This video looks at the best smart watch for health that you should consider buying number one most popular fitbit versa, 3 health and fitness smart watch with over 10 versions, offering you the ability to monitor your body and health. 其! No wonder the versa 3, specifically is a brilliant halfway house between a smart watch and a fitness tracker. Smart watch features include notifications for texts and calls and various compatible notifications on the health side, itll track things like steps, distance floors, climbed and calories burned and provide data on sleep patterns and workout analysis. 有 15 workout types to choose from between running weights, swimming yoga and others, so it can accurately measure your activity. Number two fitbit sense advanced smart watch. It has an ecg sensor as many of the top smart watches and fitness trackers to identify indications of atrial fibrillation, but its the stress monitoring feature that truly stands out. The sense comes with a six month free trial, so you can get a lot of use out of them. Even if you dont decide to continue your membership, an on risk. Skin temperature sensor tracks yours each night, so you can see how it varies. It features high and low heart rate notifications alert you if your scenes, above or below your average number three new apple watch series. 六, the new apple watch series six is a wonderful health watch with fitness tracking. It offers an accurate heart rate monitor with an additional ecg feature that further monitors heart health and an accurate gps system.

The screen has an always on feature so youll never miss any information. 它有 32 gigabytes of memory built in for music storage, use it for your workout, music or podcasts, and there are some cool features like a noise meter and menstrual cycle tracking. It has a sleek and instantly recognizable design and comes in two new sizes to apple watches, 40 毫米和 44 millimeters number four samsung galaxy watch the galaxy watch. 积极 2 is not only a beautiful device, but it has some great health and fitness tracking features. It offers the always on feature, but its optional, the sleep tracking accuracy, rivals fitbit, and it has advanced workout tracking capabilities thanks to an ecg sensor. It also has a running coach with seven programs designed to improve endurance or speed up your time. Samsung delivers this device in three colors pink gold cloud, silver and aqua black. The galaxy watch active 2s long lasting battery can go for more than five days on a single charge. Number five y, 到m, a y smart watch yamane, is making great headway into this niche with its flagship blood pressure tracking watch that offers an array of features for health and fitness tracking. The yummy blood pressure. Smart watch provides 24 7 tracking for your heart rate. Spo2 sleep and sports activities. It also monitors your stress levels and gives you suggestions on when to relax or breathe. When paired with your phone, it will show you all your notifications for women its got all the female related tracking features currently available.

确实, its a smart watch that focuses on tracking health number six garmin instinct, 太阳, 智能手表, this rugged gps. Smart watch boasts solar charging, giving incredible battery life in smart watch and expedition modes. While outdoors monitor how your body uses energy by tracking heart rate, stress estimated sleep and pulse ox, which helps give you a better understanding of your health and wellness get more out of the sports, you love with pre loaded activity. Profiles such as running biking, swimming and more smart notifications at the wrist. Keep you connected to what matters. Multiple global navigation satellite systems help you track wherever your adventures.