Greetings and welcome to SmartWatch sticks were a youtube channel on the web, at SmartWatch, and inside this VHS tape. Container I've got another Z blaze product for us who I hate to do that, but I have such a hard time getting into the plastic. Otherwise, there now we're done with all those silly reflections, it's called the vibe 3s and you guys watch the thing we just did on the CB 16, with the dual screen: LCD and that's, our even don't, look at that and the LCDs and and and the the Color regular screen for Smart Watch and talked about how it's much longer life when you just have a basic screen like this, which is what we used to see on all of our digital watches. Before smart became popular right, well, Z, blaze in their long line of vibes, has been great at incorporating more and more detail into the screen itself. You cannot change the watch face, but boy can you get information on this which you're about to see in the new 3s? Here it is, and, as usual it's a dual button thing you got to do to turn on and a lot of folks that kiss could not figure that out and sending them back. All they needed to do is press these two buttons at once. So they've made a little plastic cover to tell you about that. That sits on top of an already lit up already running beautiful super rugged watch.

Where do you get this thing? Why, of course, from bang good bang good sent us out and so has Z blaze? The vibe 3s absolute toughness, you yeah it doesn't, get much more than that absolute toughness, real time weather display on here. Your goals, your walking moving goals are on here. You'Ll see that got message reminders a nice large 1.2 inch, FST n display not just an LCD, and that display is full viewable outdoors check. The show notes down below you may not even have to spend 20 bucks. If I can get you a discount on it. I'Ll definitely have that link for you, but at 20 bucks ah come on you, can't beat it here's more detail, there's the big blowup of what you were reading reading before not a whole lot to talk about on the specs, except that it's using a different app To tether called comfit that should be interesting here. Are these supported languages on the watch? It'S fully 5 atmosphere waterproof. This is a puppy. You can swim with lightly dive with right, it's not going to have water intrusion and they're all the different things that go with it, including an LCD backlight. A world time function as well. If you're a global traveler just want to keep tabs on the time and shins in China like I need to so I know when my partners are awake. 3 axis acceleration a a non rechargeable, CR 2450 button type cell.

That gives you 2 years of life. In this watch so it's really like going to Walmart and picking up a regular digital watch for 20 bucks except you're, picking up a SmartWatch for 20 bucks that has all kinds of capabilities drilling carbon coating on the case. Hmm, okay, stainless steel button, zinc, alloy, face ring stainless steel back all for under 20 bucks, Wow, nice. Okay. Here it is what else is in the box, no charger, because we don't we don't need that we have a five 3s manual, and here we go. Hopefully, English right at the beginning, yep here's our specifications as usual, as you all know, unless you're brand new, we do go page by page through the manual here, not just flip it, because that's how you can really learn about it and most of the time. These are not available on the on the web anywhere to get a closer look. Sometimes they are, but just in case not and in case I miss something which I usually do or get something wrong, which I never do right. Then you could go back to the manual to confirm it here, we're talking about how you pair to the app Wow that's about it, then you got your warranty card and we're into the other languages, so it's just enough to get you started, which is kind of Where we are we've got a little cover on the buckle so that it doesn't get scratched unless uncle tics messes it up just trying to take the packaging off goodness the band very pliable, very flexible.

We have holes on this side and a whole lot of holes on this side. So when you put it on and we slide it through and we buckle it up, look, it could fit a really big person here and a really small person there, so it's Universal for now, wow that's easy for either gender any size arm, they're very close together. So you can get an exact fit just the way you want it there is it there. It is that's what it looks like now, it's said to turn it on. You had to push these two buttons at the same time, I'm gon na. Do that and turn it off that's how it should have ship, but it shipped already on, but hey it's got a two year battery on it. So no problem at all and having it on when you it's on you see all kinds of icons, light up and the overall screen itself. So Wow look at that when you get it in the sunlight, it gets even brighter right. So what does all this mean? Well, let's dive into it it's going to be easiest. If I show you how these functions work and what all these icons mean from the pictures, rather than directly on the watch. First of all, it's much clearer, they've all identified, and, secondly, we're getting some reflections here in the house. Okay, there's. The watch – and this is the very first thing you see – is the functional analysis of your your step.

Count: information that's across the top. You got step count, calories, burned, distance, traveled and trimer that's the function icon and then the midsection display is your time day week. Steps calories, distance, all that stuff switches in here, okay and then you've got your step. Progress against your goals over here. That goes up and down and then at the bottom are the display functions that are part of tethering to your phone, like an incoming call text messaging setting it up in remote, cam remote and then, of course, this is setting your alarms to okay. So when you break it all down, you find that the sports function is the upper three uh huh and that's. Using the new three axis. Acceleration sensor can track your steps, calories and mileage on the watch that will transfer to your of your phone app right. Then down here in the lower right hand, corner are the smart phone notifications yeah up in the upper right hand. Corner is the basic stopwatch and alarm in the opposite corner, and then your calendar and weather information is right here and you see the little B that's. Your Bluetooth that you need to have activated before you tether, which takes us to the very next step. You got a good picture of that all right. You know where all the functions are let's bring over the app now here we go got it all set up. This is in the Google Play Store.

I searched on it, it's called comfit I've installed it and when you open it, you get into this first screen talks about sports planning, health measuring sleep inspection. Although I don't see sleep on this at sports mode and then you can go in for an immediate experience, which is where you go in and set yourself up and login and will come back once you're logged in you get to this personal information page where you Can put your picture, give yourself a nickname and set all of these different parameters, because it's gon na need that for working with your calories and such computation with your step count allow it to get look six different permissions. We need to allow I'm going to go through and just select all of them for our demo purposes and we are there. You need photos and videos permissions, so you can use the remote camera feature all of that stuff. Now here we are on the main screen itself and of course, we're not tethered to the device, yet so I'm gon na bring this back to show you quickly, I'm gon na press a button like this one. I hope there and now we've got the Bluetooth icon. Can you see that it's flashing on the screen, so it should be in findable mode now, I'll probably go over to mine and to the device and it's now gon na select it in the listing here and there we go five 3s and confirm binding, successful simple.

As that in the app crash, I love it when this happens on camera, but hey it's, gon na happen to you too right, okay! Well, I finally got it to pair and you see, it's updated at the time to the current local time from my phone. But let me tell you: it was a real challenge. I literally had to turn off both the phone and the watch. When you turn the watch on it automatically goes into that Bluetooth mode. I had to leave the house away from everything else: Bluetooth, Wi Fi, all of that stuff, sorry about the ceiling reflections when I tried to connect it after turning it back on and getting a Bluetooth connection, and I said, connect it kept flashing network unavailable network unavailable Network unavailable across the bottom, because I was out of my Wi Fi and I wasn't with a SIM card in here. So I was not on the Internet, so be warned the comm fit and I'm coming in as a guest. By the way, the comfit is going to transmit information to their cloud server about your pairing activity with the watch now may be a good thing for storing your records and whatnot, but you actually have to have this on the internet before you compare. So, if you're out and about hiking somewhere – and you want to pair the watch together with your phone, do it first when you're in Wi Fi, so you've got yourself a connection, hopefully after that it'll just automatically connect next time.

You turn it on with Bluetooth, because it's already established that connection so many little nuances with these things, let's look quickly through here. You can turn on a disconnect reminder. So if you lose Bluetooth, it's gon na ring your phone looking for device it's now looking for it, it says it's connected I'm, not seeing anything flashing on here again. This is a universal kind of an app for a lot of different things and maybe it's not going to actually work for the for this one it's, not vibrating, or anything like that I'm, not feeling any signal or seeing any light or seeing anything flashing here's, the Remote camera, so when you go into this mode, the remote camera icon on here with a trigger should take a picture, usually it's this upper one and there it is you see it flash and it just took a picture so that's how that function. Works within here took a picture of my hair. Do not disturb you can set that up notice reminders. These are all the different reminders. You can activate that will then flash the messaging icon for you to let you know that you have something waiting: it's, not gon. Na identify what and your alarm clock settings are here, you can check your firmware version for the actual one it's on version: one: zero, zero and it's up to one zero one already and I'll do that later after the review so make sure you come in and You check and do your firmware update and then you can recover factory settings and like resets and clears everything out of your device and that is in the comfit device section found new firmware.

No, I don't want to do that. Yet. Okay we're back here and that was here, then you can set your step goal information. You can give feedback report that it's constantly crashing get help in overall settings for the app itself, where you can change the system from public or metric. I guess to the British, which is kind of what I use here and temperature can be centigrade or Fahrenheit, because, as you see, you've got weather right up there there's the cloudy icon. It looks like on here I'm, not sure where temperature is or how you bring it in, but that's part of this as well that's the whole section under mine under sports. You have these different individual sports that you could select running riding treadmill or walking, set a target and start and run your event right here on your phone, pretty much independent of the watch, there's no heart rate sensor. Sometimes the apps will acquire heart rate from the watch and integrate it with GPS and timing and everything from the app and give you a total picture, but this one doesn't, so you make it pedometer information from here, but most likely you'll be getting GPS if it. If it's available and then here you go up and down the stairs and in and out to try to set this thing up, I've got 52 steps on it already it's showing me my Fahrenheit temperature, my calories and distance and duration of how long I've been doing That and here it's breaking down every half hour, how many steps I took now that's pretty awesome for a watch that lasts two years on a battery that doesn't require charging that tethered to your phone can be able to tell you every half hour how many steps You you've walked very impressive steps.

Statistics when I go into here: there's, daily, weekly, monthly and annual and total information and, as I said before, I'm, not seeing any sleep statistics, there's, no heart rate, blood pressure, your blood oxygen or any of those other kind of things. But it is great if you want to do monitor your step, count and use it as a basic, smart watch, with alarms and and notifications from your phone to trigger you to pull out your phone to see what it is. That'S that's pushing you or whether you have a call coming in and, of course, put it in selfie mode or picture mode, so you can hold the phone where you want to and trigger taking a picture from your wrist that's it folks that is the Z blaze. Where'S my piece of paper too many pieces of paper s he blaze: five 3s and it's available for 20 bucks or less directly from bang good thanks to Zee blaze for sending this out and bang good for being a sponsor with us and you for your interest.