countdown interval, okay settings is exactly the same settings we just went to from the top theme screen off system, which gives you your ability to shutdown, and that, basically, is the whole watch. So what I want to do now is show you, the tethering app called eff fit here. It is in the google play store and if i open it, i go right into the opening screen, but there was some setup i need to do to get in there. Let me show you that part when you set up an account and you can't get into the app without setting up an account folks, so that's another consideration. If you're gon na do any of the tethering things there's no guest mode with this watch, you absolutely have to have an account set up. When you do, you need to give yourself a nickname, gender birth date, your units, your height, your weight, then the next page is gon na. Ask you to estimate your skin color and that will help, I guess, with the heart rate and blood pressure detection, then you get your moving target of what you want for daily steps and hours of sleep that you're looking to get, and I guess that will help It determine how well you did, and then you drop into that opening page, which looks like this.

Whatever step count, distance traveled calories burned, you got going on will be there device not connected, but after you tether it the first time when you power it on you, give it a couple of seconds and it's already connected. So now we are there. You'Re gon na see your heartrate information last night's sleep time and target completion rate based on what you put in with your eight hours of expected time. You can do an exercise and you can measure blood pressure supposedly right here from this page. You go into the data tab and now here's, where you'll have your step count throughout the day in a bar chart every hour, more of a demonstration of your sleep time, overtime and your heart rate information with your 24 hour heart rate would be on this chart And blood pressures available for you as well your PPG heart rate and PPG blood pressure, because there's no ECG in this watch – and you probably saw at the beginning there was some ECG items listed on the screen that are not there anymore. One sit tethered because it's not an ECG watch, so this app is used for a lot of different watches and bands. I presume, and you get what your unit will actually do for you that gets shown. Care is where you can connect with other friends, and you know, send your data back and forth, and mine is your specific area where you've got your account set up and you can go into your device and here's where you basically control everything it wants you to Open notifications, which I'm not gon na, do because I don't plan on having it send me a bunch of notifications, find your device and shake for a snapshot or right here.

You do that it'll put it in camera mode. You shake this thing and you can take a picture you can have it push notify you for incoming calls or SMS is not a voucher. Can answer directly from here, there's, no speaker at microphone. There is vibration in it. However, you have more settings for all kinds of apps that are on your device to push and that's where you would set all those up. You can turn on continuous heart rate. Monitoring will drain the battery a bit, but as long as you're wearing it, you'll get continuous heart rate. If you don't want that don't need that turn that off the lift, your wrists to see the time will light up the screen. When you do that, probably want to turn that off at night or set it up in the do not disturb to automatically go out notice, it's 1605, unless I change to 12 hour and now it's 405 p.m. see that back and forth it's not doing a 15. Second time out looks like it's about five seconds and you can have metric or imperial measurements for setting things up as well. Firmware updates disconnect the device all that is here and then on your page, you've got your goals that you put in here. Some guidance, common problems and about us is all the stuff that rounds out the F fit app. So you got the app you got the watch we took up.

Oh sorry, you didn't see that we took a quick look at the comparison with the original neo neo and neo. They work differently. You swipe down and here's where you change the watch faces here, you get into all kinds of settings or your app drawer right here. You swipe over and same way when you're at this one. You come over into your steps and now here you're going into your apps, and here you can turn it off and now you're back here, so they really work differently. Watch the review on the original neo. If you're interested in that for a smaller wristed person, the original neo is probably going to be the one you want to choose. Ladies watch smaller wristed men, children and the larger watch is appropriate for anybody really, but if you're really discriminating on size, this might be the one that you want to wear. If you're, a guy it's got the nice leather band and that's what it looks like on and by now you know there's two places you can get it. This is a test. The first is Olle express directly from their official store for about 35 right now on special or pick it up from Bangor got links to both of these guys it's. Also at about this same price point but we'll be going up. However, we may be able to get your discount coupons to keep the price low for you. Alrighty guys, you've been watching.

Smart watch ticks we're a YouTube channel on the web at smart watch ticks comm. We appreciate your subscription and being here and telling your friends while they're hunkered down with nothing to do to come on by and learn about smart watch technology there's more out there than fitbit's and apples.