Today, you have in front of you the latest smartwatch from Amazfit., And this is POP 2, See For the first time something new has been done in this watch. In this budget price segment. Whatever Amazfit watch, we have tried GTS series, or else The accuracy of Amazfit is excellent.. Amazfit uses excellent hardware. Measurement. Sensors in Amazfit are also excellent., But Bluetooth calling was the most missing feature in Amazfit.. Now Now you can get this feature at an affordable price., And this is the Amazfit Pop 2, And here you get a lot of good features with Bluetooth. Calling. See Big display Long battery, backup Super Accuracy. Here you get all these things.. Let me tell you how this watch is., I have used this watch continuously for 5 to 6 days. In both hands. I mean Primary watch in one hand, And this watch on the other hand. Cross verification is necessary to know how the result comes.. First of all, if we talk about the box., The packaging of the box is good. Like Here you get a little premium feeling. Here you only get a charger. Which is USB Type A based. There is a connector here.. There is no Doc system, here. Its a premium smartwatch., Which you get at an affordable price. That means Here material will also be premium.. The quality of strap is very soft.. I didnt have any problem here.. I have used it properly for five days. And If we talk about the metal of the watch itself, The center frame here is made of metal.

And the buttons here are in the glossy finish of stainless steel. And On the bottom. Here you will find metal where you will see a lot of sensors. Heres the charging connector., And here you will also get a detachable. Strap., Of course, Which you can change Getting inside. Lets talk about how the display here is. There is a large display of 1.78 inches here. And its an AMOLED display. Having an AMOLED display isnt. The only thing that makes this phone special. Its size is also big.. Also the bezels given here are equally symmetrical.. You can see that the bezels here are symmetrical from all sides. Generally. This does not happen in budget watches. At the bottom of budget watches. The chin is larger., But thats, not the case here.. So again, You will feel good, seeing this watch. And Its a very bright display. And Indoors or outdoors, you wont, have any problems using this watch. Right now you can see this watch is on maximum brightness.. So No issues If I turn down its brightness a little bit like Around 50 Brightness. Even then, you can easily see the content here.. There is a 2.5D curved display here.. That means. Whenever you use or operate this watch, you will not have any problems here.. You can operate this watch quite easily., Since this device has an AMOLED display. It also has Always on display functionality.. Here you can set a digital clock or analog clock.

And I liked its brightness.. I did not face any problems indoors or outdoors.. The UI of the Watch is also quite simple and fluid.. Here you will get the option of the menu by pressing the button.. You can change the order of the menu. If you want. like Right now, it was in Grid style.. Now it has come in List. Style., That means Here you can also read the name.. This watch is quite easy to use. And There is no lag at all.. That means The display and software that is here are too fast and responsive.. Here you will get to see all the features., And Here you will see all the notifications by swiping from the bottom. On the top. Here you will find quick toggles., For example, You can set DND mode here. Here you can control the brightness. Here. You can see the information. You can connect and disconnect Bluetooth here. If you want. By watch By swiping this side, you will get the assistance feature. Here you will get music. Whatever widget you want, you will find it here.. You have to install an application to pair the watch with the phone., Which is available for both iPhone and Android. I have paired Zepp Active with both OS. Its working perfectly., But primarily I have used it with Android.. The application is new and simple.. You can see many features, here. like The names and widgets that are coming here.. How many calories did you burn Exercise mode? If you want you can also change watch faces from here.

. Stags of the features are visible here. On the exercise. You can perform a lot of activities. Here., There are about 100 sports modes. By default, Which is most important, will automatically be here.. The application also has the functionality of GPS., Using that you can also track your workout. Thats again, the best part. Using the Google Maps. You can also access the battery section, the smartwatch settings or the phone updates here. On the hardware features. Here you get a 24X7 heart rate feature. Here there is a feature to measure SpO2, which is manual.. You have to operate it manually.. Of course. Here you will get the sleep tracking, feature. Female Health. That means Here you also get the feature of the mensuration cycle.. There is no feature of stress monitoring here.. Apart from this, the feature of breathing has also been given here.. If you want, you can reduce the stress level a bit by using breathing exercises.. If you sync all the data in the application, So you can see all statuses., For example, If I want to see heart rate data In complete week Using Whatever date you want to check the data, You can check the complete status weekly. like What was the percentage On which date and what was not – And What was the peak percentage, You can see almost all the data here. Plus You can also see sleep tracking here. Have exactly functionality similar. I dont know. With some reason My SpO2 data is not getting recorded here.

. Maybe there is an application bug here., Which hopefully should be fixed In this watch. You also get the feature of Bluetooth calling., And I liked the quality of the call here., like Its speaker, is quite loud., And The Dial pad is also given here.. You can also dial the number here. If you want. You can also add your favorite contacts. Here. For the battery. There is a 270 mah battery here.. The company claims that you can use it continuously for ten days.. I have used it in a mixed heavy way. like If you always keep it connected to Bluetooth Via Bluetooth. If a lot of notifications and calls come, So you can get a little less battery backup. like Three to four days. But if you use this watch without the calling feature., then I have been using this watch for the last three days. Right now. Only 70 battery is left here. Right now, only 30 of the battery has been consumed. Here.. If you look at it this way, Its battery will easily last eight to nine days.. Maybe its battery will last even ten days.. It depends on how you use this watch.. By the way there are many smartwatch brands available.. I see a reason to go with the Amazfit smartwatch., Which I have shown you in many watches before I like the accuracy of this watch. like In comparison to premium Apple and Samsung smartwatches, Which I wear In comparison. I do not find the data here to be inaccurate.

. Yes, At this price, I found some features. Missing., For example, There should be a feature of stress monitoring, here. Here, instead of the SpO2 manual, it should be with some interval. At the moment. This watch is excellent.. Big Display Long Battery Here you are getting super accurate data.. This watch comes with a premium build.. Thank you! So much guys.. I hope you enjoyed it.. This is Saurabh.ANQOMJ8AT2k

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