The apple watch ultra. So in this video i want to go over whats exactly new. With these watches, what model i recommend and some things you need to know before you order any of these watches, so lets start with what most people will be. Looking at. First, the apple watch series 8.. This is definitely the most well balanced watch with features and price point, although, if youre looking for new features compared to last years, series seven, you may be in for some disappointment thats, because the series 8 has the same design. The same performance and most of the same features as the series 7. – it even loses some things that i really liked on the series 7. like it lost the new colors. So it does not have the green or blue colors that the series seven had in the lineup and last year those were my two favorite colors. So i really did not like that. So now it only comes in four colors midnight, starlight silver and product red, and i guess the more premium stainless steel variants as well. You can still get those, so it still comes in graphite, silver and gold in stainless steel and some of the new features im. Gon na be honest kind of a little disappointing, so there is a new body temperature sensor and its kind of not exactly what i thought it would be, and probably maybe not what youre expecting thats. Because apples body temperature sensor doesnt really seem to track your body temperature by like giving you like a reading like like, say you were feeling sick and you wanted to take like an instant reading of your body.

Temperature yeah thats not happening so this feature is actually focused around womens health, and that is important like that is great. It allows women to get more insight into their reproductive health and the series a at night during sleep will measure body temperature. Every five seconds and users can see nightly shifts in their baseline temperature, which can be caused by like external factors as well. So like from. Like illness or uh, maybe too much exercise and even stress, and it can even help track with ovulation so again, a very great and a very important health feature for women. Im im, not like poo pooing. That like this is a great health feature. But if you were reading the rumors and expecting just like some body temperature sensor, where you could like constantly monitor your body temperature and see if youre about to get sick, that appears to not really be a feature with this sensor and im. Im kind of confused by that, so, if youre like me and youre, expecting to be able to take advantage of that body, temperature sensor, youre, probably gon na end up being a little disappointed. Now there are other new features, mostly focused around life. Saving improvements like car crash detection, which basically sounds like fall detection, but for automobile accidents instead, the other cool feature is the new low power mode which can extend the battery life of the series 8 for up to 36 hours of use.

It does this by disabling and limiting some features like some health sensors, the always on display workout, auto, start health, heart notifications and more so yeah. You can still use your watch like you can use the apps and all that stuff. You still see the time, but it does disable a lot of those kind of like other sensors that are supposed to be working in the background, but hey. This sounds like what a lot of people were asking for. A lot of people were just asking for extended battery life on the watch and they were willing to lose features like that. So, if youre comfortable with turning off those sensors for more battery life, its a good trade off, however heres the thing if you are about to rush out and buy a series 8 just for this feature, dont, because this low power mode is going to come to Every apple watch from the series 4 and onward, including the new apple watch, sc and thats kind of the problem with the series 8 this year. It gets all the hallmark features of what the series 7 had like the always on display the ecg reader and the blood oxygen sensor, but like yeah, we already had that on the series 7.. There is not a lot new here. This really is a small update like when people said the series. Seven was a small update. I kind of fought against that, but this one, this series eight really is a small update.

So if the series, seven didnt, get you to buy a new apple watch or upgrade your apple watch, i kind of feel like the series 8 wont either. Is it a bad watch? No, i honestly love my series 7 and, if youre, using an older apple watch where youve never owned an apple watch before, and you want all the bells and whistles that come with like the flagship model, then im sure at ‘9 dollars. The series 8 is still worth it. However, there is another great contender this year that you really should consider, and that is the new apple watch sc. This looks like a great value and it might be one of the best apple watch values yet because it comes in at just 250 dollars and it packs in the same design as last time, but improves the chip to the same s8 chip as the series 8.. So literally, the performance on the flagship apple watch is exactly the same on the apple watch sc at 150, less it even packs in some of those features. I was talking about like low power mode for 36 hours of battery life, and it also has the new car crash detection feature. We talked about on the series 8., i guess the biggest knockoffs you can give the apple watch. Sc is the back isnt ceramic, its a nylon composite material whatever that means, and it only comes in three colors, so midnight, starlight and silver, no product red, which i guess really isnt a big deal, because i dont think product red is like a popular color for The apple watch, it also has a slightly smaller, not always on display, so the display still does turn off and it basically lacks a lot of the advanced health sensors that you would find in the series.

Eight so no blood oxygen sensor, no electrocardiogram and no body temperature sensor, but it still does have the heart rate sensor, which is probably the most important health sensor on the apple watch and it still works with fall detection and then again. The new car crash detection and hey, if youre, the type of user that was gon na turn on that new low power mode feature uh. You would basically be disabling a lot of the new features that came on the series eight. So if you were gon na constantly enable low power mode, just get an apple watch, sc like youre, turning off all those extra bells and whistles anyway, and its 150 less. I think my favorite thing about the new apple watch. Se is the pricing 250, for the standard model is great, but i feel like the real kind of deal here. Uh compared to the series 8 is, if you opt to get the cellular model, its only a 50 upgrade on the apple watch sc, while its a full 100 upgrade on the series 8, making the price difference between the cellular models. 200. So, if youre going for a cellular model, youre actually walking away with a better value on the apple watch, sc, okay, we talked about the budget model. Lets now go to the complete opposite spectrum lets talk about the apple watch ultra yeah. This thing is just a beautiful monstrosity to me, and, and i love it, its designed to be big and more sporty than the original apple watch designs and the body is much thicker and much bigger.

With a 49 millimeter casing, size made out of even more durable titanium material with 100 meters of water resistance, ip6x dust resistance and a design thats more durable. Thanks to the rise in the case itself, which makes the top display flatter, which helps protect the edges of the watch from impacts, the watch even has a crown guard on it to better protect the digital crown and the side button internally. The watch does share a lot of the same qualities as the series eight, so it does have the same chip, the same health sensors, but the apple watch ultra has a lot of exclusive features as well. That is more attuned for extreme use cases. I think the most notable feature that most people will benefit from, though, is the battery life which lasts for 36 hours of normal use, thats literally the same battery life rating for the new low power mode on the series, 8 and sc model. And if you want to stretch that even further apple is working on a low power mode for the apple watch, ultra, which will reportedly give you 60 hours of battery life and that should be coming in a future software update. So this is true. Multi day battery life on an apple watch for the first time, and some users are really really going to love just that feature. Some people are going to pick up the apple watch ultra just for that battery life and theres more theres, a new speaker system, which is twice as loud, and the ultra can even like emit this crazy siren, sound.

That is 86 decibels loud, which can be heard from up to 600 feet away. Uh yeah, you know im just gon na get that and just like run around like blasting, that i dont know that that just sounds like the most fun to me. Just getting that and just like sitting in a coffee shop and just going wee like what is that? What is that its there, but im gon na, am i gon na use that i will? I will i totally will it also has a three microphone array which is supposed to be like really good at picking up your voice, the display on it is crazy, bright. It has a 2 000 knit display, so when youre using that outdoors, you probably will have like literally no trouble viewing that thing in like direct sunlight. It also has a new action button on the side. So a third button on this uh apple watch ultra and it could be customized to whatever quick action you want. So they give examples of like marking a waypoint or controlling a workout. So thats really cool like like a own customized button, tons of uses for that and – and it has this nice accented orange color, which i just think looks sharp – gives the watch a lot of character. It even includes a depth sensor for scuba. Diving, like this apple watch. Ultra is absolutely insane looking and i really really want one. I feel like this product was the star of the show, and even though this was marketed towards like extreme athletes, scuba divers and people out in the snowy mountain tops.

I want this just for the bigger display, the industrial, tough looking design and that battery life, like i just want to abuse the battery out of this thing, i want to just not charge it and see how well it holds up while im not doing any of These extreme activities – i i just think, thats what people are going to buy it for like, like its aspirational in a way, but at the end of the day it has a big battery in it and thats good and honestly, the pricing on this while high its Not that bad, like 800, is a lot lower than most people were expecting. And if you look at the series 8 and the more premium finishes like stainless steel, its only a 50 upgrade to go to the apple watch ultra and it has a lot of exclusive features for that 50 upgrade and theres. Not a lot of pain points. Either. Migrating to this new apple watch like if youre already using the bigger apple watch size, the apple watch bands will still supposedly work for this. Bigger apple watch ultra casing, and it even has some new apple watch bands designed exclusively for this watch. Now, i guess its not all good for this watch like i really like the design, but ive seen a lot of people online say this design looks ugly, so it may be an acquired taste or maybe i just have bad taste and lets face it.

The 49 millimeter watch for some people is just going to be way too big, so the size might be an instant disqualifier from you actually considering this thing all right at this point i feel, like you, probably have a pretty good grasp on what watch is right For you and the strange thing, is there really is no wrong choice here, like sometimes in apples lineup. There is a glaringly wrong choice. I think last year the series 3, no one – should have bought that watch last year, but for all these new apple watch models like these are all refreshed models. They all have their place in the lineup and there is valid reasons to go for an apple watch. Se, an apple watch series 8 and yes, even this apple watch, ultra now, dont be fooled by some of the features and dont assume. The series 8 is like a major upgrade. But again, if you have an older watch or havent owned an apple watch before, and you want a full featured watch with all of the bells and whistles and the latest health sensors then go for the series 8., its still a nice watch, despite it kind of Being a lackluster upgrade from the series 7, but it still is the best overall watch for price and features. Now, if you want an affordable watch and you dont care about some of the extra features the series 8 has, but you still want a snappy experience.

The apple watch sc is a no brainer, its a great value and if you want a more durable watch with a longer battery life or a bigger watch with a more rugged look or even if you want to use it for some niche use, cases like youre A scuba diver, then hey the app watch ultra seems like it might actually be worth it, and on that note i got ta hear from you in the comments below, because i just need to know what you think of the latest apple watch. Lineup and let me know what watch do you plan on buying or do you think youre gon na skip this year and also please, let me know what you think of this new apple watch ultra? Is it a beautiful monstrosity or is it the ugliest thing youve ever seen? I just have to know your opinion on it. Also dont forget to like this video.CZOmyRy5opI

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