. It is a smartwatch. A smartphone runs on android 10. Thousands of different watch faces, 4gb, ram, 64gb memory, two cameras and the list goes on, but you don’t need to be worthy to yield. This watch, all you need, is 175 us dollars to spare or 643 eu ethereums and a massive wrist, because this is a big watch. Let’S go ahead and unbox it to see what we’ve got inside if gadget, reviews diy projects and life hacks are your thing then consider subscribing to my booth and turn on the bell notifications, so you don’t miss out on any of the action okay, so this gadget Has come from banggood.com and i’ll leave a link for it in the description box below in case. You want to check it out later now. This is the sixth and latest smartwatch in the thor series from zblaze following the thor 5., but it is also quite an expensive one. I mean 175 us dollars is not an insignificant amount, but the question is why well, apparently, this watch claims three worlds firsts. It is the world’s first octa core 4g smartwatch. It is the world’s first 4g plus 64gb smartwatch, and also the world’s first smartwatch, with an android 10 operating system inside the box. We have the watch in a plastic wrap, but without the straps there’s another box on the side which has a set of silicon straps and a metal buckle now they could have pre assembled it, but i think they wanted to prove a point here, maybe that these Are interchangeable, straps and you can get it replaced anytime.

Now i’ve got the black one, but it comes in blue and orange as well and it’s. Only the strap, color that’s different, the dial is always black. Let’S talk about the size first now this is a big watch. Look at it in comparison to the watch. I wear now, especially the thickness. It weighs 74 grams. It has a 1.6 inch touchscreen in a ceramic body. We’Ve got the power button here and a quick access button, there’s a camera on the side in between the two buttons and another selfie camera right here on the back, we have the magnetic charging pins, a heart rate sensor and a sim card slot. There is a speaker right here and a microphone over here now that we’re done with the looks let’s have a look at its functionality. As i mentioned earlier, it has a 1.6 inch wide ips touch screen with a resolution of 400 by 400 pixels. It looks very nice, however, it could look nicer if the blacks were a little darker now before we move to the menu. There are quite a lot of things you can. Access from the home screen itself like right away from the home screen. You can swipe to the left to see the notifications and to the right for the menu and further right to access activities which include running walking cycling, basically, all the mainstream ones, and some more when you’re swiping you’ll also notice. These mini icons on the top of the screen, which basically shows how many swipes are there.

Okay, now back to the home screen, you can swipe down from top uh to see the battery status, as well as the bluetooth and sim status. If you swipe to the right here, you’ll get the basic control center, like with all uh android phones, with all the shortcuts, like wi, fi, bluetooth, airplane mode, etc. Now you might wonder why is bluetooth here and here? Well, this is the bluetooth connection of the watch, but this one shows whether the watch is connected to your phone through the app called v ware, to which i’ll come later next, if you swipe down from the home screen, you see your lazy lifestyle before you and On the right here you have the audio player and then finally, the weather, if you press on the home screen itself for a couple of seconds you access the watch faces menu, it already has a bunch of them pre loaded, which you can scroll through. At the end of the list, there is an option to create a custom watch face which is basically any picture you choose with the time and date displayed on top of it. You can also create one instantly using the watch’s own cameras and cherry on the top. There is a whole store with an almost never ending list of different watch faces, which you can download for free and have them on the watch at all times, because there is 64 gb to fill. Remember so far.

The watch is doing great. It looks good. It is running very smooth, no hiccups. So far did i mention that you can set up a pattern lock on the screen and even set up face unlock with the front camera. It works. Okay, surprisingly, quick. Actually, i mean i wasn’t expecting that, but lighting has to be good, though i would rather have it not locked at all honestly, not like i’m gon na use the watch as my primary phone in the menu. You can expect to find pretty much what you’ll find in a basic android phone you’ve got the phone contact sms settings. Now there are no navigation buttons. You can use the swiping gesture from left to right to go back one step from any app or you can use this button as well to go back. You’Ve got the dial market, which is the same as we accessed from the watch faces list. You can also change how the menu looks from the desktop settings tab. You can choose from four different styles. I like the first one, because it also has the name of the menu option next to it, and it flows with the curve of the screen which kinda looks cool. You can also change the transition style of screens when you swipe from side to side. Next, we have the internet browser camera now this is interesting. Both the cameras are 2 megapixels, each nothing to brag about really but it’s.

Quite a feat, fitting two cameras into a smartwatch: you can do photos and videos with both of them. It also has a bunch of options in both of them like filters, white balance, countdown timer, etc. The quality is pretty okay, nothing more than what you’d expect from a 2 megapixel camera. What is a little annoying is the orientation of the side camera. It can be really challenging getting the thing you want to capture in the frame it’s like playing a crash team racing with reverse steering controls. I mean if you are a spy and try to discreetly take a picture of something this watch will give you away, but i guess you will get better with practice. Moving on, you have the gallery of all the masterpieces you took with the camera calendar heart rate monitoring alarm clock now. This is no silent. Vibrating alarm clock like most watches next, is audio player, audio recorder file manager, always handy weather. Now here you don’t need to worry about converting celsius to fahrenheit, or vice versa, because it shows both optimization allows you to clean the dirt in the cache memory. Setup screen lock play around with some other settings as well as freeze apps that you don’t want to use to free up some ram space speaking of apps, since the phone is running android 10. It also has a google play store, as well as another app store, and the second app store only has facebook and whatsapp to download.

Now, i guess you don’t have to sign in with your google account for these two for everything else. You have to sign in into play, store with a google account. Now here is my two cents on using applications on smart watches. This watch has 4gb of ram and is sporting. A helio p22 octa core chip which scores around 65 000 on the antutu benchmarking app. But the question is: what can you do with such power on a smartwatch, i mean you can play pubg on it, but will you browsing instagram sure, facebook? Why not but whatsapp i don’t know i just can’t. Imagine myself trying to type with those teeny tiny buttons on the teeny tiny screen. I just feel it is not very practical. For me, the main purpose of a watch is time, second tracking fitness activity and thirdly, passing me notifications from my phone or letting me of a call. So i can see it on the watch itself. Who is calling and decide right now, whether i want to reject it or let it go to voicemail, but i guess it’s different from person to person. That is just my lookout. Since we mentioned fitness, the next app has nine activities, including all the usual ones, walking running, etc. Now i decided to take it out for a walk and then compare it with the data for the same activity from my smartphones added as running app. As you can see, the distance is a little off.

I started and stopped both the devices in the same spot uh. It did take me a while to figure out how to stop the activity on the watch and that’s. Why you can see the watch ran for a minute or so more, but i did it standing in the same spot, so there was no difference in the distance uh. Instead of that, the distance is off by like 100 meters in a total of two kilometers, which is not much and honestly now i’m. Starting to doubt my phone, i mean this is probably like the fifth smartwatch or fitness band uh, which doesn’t match the activity results with my phone, especially the distance. Maybe it is my phone that has been messed up all along lol. Next up is assistant. Now for this you have to connect your watch to your phone. To do that, you have to download an app called vware on your ios or android device and then follow the connection steps from there once done, you can manage the notification settings. Health goals, etc and even change the watch faces from the phone itself. Something additional you can do is use your watch as a bluetooth, remote shutter button for your phone’s camera uh. You can play audio on the phone right from the watch and you can even find your watch if it is in the bluetooth range of the fold uh and vice versa. Next is google maps now. This is something which i can see myself using, especially when you’re trying to navigate around city on foot.

Now you might wonder that in some apps the round screen can be limiting things, but zblaze actually has that covered, but not everybody knows about it. Okay, now, wherever you are in the watch, if you press the power button for like three seconds this menu pops up from here, you can power off restart. The watch switch on the power saver mode, clear, open, apps to save on the precious ram space and, most importantly, switch between circular and square screen. It doesn’t just turn everything into a square screen. Only certain apps, like the maps or play store or internet browser. These become square, the ones which are more practical to be square rather than circular. Okay. Now to round it up, first of all looks wise. It is a good looking watch, a little big for my wrist and liking, but good looking. Nevertheless, 4 gb of ram 64 gb memory, android 10 smooth touch fluent ui. Basically, this is a full fledged smartphone capable of wi fi and 4g data connection. Uh you’ve got face unlock as well as pattern lock. It can manage your smartphone notifications as well as phone calls thousands of different watch faces, which is pretty much one of my favorite features on the watch: bluetooth, 5, gps, cloners, two cameras, 1.6 inch, ips lcd screen, a relatively short battery life and a great fitness companion. The only thing not mentioned on the product page at all is the ipu rating. I have no idea if this watch is waterproof or not, and i did not want to risk anything before i completed the review video now whether it is worth 175 dollars.

You decide and let me know in the comments below i’ll leave a link for it in the description box below in case you want to check it out, that’s it for now guys if you enjoyed what you saw hit that like button below share the video with Your friends and family and while you’re there don’t forget to subscribe to my booth for more gadget, reviews, diys and life hacks. You can also follow me on instagram and other social media. All the links are in the description box below click on the thumbnails to watch.