Oh there you go um. Just a few pages long yeah, usb cable for charging and we got the actual smart watch itself wow. This is the smartwatch, so let’s take a look. Okay, fill up the sticker and see if the power’s on okay, there it goes hello, wow, pretty cool. So look! There’S, a little mailbox there’s a screen saver. There has some options: it’s, a fitness sports run, bike, tennis, wow, quite a variety of sports on there. First walk hike, basketball, tennis, badminton soccer, sit ups, jump rope, yoga, dance, aerobics, very impressive. What is it? Elliptical it’s, like a stationary bike, rowing machine and well h that one i’m not sure me too, so that’s the sports and then kind of like a smartphone. What else? What are the gear? There’S? A settings gear there’s, a uh sleep – is that a sleep gear there’s. This keep quiet, please keep your watch close. This is for like the that – and this is for the stress, keep quiet and then there’s a timer 30 seconds, one minute, three minutes: five minutes: 10 minutes it was pretty fun yeah and then what’s that bad scientific sleep. I don’t know what is this? Okay, maybe you can wear this? You try this. While you sleep, maybe no and then stopwatch that’s, a good one, what’s the green leaf, the green leaf. This one breath raining wow there’s a lot of stuff to do, and then you can connect it to your bluetooth and you can read the messages here and call or wow Music, a name brand like samsung or apple, probably cost a lot less yeah.

But it does a lot of the same things so that’s it guys. Thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to hit the bell button like and subscribe.