Well known for being super healthy and fit, and also im a bit of a cheap skate, possibly only one out of those two is actually factual, but the xiaomi band 7 is definitely a bit of a wonder with its all new super large display. Youve got tons of great fitness features, packed in there and xiaomi promises two full weeks of battery life between charges, but is that actually true? Well heres my full xiaomi band 7 review and for more on the list and greatest tech? Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell, cheers and also before we begin just as full disclosure. I did test out the xiaomi band 7, while it was connected to android smartphones along the poco f4 and the motorola moto edge 30.. So i dont know how it will perform when its connected to an iphone just a little warning there. So lets start with the design and the xiaomi band 7 looks and feels very similar to previous xiaomi bands. Its once again a cute dinky little pill, which you can rip free of its rubbery housing. At any point, the only real reason to do so is to change the strap. Basically lets just pop the pill out, replace the strap with one of another color or design and youre good to go. The xiaomi band 7 does come bundled with a black strap, but i really like this crisp fresh white one, or at least it used to be crisp and fresh ill, be perfectly honest up until about an hour ago, it was looking slightly worse for wear im talking Curry stains and some other unidentifiable marks took some serious scrubbing to get it.

Looking this fresh again and xiaomi will be offering a good selection of different colors olive orange, pink ivory and blue plus some limited edition neon and car key options. So good news, if you want something bold and bright, slapped on your wrist now, like most fitness bands, the chamois band 7 is reasonably compact, just 12 mils thick, so it doesnt jut massively off your wrist. It should suit most people. Absolutely fine. Ive got notoriously weenie baby wrists and it certainly didnt look ridiculously oversized on mine and at 13.5 grams it is a might heavier than the xiaomi band 6.. Obviously, that extra gram makes all the difference its fully sweat resistant, yum, so its well suited to frantic bouts of exercise, and likewise it is water resistant to depth of five atmospheres as well as you can take it when you go snorkeling swimming whatever. Although xiaomi, like most fitness band, manufacturers, recommends avoiding hot showers saunas, anything where heat is also involved and ive personally found. The xiaomi band 7 has been comfortable to rock on my wrist pretty much full time. This past four night ive only taken it off really when ive gone in the shower, as recommended, because im a good boy – and i do as im told not too much of the pill part – is actually in contact with your skin. The silicone strap reacted. Absolutely fine with my skin as well: no rashes or horrible nasty gunky stuff, so overall yep the design definitely gets top marks.

Now, when it comes time to pair up with your xiaomi band 7 youll want to download the me fitness app from the google play store. You will need to sign up for a xiaomi account if you dont have one already its free to do them pretty quick and easy, and once thats done the app and the bands pair up in a matter of minutes, shes going to scan a qr code which Pops up on the xiaomi band screen basically and youre good to go, and then, when i changed my smartphone midway through the testing period, all i had to do was re download. The me fitness app sign in with my account details and the band just syncs straight up with it no worries at all and the app itself is pretty bloody good. You can play around with loads of different settings, fully customize the xiaomi band 7 to get it just the way you like it. This includes enabling app notifications just for the apps that you actually want to buzz you on the wrist. You can see whether you want the constant heart rate: measurements, the blood oxygen measurements, the stress measurements. You can change up your daily step goal, add an alarm all kinds of stuff and naturally, like other fitness bands, the xiaomi band 7 will sync up all of your health related stats. You can quickly and easily check them out on a big display. Oh and please dont judge me on these stats right here: its half seven in the morning, ive literally shuffled to the bathroom and then down to the studio, aka the garage so thats.

Why theyre so ridiculously low, but youve got all of the historical data stored on here, so you can go back and see how you performed on previous days so see. Ive actually been pretty good. This past four night, actually lots of strolling about the place and its the same story for your heart rate. Sp02 levels, all that good stuff – and this is also where youll be able to check out a lot of data on your previous exercise sessions as well, including duration. How actually intense it was in this case it was a hungover session down the gym, so not very intense at all. To be honest, but if you perform the same exercise over and over, you can get an idea of whether youre improving or not. So you know its quite useful data in that regard. Now the xiaomi band 7 rocks and amoled display as usual, so you can expect bright, punchy, colors, proper black blacks and nice wide viewing angles. Its a 1.62 inch display slightly bigger than the previous generation and one of the biggest screens ive ever seen on a fitness band, which is great news. If you usually struggle to see that tiny text and speaking of tiny text, the 326 pixel print resolution keeps all of that stuff. Super sharp, so its perfectly legible and any images look really nice and crisp as well. No pixelation and the screen maxes out at 500. Nits, so its certainly powerful enough to clearly see outdoors even on a very sunny day.

However, there is no ambient light sensor here on the xiaomi band 7, one of the reasons its a budget friendly device, and that means no auto brightness. You will have to go into the display settings and manually tweak it. If you want to boost it up or make things a bit dimmer, you can have that display automatically dim at night time. So its not disturbing you, you can also have you always on display scheduled, so it turns off at night, so the screens completely blank which is good but yeah during the day, if youre moving between indoors and outdoors, it can be a bit of a pain. If you dont just leave it at the maximum brightness – and we are talking about a multi step process here – youll have to swipe all the way down to the settings. Menu click into that then go to display and brightness, and then brightness adjustment. You got raised to wake support, otherwise you can also just give that screen a quick tap to wake the bugger up and, of course, youve got that always on display feature as it is an oled screen as well, and in fact most of the watch faces have Their own distinctive, always on display and speaking of watch faces, you can carry up to it around on your xiaomi band 7 at any. Given time you can change them up at any point like so, and some of these can be customized as well as you can actually change up the little elements that appear.

But if you happen to get bored of that selection, dont worry through the me fitness app. You can download a selection of over a hundred different fresh new watch faces theyre. A good variety on offer here. Youve got analog digital, all kinds of different ones, offering a variety of information and some very unique and funky designs, whether youre a gamer, a bit of an arts fan or whatever, and you can also create your own custom watch, face using any picture that youve got In your smartphone, be it one that youve downloaded such as a geeky, anime wallpaper or just one of your fam, if you happen to like the people you live with, generally only takes a few seconds to sync: the watch face with your xiaomi band 7. So quick and simple, now the actual ui here on the xiaomi band 7, pretty straightforward stuff. Like most fitness bands, you just flick, left and right to access your various widgets, including the usual media controls bit of weather action and, of course, all of your health and fitness shenanigans and, as youd, expect the widgets that pop up on your xiaomi band 7 completely Customizable, you can remove any that you dont, want and add in any others to access all of the xiaomi band. 7S apps just drag up from that main home screen and youve got quite a lot of stuff here, all the standard stuff that you would expect, including again all of your health based shenanigans youve, got the sleep.

Tracker youve got your weather, your music controls. All of your settings and if you hit more youve, got a small selection of extra stuff, including a female cycle tracker a flashlight and the usual helpful. Stop watching timer as well always a good one to have and then drag down from that home screen and youve got all of your notifications that have popped through onto your phone in a big old list here. Not all of your notifications, actually just the ones from the apps that you specified, can also buzz you on your wrist and with any of these, you can just give them a bit of a tappy tap and then get more information on. Actually what the notification is. All about, unfortunately, your actual interaction with the notification is limited to basically just deleting it and thats it. You can actually respond right there via the xiaomi band 7. and overall, the performance here on the xiaomi band 7 is pretty responsive. You dont see much judgment. You know its generally fairly smooth, occasionally i will swipe and it will accidentally enter an app instead on the apps menu, something like that, but thats about the worst you get now when it came to the steps count, i did find that the old xiaomi band 6 Could be a little bit optimistic? Shall we say which was great for my self esteem, not quite so good from actual fitness compared with other fitness trackers? It would generally reckon i did an extra thousand steps a day or something crazy like that.

But the champion band 7 seems to have sorted that right out the steps count on this thing pretty much married up perfectly with my within smartwatch, which costs half a freaking grand and the same goes for the xiaomi band 7s heart rate sensor as well. I found that the heart readings on this thing were very, very similar indeed to proper, dedicated fitness equipment costing hundreds of pounds and, like many fitness trackers these days, the xiaomi band 7 can take accurate heart rate, measurements, 24, 7, all through the day and the night And same goes for your blood oxygen levels as well: youve got automatic sp02 tracking here on the xiaomi band 7.. This could just give you a bit of a heads up. If your blood oxygen levels do drop blow a certain percentage, you see, you know maybe just want to chill out just relax until youre fully recovered, and if you want it, you do have full on sleep tracking here on the xiaomi band 7 as well. I dont really see the point in it because i just get told off for having crap sleep and charming band 7 seems to think im a much lighter sleeper than a lot of other fitness bands, but they go to sleep in the wake up. Time seem pretty accurate, as do the wake up times in the middle of the night and yeah. You got stress tracking on here as well and, as you can see, apparently doing this video has only made me mildly stressed so, thats a result.

Now, when it comes to the exercise, tracking youve got over 100 different sports modes now covered here on the xiaomi band 7.. Your most popular exercises will pop up here and one of these two slots on the main screen. Otherwise, you can tap into more to access all of the others and yeah over 100 different types to choose from a big increase over previous xiaomi bands, although a lot of them are very similar and frankly, some of them are definitely not workouts at all. Like theres, a section here dedicated to board games and, frankly, if checkers is a sport, then im daniel dame lewis, youve also got darts and youve even got bloody esports in here now as well, which yeah you might get a bit sweaty playing those games. But im not sure that really counts and when you start a sports session, as you can see there, that big display carries lots of information right there, including the duration, so far, how many calories burned your current heart rate, if you flick to the left youll fast Access your media controls, you can change up the track, get your uh, your favorite tunes on the go, really get the old adrenaline pumping and then, if you flick back the other way, this allows you to pause or finish your workout xiaomis, also choked in a pie Tool, um pie and thatll, just let you know if youre getting enough exercise based on your personal stats.

So, every time you work the old ticker, this will increase your score with the aim of smashing past 100 each week, as you can see, im not quite there for this week, although that did include a couple of days in belgium where i was busy just being And drinking a lot so yeah theres that lets finish up with the battery life and xiaomi reckons youll, get a full fortnight, 14 days of use from a single charge of the xiaomi band 7.. Unfortunately, that may be accurate, but only if you slap it on your wrist with the brightness turned all the way down and all of the features deactivated and basically just forget its even there. So dont bother to use any of the apps at all, whereas i turned on most of the features like the always on display the 24 7 heart rate monitor, and i just left the sp02 knocked off, because i didnt feel like i needed that i generally recorded One exercise session a day and i occasionally made use of like the stop watching the timer and all that good stuff. The alarms, of course – and i had it on my wrist all night long to do that. Sleep tracking and i found that i got between four to five days of use on a single charge. Thats really not bad its about the same as what i got from the old xiaomi band, six and its pretty average for a fitness tracker as well.

Some of them will stretch to a full week, but to be fair, if youre going to wait for a long weekend or something at least, it means you dont have to bother packing the charger and the dock itself very dink, easy to pack into a bag or A purse or whatever really even just slip it into a pocket if you need to, and the xiaomi band 7 tends to recharge pretty quickly when you do bung it into that dock. So there you go thats my full in depth. Review of this fitness, tracker and ive got to say certainly for this sort of price point. It is one of my favorites in 2022 feature packed solid bit of stats tracking for all of your health based shenanigans youve got some strong customization on there and that gorgeous display is absolutely fantastic as well its going to be a real selling point, especially if your Eyesight aint, quite what it used to be really must stop going on that their internet, but anyway, thats. What i reckon if youve been using the xiaomi band 7 itd be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a ruddy, wonderful rest of the week.ZzkqqpM66eM

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