Basic heart rate function last night's overall, sleep time and back to watch faces. You also have push messages from your smartphone. If you have it tethered – and you have an operating circle here with things that include different watch – faces that you can select from right here and the ability to find your phone you've got a stopwatch built into this. It counts into tenths of a second. You also have there: we go a fitness section with running climbing and walking as basic functions. Riding football, basketball, ping, pong and badminton are all supported and it's pretty basic. It just gives you time versus steps versus heart rate, with the ability to stop it and in those kind of functions you also have when we reset it the power off button and overall settings that gives you a nice range of brightness, the big bright screen time. How long is going to be lit up when you activate and go into all of these different functions and the ability to reset – and that looks like that's about it in the functions here for your settings back button? Takes you to the watch face this one turns it on and off it's a bit sick, but otherwise nice Smart Watch with a 3d bezel with some writing on it, TPU band, all in all a really nice little watch, the Z blaze, vibe 5 touch sensitive screen.