com. We have a brown box with a Z blaze product in here. Yes it's, another VHS tape. I talk about that for all of them because it sure looks like it for those of you who remember the old days of tape. We have a vibe 5r, oh oh, I know I know you're getting confused, so am i, but I got a little bit of clarification for you, which is gon na come out in this review. We do know there's been a vibe v on the market and a four and A three in yeah. You see G version, all kinds of them. Well, this is the vibe v row and we are gon na unbox it in just a minute. But first let me show you where you can get it directly from the Z blaze official store on Aliexpress. You could pick this puppy up and check. The show notes for a discount looks like they've got it gone at 35. Bucks right now, we'll see if we can get it even any cheaper for you. You can also head over to banggood whoa under 30, already without even a discount but check and see. If I can get one I'll have it in the show notes for you. Bang Goods also got this. One is participating with us on the vibe 5 Pro promotion as well, so what's it got it's a one point: three inch full round that's the big thing about this they're talking about full round touch screen with heart rate, monitor sports data and so forth.

It yep full touch, see it's all in red it's using the wear health app and we've reviewed that quite a few times. So we're not going to go into the detail on the app but again in the show notes. I'Ll have the link to the app as well as a link to other videos that reviewed that if you want to look at the app in detail, here's the languages and it's using a green cell heart rate algorithm, which is supposedly better faster longer 24 hour. All of that kind of stuff you got support for all of these different functions in there. Your overall sensors screen size battery capacity they're talking about standby of a week and operating time. Depending on your usage, I guess a charging takes about two hours. We'Ve got these different materials it's a 26 millimeter TPU band on it and there's your weight and size yeah we're ready to go. But before I do, let me set the stage I saw one more screen. I wanted to show you because it is confusing. They'Ve got a comparison, chart there's the vibe for hybrid. Remember that one there's, the vibe 3 heart rate and now we've got the vibe 5 Pro they're, not even comparing it with the original 5 5, but see the check marks fully round in these two, but not that one color screen in these two, but not that One and neither these are touch sensitive, but by golly look.

All of that is contained in the 5 v pro 240 by 240 pixel we're gon na look at it now right now, we're gon na open this box, and we are presented with the watch right there. Let'S pull it out: okay, it's it's, a beefy one, it's good size. The case is really large to pin connecter heart rate, monitor a couple of buttons squared off on the side, that's an interesting design, nothing else over here kind of a matted black. Obviously, the bands are removable here and lots of holes from beginning to end so they'll fit any arm from the biggest one. All the way to the most teeny thing you can get around it, so that's an interesting and successful way of doing a band. I think inside this box, we've got the charging cable, which is your standard 2 pin magnetic coupler. That only goes one way and it's always the wrong way and not strong enough to hold it. But it is a bit heavy for the watch. No, but it does connect well, so you shouldn't have too much of a problem with it falling off, just make sure you've got it aligned correctly, ok and then. Finally, the vibe 5 pro Smart Fitness watch English user's manual. My goodness. I hope I got this video shot and high enough quality that you can zoom that thing in God. Look I can get all three pages on here and we'll just leave it at that.

Let you freeze frame it when it's in good focus and read all about it again. We'Ve got the QR codes. You could scan those if you want to right from your YouTube screen and head over to pick up those apps or, like I say, check the show, notes and the back side. We'Ve got a little bit more information as well it's way too small for mr. tix to read through his camera screen right now so I'm, not even gon na talk about it other than to say check it out. There may be things covered in here that are not covered in this review. That'S. All of that animus. We usually do we're gon na charge it up clear everything out of here and turn it on and give it a review. So you can see from the writing on the bezel. We'Ve got a power button here and a mode button here, so a press and hold on the power button and we'll. Let it boot up – and it comes into a watch – face now – just check out the size of that watch face within the black area of the face within the bezel of the watch and that's. What you've got it's a 240 by 240 area in here and it's got all the goodies that you uh you want from within the Watts so let's go through these. Oh, I got to move fast. It times out quickly. I'M gon na slide down.

I guess I got the messages when you're tethered to your phone that's, where those will be when you scroll up you get into a whole menu thing which we're gon na go into in a minute and check all of those out when you scroll to the left. You get last night's sleep time if you keep going from the sleep time, you'll get heart rate and then you'll get step count and then back to time. Likewise, if you go to this direction, you'll go first to step count then to heart rate, then, to sleep time and back again and those are all the directions you get to go so let's check out when we go up like that, you have to find your Phone, if you're tethered to the phone me – and I got ta – be fast – you have here a stopwatch which is a nice big, digits, white writing on a black background and finally, it's gon na run without cutting me off in the middle of something I could pause. It I can start it, I don't have lap time on it and I can't leave it without clearing it. So I can reset it here, probably have to be on pause and then reset and that's pretty much it for this you'll notice. I can't bail out of it. Oh I good there we go and typically you hit the top button that's going to take you right back to the watch, face, turning it on and off, and actually this is the button that'll.

Take you right back to the watch. Face the mode would so we did that one now we go into settings in here I've got an overall brightness. I want to show you that when it's down at its lowest point, oh it cycles through okay, there you go it's a still reasonably bright and you can brighten it all the way up full brightness the range isn't. All that great though there you go to the lowest one again so I'll keep it about right here for the video it's moderately bright too brighter than moderately bright, but it's not super bright for outdoor use, but it will be visible. Outdoors here's off here is not fast enough. Here is where you change watch faces so that's, the first one I am so not used to this. Okay. There we go there, we go there, we go here's, another let's. Take that one min. This has got your days of the week and some of your stuff down below in step, counting heart rate and whatnot, and if we change it one more time, we can come up with this one here, so it's got three different watch faces in it. I'Ll leave it on this one, a lot of busy information in there as well and fitness. When you come in here, you have all these different options. Running climbing walking looks like you would scroll, but you don't, you actually have to go sideways to get to the next set and then sideways again to get to the last ones.

So if we pick a common one like running and we go in here, it immediately starts up. The diode starts flashing for your heart rate and cover that with my finger, it's off right now touch the button. I can come back if I touch that one. Nothing happens and if I touch that one it just turns to watch on and off so it's gon na stay in that mode, the whole time and duration. You see there's two dots down here, so we have time step and heart rate, and then we have the ability to pause, stop it or leave it. I come back and it's still running and if I want to pause it or stop it, I can here and whether the end yes, we do it there and same thing for all of the rest of those different functions. That again takes you back, and that turns you on and off, and those are the overall functions and just to show you quickly. It tethers to this thing called the where health app and be warned that, in order to get to this page, you first have to create an account there's, no guest access, which is something I look for in these things. If you just want to try them out, if you want to check this it's a free download and you can go in and and see what it'll do, even without buying the watch itself, you have limited capabilities sports last night's, sleep time and heart rate in the Today, sport is where you can do an event using the app in your phone as nothing to do with the watch and care is when you can connect with other friends and share data, and then finally, mine is where you can set up the rameters.

All about you, your height and weight and sex, and even skin color, whether you want to use google maps or amp and logout so that you could log back in as a different account. If you want to and of course, overall device management, which is for notifications and such and then it'll, let you set up all your notifications once you turn that on so it'll push here, you can twist your wrist to see the time he'll have it set for Continuous heart rate and all those kind of things are available as well again, I've got much more extensive review of the app available for you elsewhere. I won't have a link to that in the show notes. So once again, by way of summary, this is AZ blaze. Vibe 5 pro and in that throw capability it's bringing to you the touch screen, sensitivity and the full screen capabilities and that's different than the original 5 5. You can pick this thing up from the Z blaze. Official store on Aliexpress got a link for you in the show notes currently that's the price they're talking about, or you can jump over to banggood right now, they're looking at under 30 and again check the show notes. If I got a different coupon for you available, we can pick it up there. So what you think interesting watch last thing: you haven't even seen it on right, it's a little on the thick side compared to others, but it's got an interesting bezel with 3d capabilities to it.

It'S, a removable, TPU band and it's got kind of a squared off button thing with recessed bezel that goes into the actual screen itself. It looks rather large to me, especially because the face seems to be on the smaller size, how it's recessed in there, but for a nice sports fitness watch. It could probably do the trick. Alright you've been watching Smart Watch sticks.