Now let’s go. Firstly, we can see the box and then let’s check the same points. Both watches are the 44 millimeter in the size, and also both straps are also the same. The wheat are the 20 millimeter, both watches can add extra watch faces and can support. Customized watch faces too, and the standby time for both watches are also the same. Both can last for 5 to 7 days in standby time and then let’s check the differences. Firstly, the outward appearance. We can see that the dtx2 has the speaker and also a microphone and then the screen both watches have the 1.78 inch infinity screen, but the ddx smartwatch screen is brighter than the ddx2 Music. Also, the content is more clear than the dtx2 and the manual style. The ddx smartwatch has two menu style and the ddx2 has four menu styles and then the screen time, the dtx maximum screen times is 9 second, but the dtx 2. The maximum screen time is 30 seconds. Then the watch faces the ddx smartwatch has five built in watch faces and the ddx2 has seven built in watch faces. Both of them can add, extra watch faces and can customize which faces wide app and then the functions due to the ddx2 has the speaker and microphone. So the dtx2 smartwatch support bluetooth scores, while the ddx smartwatch does not support bluetooth scores and also the ddx2 has some more functions, such as the weather and the media original and the brazen and also the female assistant.

But the dtx smartwatch has the timer and the spot mode. Both of them have seven spot mode, but the sport mode are a little different and then the apps, the dtx smartwatch, is using the feed cloud pro and the dtx2 is using the wear pro and both of them can add extra watch faces and can also customize Watch faces so which one to choose both watches are very good. As per my opinion, if you prefer the better screen, you can choose the ddx smartwatch and if you prefer more functions, you can choose the dtx2 smartwatch. You can leave a comment to.5_5Rq1nJxM0

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