You think you're watching smart watch ticks we're a YouTube channel on the web at smart watch ticks calm and I have AZ blaze product in here. For you, oh it didn't go let's! Try it again! Here we go, alright got it, love it that they wrap it. All up in cellophane Forrest packaged in a black box with all of their pictures and info on it. We'Ve got inside here than me. Oh, this is something really brand new from Z place and maybe we'll start seeing a neo line like we have the vibe line and those kind of things don't know. But this is the first neo and it's a doozy here. It is look at that ooh don't. You just want to take it out and play with it. I do but I can't yet because I got to tell you about it: it's, a cool SmartWatch 1.3 inch, Fitness kind of a band with blood pressure and all those kind of things going for it, and it comes to us both from zi blaze and bang. Good they're, working together on this one and here's, the official zi blaze, Aliexpress store listing in addition to having some of the stuff like heart rate and blood pressure in it, it pairs with the H band app, which is known for having female physiological check information. That'S. A lot better than the way I've been talking about it, but we've reviewed this a lot in other bands and it's actually part of the app more so than the band.

Unless you know that information is transferred to the band or watch for you to get the updates directly on the device, we don't know about that on this one. But we do know for sure that if you register the H band app as a female, all of a sudden you'll get a whole nother thing on the app that tracks the 28 to whatever you put it in cycle. Four female physiology, whoo: okay, you can get it in black or brown with the band, I believe it's full touchscreen. These are the different languages that are supported. We'Ve got the English version going right now, it's IP 67 waterproof supports all these things. Mm hmm call rejection, uh, huh, yeah, good you're with me all right and it's, an IPS 1.3 inch to 40 by 2 or 40 pixel screen and the body is really cool. It'S a zinc, alloy frame. Yeah. We got to take a look at it, so you can see what it what it really looks like. First of all, make note of the packaging it's, really nice it's kind of a felt black here and then all of your additional pieces, which looked like watchbands and charger, are inside of a little box here. So it's easiest to take this out first, and we may as well look at what's in here all right. I got the brown band one. I love it. I really like these Brown bands because they have that black highlight on the side and then the stitching around it, and that means that it's shipping without banned, I believe and it's, not oh, yes, it is good good it's.

The quick disconnect kind of a thing on here too so great its high end and we've got a little magnetic couple there, which is your standard, 2 pin, 2 USB coupler right and then and then we've got the actual unit itself hovering oh yeah sandwiched in. Oh okay, that's all glued together. I can push on it with my finger and pop it right out of there Wow look at that. We'Ve got. I think that stainless steel here me whoa and like carbon fiber, look here. This is that zinc, alloy, stuff there's, the charging connector yep Wow Wow super strong. We okay, not gon na, go flying anywhere. Thank goodness cuz. You guys give me a really bad time when I toss my watches um tip, please make sure it's fully charged before using the smart watch, wise advice on any of them and yeah. We will do that, but first let's peel that off and take a look at the tiny little manual, the neo SmartWatch manual right off the bat. It tells you the QR code that you're going to need to scan for iOS or Android to download the H band app or just check the show notes and below the video here. All of course, have the link to that app for you and you're gon na get that in get it all set up and then tether the watch to that app for all the fun stuff it'll collect. We won't be going a lot through the app today because I've done that so many times, but I will have links down below to other watches and bands that we've reviewed, where we have gone in detail into the H band app, including the female physiology section.

So just jump over to those, if you want more detail about the app today is about the band. The watch here's some of the screens that you're gon na see – and it looks like it – does really nice big, digit real time heart rate. Looking forward to that here's, some other screens, blood pressure, information, stopwatch timers and then kind of a quick look at the app pages as well when you get deeper into it. These are some of the things that you'll see in the app, including a map of your area. If it's able to tie in with the GPS in your phone to match up with your workout it'll, be able to track your path. That way and some more information followed by the disclaimer cool all right. Well, obviously, I got to do something here so gon na charge it gon na put it together and gon na come right back now, coin press and hold – and we are up with our first watch – face. You notice something interesting it's all in Chinese that's because I'm not tethered to the H band app tag on just after I said we weren't really gon na. Do that. I got to do that yeah in order to get it to switch to English, otherwise folks, you're gon na be looking at a watch that looks like that and that's a little hard for us to read that don't know Chinese. So right here I got the H band it's up and ready I'm going to connect to the device.

These are some of the devices I've had here, but Wow. These are all the ones going off here in the house there. It is neo you oughta live here. I tell you if you uh, if you could hear Bluetooth, this would sound like either a symphony or I don't know Queen. Okay, we are connecting wait for a moment for it to to get its connection, and the time should change to something like 227 in the afternoon when it does in the meantime, I'll page through and show you some of the different watch faces that it has see Blaze with heart rate, step count, calories, burned available. This one's a really big display and definitely high contrast with the white against black. So when you have that one, you can glance at it outdoors. If you can see the minutes, you ought to know your hour. You got a pretty good idea of the time and then here's another one with some other good stuff. Okay, we are now paired, you see it all change, there's, no cloud data, but let's pair it anyway and it's reading data and there we go whether to open, bracelet, female notice, I'm gon na say yes for that and that's the one we're talking about, which is Something totally different and under mine under neo Android Androids, where I find my own stuff right, yeah see I've got it registered for female last time. We did a demo of this with some odds and ends by the way you can change skin color in here, because they found that the heart rate monitor can perform better.

If you more closely match your overall skin color, so you can confirm it and you know check it against your skin, see if it looks like it's right or not and then save it. So we are there. We have the female app portion activated, which, when you scroll down again you'll, see all of this data filled in and more details in some of our other apps, where we actually run it. You have the whole female section which tells you what condition this day is based on the date of the beginning of your last cycle as to whether your family, planning or not family planning gives you some advice. So what I had to do setting this all up was so that we could give this in English and get the timing right. So now, I'm, just gon na flip over here to a representative page and then show you the rest of it. When you go to the left, you're going backwards, with the dots quick to the left and a touch right there, and you can turn it off if, instead, you go to the right, you get into a section for doing your fitness workouts. When more will show you your last night's sleep quality, one more gets you into the app drawer and one more gets you off again and then you cycle through again see how that works up and around gets different watch faces and this way cycles through these things, Going to this page tells you you're on your step, count page that's the steps you've accumulated.

We haven't done anything as fresh out of the box fast time out on this, come over to the next one and again last night's sleep data. Nothing happens here, it's just reporting information to you, but when you get to this page, this is where you have all the different apps and there's, what eight of them nine of them let's go through them. Sports is a section you can go into and now we have begun timing, a sport, a random sport, a basic sport that's, going to measure your steps, your heart rate and your calories burned and that's pretty much it here. You can lock the screen. You can end the session or you can pause it if you want to go, get a drink of water come back and resume, and here you are again you see. That means you got a couple of pages that you can work with. If I want to end that, I just hit that and I'm out of it here's your find your phone when you're tethered – and we are that Saturday, so it works, stop here's heart rate go into here, it's, starting to blink. If I had it on which I should because you guys haven't seen it on, have you one nice thing about this, one is it's so thin. I don't know it says in the spec something like 12 millimeters or something like that and but the way they've done it, the black is even more subdued, and so it looks like it's floating above your arm and is maybe only nine millimeters thick or so so.

It'S uh Wow big big digits it's, going through finding the heart rate, bringing it in and then should be updating this there you go. I didn't think I was that low. Considering how excited I get it when I'm doing my reviews, usually I run in the 70 to 90 range, so there it's a it's it's doing its thing and really nice big bright digits. If you want to get out, and just do your run and monitor your heart rate, if your goal is more for staying in the fat burning zone or the aerobic zone or staying out of the anaerobic zone, that was really good. You'Ve got a really good sized display for your heart rate. Blood pressure, similar it's, got large digits. I can't attest to the accuracy of the blood pressure they are getting better. But again we have a big disclaimer in the show notes saying that just used this for entertainment purposes, only the only way you could in a sense validate it for yourself is. If you compare the readings you get with your own blood pressure, when you're using a cuff or your doctor is and yeah I didn't even get it this time, I'm talking and moving and stuff like that, but you'd have your systolic and diastolic, but nonetheless verify for Yourself that the blood pressure is reasonable before you consider it for anything here, you've got a count up stopwatch again white against black good high contrast.

You can pause it. You can reset it, but I don't see where you can do laps. You can set a countdown timer for whatever time you want so count up count down. Overall information is notifications pushed to you from your phone. If you have any, and now we have the icon for female, which is unique now that it's on on the app here me – and it goes right back to the display, though so you have to go all the way and kind of keep at it, let's see If I just move my finger says, please update your personal information, so it's gon na want all of that stuff correct and I imagine in the personal information you have to put in the beginning of your last cycle, to get that information. And so we go into settings where you have information, and here you go, you can have it push phone calls SMS, WeChat, QQ, look at that! We got a few more pages. All these are different apps that you can select to get notifications from including other, and I imagine you can do some of this from the app itself, but that's not the same kind of information. We'Re talking about here's, brightness, wow, we're, almost down to the lowest level. Note take note of the color and contrast here as I pump this up, because the only way to tell how bright these things can get on camera is, if it washes out completely like that, then that means it's really bright here on the watch itself, and it Is so you get good brightness that you can use this thing outdoors, pretty easily here's the auto lock and when you lock it or set it, I guess it will lock the screen not totally sure if this is locking the screen of the watch or the screen Of your phone on that one, it looks like it's a screen of the watch doesn't it that's, so you can probably swim with it and everything here's things that you can turn on and off.

You can have alarms turned on I'm. So sorry, you know what it's faster. If I go back this way right, only two clicks we're in switch alarm disconnected, you know, that's what it'll beep if you're too far away sedentary reminders mean frustrating, but it is making me keep moving twist your wrist to see the time. Is there there's? Two pages of this blood pressure, monitoring heart rate, monitor I'm, going to turn on blood pressure and heart rate, real alarm, a heart rate alarm, a heart rate rate alarm that I guess will cause it to give you an alarm when it reaches a certain level, and I presume that is in the app and that was switch and that's it. Those four different things that are in settings we've covered all those we've covered. All those we've gone through and showed you, the sleep stuff and your step count stuff and different watch faces. The only thing left to talk about is once again where you can get it, which is it banggood and also through Z, Blaise and here's, the official Z Blaise Aliexpress store listing. They are making fine products. This one is a really nice thing for about 40 it's got all these different capabilities. Is waterproof color 1.3 inch easy to see outdoors and thin to boot, with great capabilities for tracking your your fitness for pedometer readings and such alright you've been watching SmartWatch 6.