We have the Garmin Forerunner, 255 music. So Im really excited about testing this watch. I had a Garmin Forerunner 245 back in 2019, really loved. The low profile looks for being a smart watch as well as accurately tracking exercise and fitness. Now the Garmin Forerunner 255 comes in two different sizes. They have a 41 millimeter version, which is the 255s, and then they have the 46 millimeter, which is the Garmin Forerunner 255.. In addition to that, they also have music and non music versions, and if you have the music version, you can store up the 500 songs on the watch and then listen to them, while youre running or working out without having to have your phone with you. So in this video well start out by doing a quick unboxing of the Garmin Forerunner 255 and then well end with a review going over the features and what I thought about the watch now Im going to try to keep this video short so check the description Because Ill have several tutorials going over how to use the watch showing different features on it and how to set those up so check the description for that all right, so lets go ahead and start unboxing, the Garmin Forerunner, 255 music. So, while Im getting this open, I just want to state that I purchased this watch myself from Amazon for ‘9 dollars and check the description because Ill have direct links down there. So you can get this watch for yourself all right.

It just comes right out there. We go on top, we have the watch right there. I really like that green accent. Also in the box, we have a charging cable and this is pretty standard for all the modern Garmin watches. Then in the Box we also have a quick start manual and some safety information check the description Im going to add a link to an online version of the manual that its searchable much easier to use peel this off and there we go nice good view of The Forerunner 255. now like I was saying the 4Runner 255 comes in different sizes and each size has different colors that are available as well. I got the black, but you can also get the 255 in a white that looks pretty cool. Look at those buttons. Everything looks really good on this watch and I like how this green outline around the bezel goes all the way around the watch really cool. Look to it thats. Definitely a newer design feature for Garmin. The Garmin Forerunner 255 does not have a touch screen and thats going to be similar to the instincts or the Phoenix Series where you navigate using five buttons. Three on the left, two on the right and as you can see, these are very good. Looking stainless steel buttons very easy to find with your fingers, you dont have to look and they have a good feeling when you hit them Ill, go ahead and get this turned on.

So you can see the 1.2 inch display that has a resolution of 260 by 260.. This watch does not have a solar panel like some of the newer, more expensive Garmin watches, but they still state that you can get 14 days out of this watch on Smart Watch mode, which is going to be double the 4Runner 245. So this upgrade gives you much better battery life. This display will not have very Vivid colors and its going to be a little bit lower resolution, some other watches on the market, but that displays what gives you that really good battery life. In addition to that, if youre out in the sun, you wont have any issues looking at the display its meant to be readable in direct sunlight. Looking at the back of the watch, you can see the sensors right here, and this is a really low profile sensor. That does not have any big bump thats going to cause any indentation or discomfort. This is where the heart rate sensor, as well as the pulse ox sensor, are located, and then we have the plug over here, where you can charge the watch as well or plug it into your computer, to add music and check the description of a tutorial on How to do that nice 4Runner logo on the back, pretty cool one thing I definitely like about the Forerunner series over the instinct is just how thin this is. This is less than 13 millimeters thick, so youre not going to be catching it on things or having any issues with sleeves its going to be a nice low profile, watch, thats, packed with features and battery life.

Looking at the bands here, these are going to be made of silicone. I found that these are very tough. Youll probably never have to replace these, and if you do theyre pretty cheap online, but they also stay very clean and the hardware on the watch band here is metal and I found that that holds up very well and does a great job of ensuring the watch. Does not fall off and the bezel here we can just look at it. Really. Quick does not offer too much protection for the actual lens here, but luckily theyve used CorningWare Gorilla Glass class 3, which is a very strong glass for this lens. So hopefully, that protects against its shattering or even scratching. So now that we unbox the 4Runner 255 and weve taken a closer look at its design Ill go ahead and get it set up on my watch and Ill start wearing them and well talk about what I think about it. Alright, so Ive been using the Garmin Forerunner 255 for a couple months now and I have to say I am very happy with this watch I have the Instinct 2 solar, a phoenix 6 and currently the 255 is the watch that I prefer and I normally wear. I just find it to be the most comfortable Garmin watch, its extremely light and its packed with many of the features on those other watches, and it just works great. It looks great with the nice design and this very beautiful screen here, that it has great colors and is very Snappy when using it.

So before we get too far. With my experience, I want to say that so far the step and the stair tracking, I found that to be extremely accurate and comparable to all other Garmin watches and when it comes to sleep, tracking Ive also found that to be extremely accurate. As you can see, you can access it here from one of the widgets I can select in see more of it. It gives me a sleep score, so I can compare it with my previous time sleeping and even a little description of how it measured my sleep. I can go down, see a graph that shows me the time and when I was awake when I was getting REM and all of this seems to be very accurate, so Ive been extremely happy with that, in addition to just the sleep tracking, they combine that with What they call a body battery so they use your sleep to build your battery and then, during the day it depletes using your stress, your activity. Things like that and Ive also found this to be very accurate, its really cool feature – and I love it another really cool Health tracking feature on this watch – is going to be HRV status and this just measures your heart rate, variability during your sleep, but I found It to be an accurate way to kind of measure, my overall sleep throughout a week as Ive been getting better sleep. My HRV has gone up so its really cool to have several different measurements of your health on your watch.

Now, in addition to that, this is a GPS activity. Tracker and Ive been very impressed with the large number of activities available on this watch. As you can see, they have hike yoga. Well, just go through all of these, so you can see ski Ive used that its really cool and then they have tons right here that you can do and all these are customized for the specific activity. So things like ski, they will measure your actual runs. So if you do like five runs all of your runs, you can look at them differently and see how fast you were going on each of them and also see where you were going on the map, its really cool hiking. Also, the same is going to be showing more of your elevation plot things like that, where yoga actually measures your different positions, youre doing – and it even will help you with stress things like that, so really cool that they have all of these activities built in and Theyre all customized perfectly for that activity and then, when you view the activity, it looks really cool where you can see a nice summary here and kind of a little map visualization of what your activity looked like. So if I go in here, I can actually view that on a map right here and I can zoom in it – doesnt really tell me anything around it, but I can see where I stopped and I started, and then I can kind of see what the route Look like – and this is also cool because say if youre hiking and you get to the end of the hiking trail, you can actually from the activity screen that youre in have it route you back on the actual little Trill that you took back to the start Or to the trailhead, something like that, so that can also be cool from the safety feature now when talking about safety features, this watch also has something called Garmin assistance and Garmin incident detection.

So, first garment assistance here, if you hold down the light button for five seconds, itll, send an alert using your phone to your pre configured emergency contacts, itll also, let them know of your location found by the watch for this. You do have to have a connection to your phone and your phone needs access to the internet, theres also incident detection, which is available on the following activities, and if it kind of detects a fall, then it will activate Garmin assistance automatically alerting any of your emergency Contacts that you have fallen now, if that happens accidentally or if you fall and youre fine, its really easy to know that the incident detection was triggered because it vibrates and beeps, and then you can just close it out and cancel it so that none of your Family thinks that something bad happened now I was talking about these really Vivid watch faces, as you can see, theres some really cool data in there, such as the sunrise sunset or your heart rate, with a graph, but you can also get custom built watch faces from The Garmin Connect store that allow you to have really cool. Looking watch faces such as this holiday watch, face that I use over Christmas, and then people have also built watch faces that contain a ton of data. Thats really easy to see, and I usually use these. So, as you can see, this has all the information I would need so its really cool that not only can you use the built in watch faces that show a ton of data.

You can also download custom third party watch faces that are available in the Garmin Connect IQ store, so theyre all Garmin approved in the Garmin Connect IQ Store app is accessible through your phone. Now, when it comes with my connection with my phone no issues there, there are some really cool features where you can use a thing called find my phone. So if you lose your phone, you have your watch on you. You would just hold down the light button down here until you go to find my phone select it, and then your phone will start making a loud noise and flashing, and it also shows you your proximity to your phone on your watch. So Ive used that several times times and it seems to work within around like 90 to 100 feet. We also can view things such as notifications from your phone text, messages, emails or any other type of notification that you would get. You can view on your watch and if you have an Android phone, you can actually respond using pre configured text messages. You also get a notification on your watch. If you get a phone call – and you can answer it from your watch, but you cannot speak through your watch, some of the other smart features include being able to store music on this Ive already talked about that and also control the music or audio on your Phone, so if youre listening to a podcast or anything like that on your phone using bluetooth headphones, you can control that and see all the information on your watch.

So, in addition to that, the watch over the last couple months has held up great, no scratches or scuffs, on the display or on the body. Everything seems to be well made and very resistant to anything like that. The band has also stayed in really good shape and, as you can see, I havent cleaned this. So over that time, just me being in the shower with it, has been enough to keep it very clean. It doesnt look dirty at all so really happy with the quality of this watch when it comes to battery life they advertise 14 days. This watch can definitely do 14 days if youre just using it as a smart watch. But when you start getting into activities where youre using the GPS Ive found that about an hour of activity usage will remove about a half a day of smart watch battery life. So if youre getting 14 days out of the smart watch – and you do two hours of activity – youre really only going to get 13 days of battery life out of this watch alright. So that was a quick review of the Garmin Forerunner 255.. If you have any questions about this, leave a comment below Ill get back to you as soon as I can, if youd like to see more Garmin Forerunner, 255 tips and tutorials check the links in the description, this video helped you give it a thumbs up, and Please consider subscribing to my channel gauging gadgets for more Gadget reviews and Tech tutorials.cliGgiODS-s

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