com, where we do unboxings reviews and sexy b rolls and today we’re going to do an unboxing review of the zblaze thor 6 smartwatch from a smartwatch that can possibly replace a smartphone with sim card support, capable hardware inside a dual Camera setup and the world’s first smartwatch with a fully functional, android 10 os, but can it actually replace a smartphone let’s get into it all right guys so right here we have the packaging for the zblitz thor 6 4g sports smartwatch, which as clean on paper, is The world’s first octa core 4g smartwatch with android 10 os i’ll pop the complete specifications on the screen, so that you can check it out around the box. We have more image preview of the product, and this gives us an idea that the zblaze thor 6 is thicker than most smartwatch out in the market. This makes sense, as it packs a ton of hardware inside at the back of the box. We just have some minor information, such as certifications, model, name and manufacture. So let’s see what comes in the package, so we have an external slide type packaging with another slide up type box which houses all the package contents. The packaging does feel quite premium and rightfully so, since this smartwatch is not your typical, cheap smartwatch with basic features upon opening the box. The first thing: you’ll notice, is the user manual with easy to understand instructions and illustrations. After that we have the sea blaze.

Thor 6 itself protected by thin plastic. We also have an accessory box right here and, aside from that, we don’t have anything else here. Inside the box inside the accessory box, we have the silicone straps and the charging cable and that’s about it. For the unboxing experience. Now, let’s take a look at the zblaze thor 6 itself. Now, before we dig into the user interface let’s do a quick parts overview. First, in terms of the design and build construction, we have a traditional circular form factor with ceramic bezel, which is six times harder than stainless steel and is highly resistant to abrasion, while still being relatively lightweight. The bottom case, on the other hand, is made mostly out of hard plastic in terms of the display. We have a touch sensitive 1.6 inch, ips full round display with 400 by 400 resolution and a skin to body ratio of around 85 percent in front. We also have the main 5 megapixel front facing camera for selfies and the face unlock feature flipping it on the right side. We have the up and down buttons, as well as the secondary 5 megapixel camera, which you can use to take pictures of whatever in front of you. This dual camera setup will certainly give you that james bond spy light feeling right now moving towards the back side. We have the charging pins and the heart rate sensor right here. We also have some certifications and safety information right here, but, most importantly, we have the sim card slot, which is the very reason the smartwatch can pretty much replace your smartphone.

It supports 4g lte and bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with gps, which is awesome, especially the fact that i’m planning on using this as a navigation device for my bike rides and whatnot right here it looks like we have a microphone and right here we have the loudspeaker overall. In terms of design and construction, it does look quite good and feels robust enough with a decent weight to it and it doesn’t feel cheap at all. Now let me just power and set this up so that we can take a look at everything it has to offer alright. So in terms of the navigation, if you swipe to the right, we have the notifications and swiping to the left. We have all the applications which we’ll go through one by one in a minute, but, as you can see, the responsiveness of the user interface is battery. Smooth thanks to the powerful hardware inside swiping to the left. Again reveals all the available exercise modes up to a total of 9 mainstream exercises going back at the home screen. Swiping down reveals some valuable information, such as the battery level connectivity, sim card status and digital time and date. Swiping to the left reveals some shortcut toggles, such as quiet mode, airplane mode, mobile data, gps, wi, fi, bluetooth and brightness adjustment, as you can see here, aside from that, if you swipe up, you will get your data for a step, counter calories and distance traveled swiping Up even more you’ll have the rest of your statistics.

Swiping to the left reveals the music player and, lastly, swiping again to the left reveals the weather information. So again, as you can tell, navigating through the user, interface is quite intuitive and extremely smooth, which is pretty vital for a smart watch, because accuracy and ease of use is one of the most important features you should be. Looking after on a smartwatch, you wouldn’t want to be swiping multiple times just to toggle a single feature, while you’re walking doing some exercising or even just generally browsing through the user interface. Now the app button also serves as a power button, which you can also use to toggle the display on and off the other button, which is the down button, also works as a back button, as you can see here, alright guys with the parts overview out of The way let’s take a look at all the available applications and features of the zblaze store. 6.. So right here we have phone contacts, sms and settings so right off the gate, as you can see being an android smartwatch, it does have all the necessary applications and settings that you usually see on a smartphone. We also have the dial market, wherein you can choose from a variety of different watch, faces up to more than a thousand personalized watch faces. Aside from that, we also have the desktop settings where you can also change. The watch faces menu style, which is essentially how the icons will be laid out.

This one is a good option so that you can easily access the icons while also having a clock at the center. However, the default one is pretty good too, because it has text alongside the icons. We also have the switch styles, wherein you can change the animation switching between interfaces. Next, we have the browser which is a fully functional web browser, as you can see here. By the way, you can change the aspect ratio by pressing the power button for a few seconds and you can choose between a circular screen and a square screen depending on your preference and how an application shows up on the screen. Next, we have the camera and by default it uses the front facing camera, but you can also switch to the side facing camera by going through the settings like so so we have hdr exposure compensation and other options here. Of course, you can also take some video clips using both the camera, which is pretty cool. Here, are some sample photos for both the main front facing camera and the side facing camera Music? Next, we have the gallery for the photos and videos you’ve taken, and then we have the calendar and a nifty heart rate monitor right here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an oxygen saturation level sensor, which is available on most modern, smart watches. It also doesn’t have any built in sleep monitor, which is actually quite important for me, but i guess we can just download some sleep monitor applications to compensate for that.

Moving on, we have an alarm clock: music player, sound recording file manager, weather optimization, which includes valuable features such as clean task, screen lock, and face luck for security, since this is basically a smartphone and thus have some important private applications and information. We also have an app store that only has a couple of apps to download, which is actually pretty weird but there’s that we also have fitness, wherein you have a bunch of exercise modes. Next, we have the assistant, which essentially has tools to connect or control your smartphone using the smartwatch aside from that being a fully fledged android smartwatch, we have a google play store. Essentially, this means that you can actually download and install any android application that you want, and you can do so without worrying about storage space, as this smartwatch features a substantial 64 gigabyte of internal storage and not to mention an adequate four gigabytes of ram. Next, we have maps in a bunch of other applications that i’ve already downloaded like gmail youtube, spotify sleep tracker and many more like i said you can pretty much download and install any application that you want. However, with a screen this small and with this aspect – ratio, application compatibility is, of course not guaranteed what’s cool about this is that you can actually play some games like the subway surfer, which is a relatively lightweight game and, as you can see, the gameplay is actually Quite smooth and the touch sensitivity is accurate enough, not to mention that the loudspeaker is also pretty decent, almost similar to what a smartphone is capable of.

Of course, it supports wi, fi and the reception is also quite decent. I also did some geekbench 5 benchmarks for both the cpu and the gpu. However, as i’ve pointed out earlier, app compatibility is not completely guaranteed and here’s a good example. I wasn’t able to do an antutu benchmark simply because i cannot accept the terms and conditions since the buttons doesn’t show up. I try changing aspect ratios to no avail, so yeah you can download any application, but it doesn’t mean all will work flawlessly. One good thing, though, is that i can definitely use this for the very reason why i wanted this, and that is for gps and navigation. I can use waze and google maps but again it’s quite tricky, since the display is tiny and i think it doesn’t support multi touch, so you can zoom in and out manually, but at least i have a visual map and that i can follow the voice prompts For direction whenever i’m riding my bike or even riding cars and whatnot, and lastly, of course you can also use this for media consumption like watching youtube videos and listening to spotify for youtube. You can change in between different aspect ratios depending on your preference, and it goes without saying that navigation, typing text and browsing through the comment section would be a pain in the butt. With this tiny display for spotify, you can rely on the loudspeaker on the smartwatch. As it is pretty adequate, but if you want, you can also connect a pair of headphones via bluetooth, like you can, with a smartphone.

Now, in terms of the straps, we have included silicone straps with quick, retractable pins for easy attachment to the smart watch itself, and i guess you can easily replace this with an aftermarket strap. Should you think it’s necessary. As for comfort, it is relatively comfortable. The silicone strap doesn’t feel annoying, but the watch itself is heavier than most smart watches that i’ve tried before with the weight of around 70 grams. In addition, it is also pretty thick – probably the biggest watch that i’ve tried so far. It doesn’t look that bad and coming from someone we used akasha g shock watch before i’m. Okay with this one major issue, though, that i noticed with this is the quite slow race to wake up activation. As you can see, it does require a few seconds before the screen turns on which may be a big deal to others. Hopefully, there would be a firmware update to fix this issue now in terms of battery life. The z blade store 6 packs an 830 milliamp hour battery and can be charged using the included proprietary magnetic charging cable. It is rated for 60 hours of standby time, 6 hours of calling and 5 hours of video playback. You can also charge it to 75 in just an hour. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on how you use it like if mobile data or wi fi is always on brightness levels and a lot of varying factors.

Now it doesn’t say anything on the spec sheet about water resistant, but as per close inspection, the sim card cover has a thin rubber lining around it, which i suppose helps with some level of water resistance. I wouldn’t use this, though, for swimming or even when washing my hands just to be sure and lastly, for some additional details. Here’S how the camera feed looks like when the smart watch is on your wrist when using the side facing camera. You’Ll have to make sure that your arm is not in the way of the frame, alright, okay. So, to conclude, the zlatar 6 is certainly a feature pack smart watch that can potentially replace most of the functionality of a smartphone and even though it cannot entirely replace a smartphone, especially when it comes to screen real estate and app compatibility. The amount of flexibility you have with a fully fleshed android os partnered with the capable hardware inside definitely makes this device a phenomenal digital assistant. I just wish it has an oxygen saturation level sensor and a sleep monitor for me to completely replace my current smartwatch, which has these valuable features. Nevertheless, i’m going to use it as my secondary phone and as a navigation device when i’m riding a bike, and there you have it guys. Thank you for watching huge thanks to for sending this in. You can get this from the official website linked below you. Can also use makecode for an extra discount.

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