It is a smart watch again, so this is the neo2 smartwatch, okay, so simply Music, google uh, where os so my private area. So this is not a pure unboxing, because they’ve been shot in school because in order to show online and Music Music is Music. Okay, so um brand new thing is z. Blades uh model name is neo2 smartwatch blackness, strap brown strap so Music about the product. My bottoms make you are good yes, so it was a Music Music. So this charging cable is magnetic Music and it comes with different language. So little Music, Music, um uh materials company, then your suitable side, wrist size, nice, 120, millimeter to 75 millimeter case yeah case diameter is 48 millimeters and your case is 13.8 millimeter, so watch i Music uh, like this Music um heart rate, bp, sport, sleep notification, notification Mo stopwatch uh stopwatch operating delhi, background and then Music, uh, Music, don’t press, the wedge buttons, Music, Music, foreign, foreign, so 8762c, so low power, consumption, processor, a sensory heart rate, sensor, proximity and accelerometer proximity, uh, indiegogo, Music display and by 240 pixels and my 180 milliamp Are the battery that will last for five to seven days depends as a usage at which a charge shaft for about one and a half hour, so magnetic charging and nasa so ato yuma features yeah well, ip67, waterproof, so hindi, ip68. This uh padding is swimming as a swimming pool: 24 7. Heart rate monitor green cell heart rate, algorithm Music, heart rate hrv health index blood pressure monitors.

My bp, kerosene multi watch faces 20 plus multi watch spaces step count, multi sports mode built in eight sport modes. Pedometer a step counter, yancha and call our message reminder: call rejection, call id display, alert, type vibration, so vibrate, auto light up screen, stopwatch brightness control, alarm, clock, calendar, camera, remote, anti lost countdown reminders to move and real time pace and design sleep, tracking and stages and Calories track mode, so uh for its price, because hindi, shangri mahal pero, nearly nissan is a smartwatch, so you can get this from shapi and lazada for below 1500 dependents. Music.