Yes, we do. This is the original shipping box of a prototype manufactured delivered from Z, blaze I'm, so excited I'm cutting through the plastic. Here we go here. We go the official Thor 5. Oh, yes, all right, let's let's rip under this, so we can dissect it a little bit more now. I'Ve got I've got two things to show you before we open the box. First of all, this comes to us directly from zebras my high tech pieces of paper. Here the Aliexpress official Z blaze store has this in stock right now and it's a bit pricey folks, we're, looking in the neighborhood of actually like a galaxy watch active or a galaxy gear, s3 or selling around 200 I'm hoping we're gon na have a coupon discount For you check back in the show notes, and hopefully we can drop that price down, and you can pick this thing up. It is available, it is shipping, and what we've got, as you saw, was a fully packaged production unit as the prototype that they're sending out for early review. By early, I mean it's also available from banggood on pre order, more attractive price. Now it's gon na go up and up and up in price I'm, not sure that I can beat that one with a coupon. They will probably tell me it's at its lowest price, pre sale right now. Nonetheless, a hundred and forty dollars for everything you see and this watch is gon na, be quite the bargain yeah it's, the Z blaze, Thor 5 it's got that fancy duel, chipset technology in it here's the whole spec 2 gigabytes of RAM 16 gigabytes of storage, that's Kind of the sweet spot these days, an 800 W front facing camera.

That means it's a make a pixel, so you're gon na have good sharp pictures and it's front facing for doing videoconferencing. Chatting live Facebook streaming, as well as taking selfies 4G LTE connectivity. When you put a SIM card in it, that's compatible and sorry about the small print trying to cram it all on one page, because you guys want me to conserve paper here, you go there's all of the goodies that are in it and a little bit more From the spec sheets, all this stuff, you can find when you just click on over on the link to these supporting pages. So I don't want to belabor it here in the video, because what you won't see there are my little hands getting into the box and showing you what we've got nice packaging. Look at this it's got kind of a raised embossed emblem of the watch on here. It'S got information on the back, probably my IMEI number right Thor 5 everything you need to know: QR code uh let's get in here we take the outer sleeve off. We open the box yeah you ready for this it's gon na be one of those Avenger watches. It'S, a big sucker, it's cool. This thing is well it's got a fun little uh. You ever have those worries stones. I bet your grandpa. Does you know he carry in his hand and just rub on him. Okay, let's got ta, it's got a worry knob or something on this side.

It'S pretty cool and that's, where the camera sits. We'Ve got a TPU band, oh yeah, and lots of holes that run from beginning to end, so it should fit all kinds of arms. Even really small ones, because it comes all the way up to here, so you literally can wrap that thing about as tight as you can get it. Charging port charging pins here we'll see how it charges a screw covered micro, nano, nano SIM and your heart rate. Diode stuff here in terms of buttons, there's, two of them on the side. Once this power once is back on this side, it says camera and call those are the two words, but no buttons is a little hole for microphone, the protruding camera. What have we got here, a speaker on the front, that's good that'll, be nice and easy to hear. We'Ve got a little cover that they've put on here, not just the plastic clear one that a lot of people forget to take off and wonder why it gets all scratchy and blurry well. This is just an opaque one that we can take off and then there's the overall screen, which we will look at when we turn it on. The bands are non removable. It definitely is fixed with antennas in the bands inside the box. There'S, a plastic cover that hides two boxes or yeah, yet little little hiding spots inside one of them is the charging unit it's, not a dock.

On this watch now, it's gon na be a a dongle thing on the end of wire and it's rectangular it's, not curved it's straight and of course, I always get it wrong. It'S gon na come off right under the camera, so that will be easy to remember. Just lay it down, on top with the camera, where the wire comes out and you'll be all set. Okay, so it's got the charger. What else is that guy? Oh okay, when we shake it loose, we've got a screwdriver with a couple of extra screws to hold the back on where the SIM card goes in case, you lose them or strip them or do something. If you change that often I don't recommend taking that off. Any more than necessary just for water, integrity and whatnot with the watch and then the manual down at the bottom, the Thor 5 and again. This is a fancy dual processor technology, that's going to give it some features. We haven't seen on earlier Android watches before and we're gon na walk ourselves through that see what it'll do here's the media stuff in the manual which basically just gets you started. I'Ve got another page over here. All about SIM card. Mmm hmm watch faces how you get into those. Of course, you can indeed install custom watch faces a variety ways to do that. We'Ve covered a lot of them here on this channel and that's it and it's only an English manual.

So this particular one shipping there's. No Chinese version with it, so there you go alright let's clear this all out and take a look at the new Thor 5 with easily marked buttons press and hold the power button, and we get the boot up. Icon, it's the company logo. On this one says: z, blaze in terms of bezel it's, non rotating, its tapered. You see it kind of tapering on the inside. There it's got some markings there's a little mark above and below, and just a few little marks at odd places. It'S, like I guess, the five and seven and eleven and one it's taking a long time to boot, the first time that's typical, with these new watches it just vibrated after it boots the first time settles down. Then reboots are gon na, be a little bit faster. Preparing and it's brand new we're, just turning it on so we'll take a look at the languages that are supported. You see all those are they in focus for you pretty much Portuguese Wow. Okay, you know someday. I should actually learn at least what these languages of squiggles are. I really I think these are Chinese down toward the bottom. Some Japanese, perhaps Thai – I really don't, know but it's got quite a few. English is pre selected, so I'm gon na confirm that as most Android seven one one watches go it's going to ask you to fill in your basic information for fitness and then to scan the QR code.

It'S going to talk about Bluetooth, tethering and it's, going to wait for the confirmation, I'm walking all through that, because we're not covering tethering in this one we're covering features of the watch since it uses Android, seven 11 it's gon na do like all the other ones, Have done when it comes to tethering but let's dive into this whoa, look at that it's dimming down and it went off okay, so it's completely black. Does it have ambient mode capability or not? We'Ll discover that let's turn the power on slide down here's our typical screens. The first one tells you and it look at that fully charged. I just opened the box gang. I couldn't wait, so I didn't even have to charge it little bit different layout. Look at that we've got airplane mode right on the front, bluetooth and SIM card, so they've added a new icon. You can go in and out of bluetooth that dates, nice and large. The time is great and the blue circle represents your power level and that's everything. This direction come over here we got the standard characteristics that we see, but they've been moved around a bit here too that's your twist, your wrist to see the time that's your sound mode, whether you have a quiet mode on or off that's Wi Fi. Of course turn that on and have to get on, Wi Fi, cellular connectivity in the middle and bluetooth on the right. So they put all your communications on one level: here's your overall brightness.

Oh my gosh that's, full bright that's, totally washed out on the camera. Wow that's wow that's. I got to put sunglasses on there, whoa there's your lowest dim, and it only has three like they all do. There'S the middle looks like we can shoot in the middle, so we'll leave it there and then that's location services. So a little bit different layout, showing up here so they've, been messing around with the user interface a bit here's your general clean thing that cleans up any background operations, the music player with up to like 15. I think on the volume yep that plays music from inside the watch – and this is your weather, when you're on Wi, Fi and connect it up or cellular you can link into the source and it'll bring in your weather screen. We just unboxed it. So we don't see that it's timing out really quickly got to change that like right away a okay going off to the right. You'Ll get your notifications over here and that's all going off to the left. You'Ll get into all of the the apps and, like I said, I'm gon na go jumping into settings, jumping into display whoa and there it is always time. Yay we're gon na show you that in just a second after I changed my sleep time to like 30 minutes, so it's not going to be turning off both always time and notification. Bright screen. New options are in here we seen back and forth on a couple of these other watches that that's been yeah it's been a challenge to get this always time thing working now on all the other Android 5.

1 watches. You have seen this feature when the screen goes off. It shows you a black and white analog, display right, yay turn the power off wait for it. I think it's there, okay we're back it with a black and white analog, display wow it got bright and then it went dim. Okay, there you go wow it brightens quickly. What happens if I touch it? Fate brings us right back to here. Okay, so it's going into a very, very dim analog black and white display, I don't think we're using the dual processor on that one. What do you guys think it looks like it's the same in operation as a standard? Android, seven 11 watches, but it is there. So when you're wearing a watch – and you have that ambient time mode on when you twist it it'll lighten up, if you have that feature and when it goes off, it'll go into this dim ambient black and white screen. Alright that's that part – and we covered that quickly, while we're just setting the the settings we went over here. If we go again, we get into fitness and we've seen this in a lot of the different watches. All the fitness stuff is over here, and it looks like exactly the same and the one thing we always is whether or not the fitness ties into GPS. So we picked something that would use GPS like an outdoor run. We hit go if it starts up right away and the little blue icon is solid.

It means it's getting your distance calculations just from your step count, while you're walking or running it's, not using the GPS module for for that activity. There'S my pace and my heart rate from my finger covering it. I guess that seems way too high, but we're getting some data here press and hold to finish, delete that we'll check this again when we look at it in the overall apps just to verify it's, not using GPS, that's sad to see. Well, we have the ambient display here's contacts phone and messaging, which ties to your SIM card. Is there Bluetooth calling in this? No pretty much can tell you that, because all Android 7.1 watches do not support Bluetooth, calling it's only on android 5.1 and a few Android 6 here's, your other stock apps we'll come back to the camera gallery. Music, sound recorder, your file manager, the overall heart rate, monitor and here's Fitness again now it's, showing you the fancy color pictures, whereas on the side they were just the icons. Let'S go for a 100, an indoor one, a bike ride or bike ride. If it's going to do it properly, using GPS should invoke GPS at this point and it's not it would throw up a message saying or either trying to get GPS or turn location services on in order to get GPS, and the fact that this is just going Like this, I don't think so just to verify since I've got you guys here watch what I do, because these are good things to know.

We'Re gon na go back to our main screen. We'Re gon na come down here. We'Re gon na go over and we're gon na make sure we turn GPS on that's location services. Ok, now we're gon na come back. We'Re gon na go over gon na go back into fitness, pick that out door check these things, because you can set target duration in minutes. Target distance in kilometers know it can't be changed to English andor calories. So those are the three categories. When you hit go. No, even though we have location services on there's no change here so unfortunately, the Thor 5 does not integrate fitness with the GPS technology and the watch that's a some do some don't it's I'm used to pressing and holding the the button cuz you and some of Them you have to wait for it to really release, but this one you just press it, and that gets you into here. Ok, so those are all the different categories with color pictures, but it's exactly the same functionality that you have when you were scrolling over this way. All of these are identical to be on Fitness. We got the weather, you can set up a voice search. The Google Play Store and Google Maps assistant now is where you connect it to your phone using the QR code for tethering it's. Not the Google assistant that you're used to sports target is something new haven't seen that before looks like you can set different calories for your built in daily pedometer readings, and it will let you know how you're doing on that interesting.

Okay and then there's long standby, which is the big feature of having the dual processors in this watch and the app store, is a basic store that you can download your typical things like a Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and whatnot ready for the long standby press. It get in here and look at this. It tells you that you're gon na enter this mode and you can exit out of it or you can hit a checkmark and – and you see that little gear up at the top that's something new we haven't seen before. So first let's go into the mode. I press it and wait for a few moments and now it's, literally switching processors, it's getting off of the processor for the Smart Watch mode and moving into the bracelet mo. Now you see it kind of flipping in and out it looks like it's set up to only light up when you twist, your wrist it's got the time in 24 hour mode by the way it's showing it doesn't it's not sensitive to anything. It should only work when you have the buttons that you push. If I push the power button, I can light it up, push the power button again and I get my calories burned. Distance traveled and step count press it again and I go into an automatic, bracelet mode, heart rate continuous. Now this is kind of fun. This is where it's gon na always be lit up.

This screen does not go out day night as long as you have it. In this page, it'll be there and if you have it on and it's touching your body when it acquires it's going to give you your pulse or your heart rate and it's got some last measurements on here that looks like when they were testing samples of it. There you go I'm, getting 80 79, 78 that's fairly reasonable because I'm a little hyped as you could tell doing this review, and so that's that's, pretty good press it again and I'm back to time. Press the back button and I go backward press the forward button and I go forward. You have those three screens and that's all, and this will stay on. This will stay on no matter what. So, if you're monitoring your step count while you're working out you've got that, but you don't have heart rate on this screen. This screen, however, looks like it will turn off after a few seconds. There you go and then it bounces back on again because I'm holding it upright to show you there: okay that's the way they've decided so far to implement the bracelet mode. You have a twist your wrist to see the screen. There is nothing to turn that on and off that we can see so far. Remember there was a gear we're gon na check out, but that's it, and the only way you can get out of this is to press and hold supposedly the power button.

But I in a press and hold the back button just so we see what happens and it should be nothing because that's, just gon na be toggle just toggle the pages. But if we press and hold the power button for three seconds, it basically shuts the watch down and causes it to reboot back up again and again, you've got to wait through the whole cycle for it to boot up. So if you wanted to just check the weather, for example – and you have it in bracelet mode, it's, not gon na be an easy process, you literally have to get out of the bracelet mode back into the SmartWatch mode, which requires a complete reboot, all right, I'm. Gon na just skip ahead, so we're not sitting here waiting we're back down, and I did want to show you when we go into the US all the way at the bottom, long standby mode, aka, bracelet mode. What happens when we touch the gear? Look always time it appears here too now. This is always time in bracelet I'm gon na turn it on come out of here and now you're for the checkmark and let's see what it does with that turned on. What do you think I do to all three screens will stay permanently on that's, my guest? I haven't tried it yet. I just took it out of the box and none of us know but it's not going off. Is it there's your other page and there's? Your heartrate page and there's your time page and it is staying on so they've made the best of both worlds for those who want to actually have the time page always on and those who prefer for it to only go on when they twist the wrist cool.

Alright, but nonetheless, either way the only way to get out of it is to press and hold the power and reboot, which we will do one more time. We'Re back and honestly, it does take quite a while to reboot it's, not a fast reboot like it is when you go into the bracelet mode, but that's where we're at okay we've got a few more things. The cover right. We went through pretty much all the stock apps with the exception of settings when you get in here, you got your standard, sound stuff, nothing new there. The display is where we showed you the always time in SmartWatch mode, which is when the watch goes dark. You get the black and white analog, always time. We'Ve got app list styles, so that you can see them all linearly like that or in a round circle, so showed you that in a lot of different apps here's, your connections where you tie in with your Bluetooth, Wi Fi, you can do a Wi Fi hotspot. If you have a SIM card in USB or cellular networks will light up and USB when you have the charging wire plugged into your computer is where you'll be able to access files, and you can transfer files directly over the wire to the watch. You can also put in some software and do it over bluetooth. If you want to uh here's your gestures, the screen on raising is here. It does not have turning on and off pedometer services, so they're always gon na be on oh by the way.

I never did show you scrolling up will got to cover that too power savings, language and input – you can add different, keyboards and stuff. If you want to and have your okay trigger word for Google activated, you got date and time that you can set to your zone, reset everything, uninstall applications more will get into and about watch. So those of you who are tracking all of this stuff, you really want to make sure you monitor what the build number is on. The firmware. Cuz it's been a changing target. This is the Thor 5 that's, the model number Android, seven one one – and when you get down here, look at that build number Thor. 520. 1805. 10 May 10th. Ok that's just a few days ago. This thing is fresh off the the oven and it could continue to change as they refine. This you'll want to be on Wi, Fi and click wireless update for you to check if there's an over the air, update and OTA, and if there is they'll push it to you, and things may continue to change, especially with that ambient mode stuff going on. In the more this is where you can set up your account: Google Play services, third party apps, all of that, including data servers saver that goes along with your battery saving yeah, all kinds of good stuff there and that's. What you have in your settings. Okay, then browser all that we went through already and we wanted to take a look at.

Oh is my hair coat I've got a front facing camera, hey at least this time. I can stick my thumb in front of you da da da da dah, alright, hello, hello, there. I am yeah and look at the squares following my face. It knows I'm here I am gon na take a little bit of video and a couple of pictures and then we're gon na test them. I think I pushed that. I guess not there. You hear the little beep it's now recording video. By the way, you see the little flashing light there that's my autofocus on the LG g3 camera. I still use that little sucker for filming all these things, because it does a great job of maintaining focus, no matter where my stuff is. I recorded that with voice we're gon na play that back in just a moment after I give you it G geez. Oh that may be blurry gee. There is my picture. Details will tell you a little bit about it. That'S the size 24 48 by 32 64. When you multiply all that out, you should get 8 megapixels it's, most likely 5 megapixels up interpolated to 8, but all that stuff aside it's pretty clear when you DoubleTap it, you can get closer double tap again and you can see my teeth. Are nice and straight double tap again and thank goodness it goes back to normal pinch and zoom. Will it work? Yes, it does on this one, which means we can monitor.

What do you want, my eye, the pupil of my eye, the pixels in the pupil of my eye? You can get really close when you have a watch that can do pinch and zoom yeah. That does it nicely. Okay, that's really good to know. We also want to get out of here and back to the movie. Okay, I'm double tapping as it's talking to see if we can zoom in through double tapping. It doesn't look like it because it has pause on the screen. We don't have a pension zoom either on video you're limited. Then you only get the original size. You don't have a way to make it bigger that I can tell no, but the volume is nice and loud. So you have pyncheons zoom for pictures. You don't have it for video it's, a front facing 8 megapixel camera and it's a if it puts it. You at a good size, it's a good distance, the focal length than all that business, so nice, the way they've implemented the camera on here. Of course, you can throw things away just by hitting the trashcan yeah alright and get back to an empty gallery, which is where I to be it's a nice bright image. It looks like it it's boosting the brightness, you can't even see it because it's all washed out on the screen, but it's I'm, seeing it really great here. Can I get that tonight? I can't anyway. Just trust me on that.

It like brings the illumination to full. So you're gon na be able to see pretty good under sunlight conditions outside as well. Okay back button takes us here, Galleria covers all of that we've gone through everything then that's all of the stuff. There then, if we swipe up this, is where you get your your daily fitness information, and I you showed you that one thing where you could set alarms or goals for all three categories: here's, your weekly bar chart status of the setting button will, let you well. I guess this goes back and lets you look at the the data in a chart, as opposed to graph and there's only two buttons. You have that one and you have that one which is going to show you the circles going around how you're meeting your goals, based on the goals that you set in that other app that we saw, which is brand new. So, look at that you've got the the new somewhat shifted implementation of Android 7.1.1 that's, the power drain, the real power drain. Folks cuz! I really haven't done anything but used it. I yeah so we've dropped 20 in whatever time we've been on here. You guys can calculate that out and we went into bracelet mo briefs briefly, but we have been primarily in in watch mode without turning on cellular or Wi Fi or Bluetooth. So I don't know how long it's, gon na last battery wise that's a little scary, it's almost 14 gone I'm, not even really complete with the review but that's something worth checking eventually and if you guys get one of these and test the battery on it.

Please report in because I just don't have the time to with so many watches, to go through testing battery on each of these other than what you're seeing right here. Okay, tada non removable bands, but it will stand up so that I could bring the chart over again and show you that you can pick it up directly from the Z blaze store right now at Aliexpress. This is the prototype directly from them. A production unit from banggood is on its way in in case there's, any changes that we need to be aware of, but it looks like they're sending out the same product they're sending to all the retailers price is a little high right here right now, but we May have a coupon discount for you so check the show notes on your choice of mine through Z, blaze on Aliexpress or buying through Bangkok, Bangkok, thank good I'm, getting tired with a really good introductory preorder price. So you could get that like get it on or a pre order right away, and we really do appreciate when you use the links we provide for you, because that gives us credit back to making sure we get more of these watches for review there. You go the brand new Thor 5 and you know what they did with the Thor 4, with pros and duals and all sorts of things who knows where they'll go with the Thor 5. But this is the foundation of a whole new watch line for z, blaze, you've been watching.

Smart watch ticks appreciate your subscription and your thumbs up on these videos and we'll see you again soon thanks for watching. Well, if you still have popcorn in your bag, I still have things to show. You see you around out. First, your popcorn or my finger watch faces of course, I'll show you. The stock watch face it boots up in that one, and then you've got this kind of analog digital hybrid edge to edge didn't mention that though, but look at that screen guys edge to edge literally, I mean it tooks right under very nice here's, your sports kind Of thing with circles and whatnot it's got the January 10th Thursday. Of course, I haven't set the date or time on this one yet and here's a nice big, yellow one that shows off really good it's, almost over bright for me right here and that's in the middle brightness here's another digital one, yeah yeah. This is a sweet watch overall that front facing camera can come in really really handy for the folks that want to use that there's another interesting one anything else you want to look at here. We go that's kind of different huh, the colors aren't, rendering exactly right, because I am a little saturated. This is kind of more of a yellow, that's, more of an orange red right there in reality, it's showing the temperature in centigrade.