It is sent by the ab, MTR flagship, store and Ive already done. The unboxing and full features review of the smartphone. But this time were going to dig deeper and talk about every feature in detail about this Smartphone before we start make sure to hit the Subscribe button. So just like every other Smartwatch, it comes with the Smartwatch, the straps, the wireless charger and the user manual Inside the Box. It comes in 49 mm size and the dimensions are 49 into 43.5 into 12.5 mm. If you talk about the body, it has zinc. Alloy case with IML bottom case – and it comes with the wireless charging and health sensors at the back, we have the strap rocks while we dont have the real screws at the back. Instead, we just get a design here. The overall look and build quality is good enough to confuse anyone into thinking that you are wearing an original Apple watch. Ultra the chip included in the Smartwatch is 8s66321 and it is IP67 level waterproof, which means it can be used while washing hands or while in rain. But it should shouldnt be used directly in water while taking bath or swimming. So as advertised. It has 2.05, which is displayed with 520 into 580 resolution, and no doubt that it does feel like high resolution display. The details are really clear on it, and also it is really smooth now lets talk about the UI. It comes with.

The number of watch faces installed by default and also all of these watch faces are interactive, which means you can access the applications which are shown. They are also themed, and whenever you tap on them, it will change the color other than that it has one of the thinnest bezels in all of the Apple watch, Ultra apricots, it doesnt have virtuous icons, it has its own theme and the colors are very vibrant. On the theme and the interface is really smooth, as you can see here, it is surely one of the smoothest approach Ultra apricots Ive used. The scrolling is also really smooth on it compared to the other models. The touch of this Smartphone is also really good of all the approach. Ultron applicants that Ive used so far. It is surely one of the quickest to respond to touch and also the response rate is very high. For example, if youre changing the watch face or accessing the menu or going back or using the action key to turn on the screen of dial, if you talk about the buttons, then it has this ground key, which is used for changing the word faces, and one Thing that I really dont like about it is that the click function on the Crown Key and the side button have the same functionality. They are used for excess in the menu and for going back, and you can press and hold either of them to shut down the Smartwatch or to restart it or to call the emergency contact, and it does have all of the additional holes.

Just like the Apple watch Ultra and if you look at the left side, we get the action key here. Not all of the Apple watch. Ultra apricots have this option, but it does give you the option to customize the function for the action key. There are a lot of functions given here that you can choose in my case, Ive chosen this screen off dial option. So whenever I press it, it will turn on the screen of time, and it also has the speaker. Holes and all of the holes are open, and this Smartwatch does not have tap to wake option and you will have to use a key to turn on the display. One thing that I would have really liked in this Smartphone would have been the option to use the always on this clip either on the screen of tile or on the watch is, but it doesnt have this option. The screen of dial can stay on for a maximum of 10 minutes, while the normal screen of time can be a maximum of 30 seconds. It also does not have the option to use separate ringtones for calls for messages and for alarms. It only gives you the option to turn the vibration on or off or change the sound level for music and for cold. It also does not have the app history option, which is available on most of the Apple watch Ultra rapid cars, by which you can access the previously used applications directly from the home screen.

It uses the wearfit pro application. One thing that I really dont like about this application is that even after spending around 30 dollars on the smartwatch to use some of the watch faces, you need to pay. Although most of the latest Apple Watch series 8 and series 8 Ultra watch faces are available for free, but still, I think that you shouldnt have to pay for the watch faces and also, if you want to use a picture from the gallery as a watch face. You cannot use pointer dial on it, you can only use digital clock on it and the position to use the clock are only on The Middle on the top and on the bottom in the center of the watch face. The smartphone also gives you the option to install some of the applications which doesnt come pre installed in the Smartwatch in temperature Checker, which are logical data short video, remote controller are installed by default, while you can choose to install the breathe rate, the blood sugar Trends And you and me application, you cannot receive notifications from all of the applications on your Smartwatch, as it doesnt have the others option, which is a negative point. But the good thing is that it does give you the option to receive the phone notifications directly on the Smartwatch without having to use the Bluetooth, Cooling and also most of the commonly used applications are available in this list. To get the notifications on the smartphones to connect with Bluetooth, calling all you have to do is go to Bluetooth access the control center and enable this icon and then connect with watch goal on your iPhone or Android device.

Another good thing in it is that when you receive a call on it, it does show the name of the caller without having to sync the contacts, and you can use the side key to decline. The call, instead of showing a full screen prompt, it shows the notification Banner now and if you havent read the notification, it will show the Red Dot here and once you have read the notifications, it will go away and remember that you can also call directly from The smartphone and you can also use the microphone and the speaker on the smart Force to talk directly to the next person. If talk about the health checking applications, we have the hardware Checker the blood pressure and blood oxygen level Checker and the body temperature Checker and, as I showed you earlier, you can also install the bridge rate. Checker, add blood sugar Trends from the riverfit pro application. It doesnt have proximity sensor and even bias. The data on the table, which makes me think that the sensors might be fake, but you can check out my YouTube shorts Channel Im gon na be linking it in the description box below where I test different smart watches. With the oximeter and at the end lets talk about the battery life as advertised. It comes with 200 Mah of battery inside it and can give you 3 days on normal usage five days on standby in around 6 to 7 days. If you are using the power saving mode and if you talk about my personal experience, I fully charged it yesterday and after about 24 hours, I started using it for the video and it dropped.

Zero percent battery in the last 24 hours and Ive been recording. This video for past half an hour and it has dropped 7 percent of the battery while being connected to the watch, application and Bluetooth calling. So I think that they have advertised it widely and it can give you around three to five days on normal usage. For sure, so guys, what do you think about the hw8 ultra Max? I really like its display. I wish that it had The Virtuous icons and I would have loved it more if it had accurate sensors and real skus at the back, and the last thing that I would really want in this Smartphone is a better watch application. If you want to purchase it Im going to be leaving the purchase Link in the description box below and if you want to know about all of the features in the Smartwatch, you can check out my full review where Ive shown all of the features inside it. Im gon na be linking it in the description box below you can check out my best Apple Watch series, 6, 7, 8 and Ultra replicas playlist. You can find the link of it in the description box below make sure to subscribe for more videos like this. I will catch you in the next one until next time.kFPcJqSmNQc

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