Now this watch definitely does have potential to be a really really nice watch through future updates from oneplus, but right now there are some things that i like about it and some things that i do not like about this watch we’re going to go over the pros And the cons of the oneplus watch, but before we do go ahead and subscribe, hit that bell icon. That way you get notified on my future videos, so let’s jump down into it. Shall we? This watch has a 1.’ inch amoled display with a resolution of 454 by 454, and it does have one gigabyte of ram and the battery is 402 milliamp hours. There is four gigabytes of storage on here, so you can put some music and listen to music. That way on here, but you can’t, listen to music anything else. As far as you know, streaming spotify or anything like that without you know, you can’t download any third party apps. As far as the like i said, the battery, it is 402 milliamp hours, bluetooth, 5.0. Four gigabytes of storage, one gigabyte of ram: there is no cellular connectivity, it’s bluetooth, only ip68 water and dust resistant. So you can take this for a quick little dip. Nothing too serious would not go into the ocean with this watch, but you can get it wet and you can wear this for a little dip in the water uh for up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

So that’s really really cool uh gorilla glass on the front, stainless steel frame plastic back on there and the band is sort of a silicone uh feel to a very, very nice looking watch very sleek looking and it does feel nice and heavy, but not too heavy It’S not too bulky either on the uh the size. It only comes in one size as far as that goes pretty not much not much else in the specs department, but as far as the pros go, the number one pro is going to be the design. It is very sleek and it does have a premium build with that stainless steel uh frame on there, and it does look really really nice, like no bulk whatsoever on this watch. It’S pretty slim compared to other smart watches right now. I would compare this to maybe the galaxy active 2, the bigger version. As far as design goes. It looks almost like that, just a little bit bigger you do get those physical buttons on the side, no touch bezel or you know, dial on here, 41 plus watch. So keep that in mind. It only has the buttons and they are pretty clicky and tactile, so that’s, really really nice there’s, no mushiness or anything uh to push those buttons. Another pro is going to be battery life. Now the battery life on this watch is freaking. Amazing, like i, was able to wear this watch for for almost five days without having to charge this thing, and that is with having always on display on so i’m pretty sure you turned off the always on display.

You might get a little bit longer battery life, but with it on three to four days, maybe a little bit more on here and when i ended up charging it. I was like at almost 20, so i could still go a little bit further with this. I just ended up charging it at about 20, so excellent battery life like this thing, lasts longer than any of my other smart watches like by far this thing has really really good battery life. I did not have to worry about it charging or anything. You know you could sleep with this it’ll track your sleep and everything so battery life really really great another pro with this watch now uh, the other thing that’s really nice about this – is this display. This display is really really nice and colorful like this thing is big it’s, bright uh. It gets bright enough outside it’s, just a really really nice display. There is a little bit of a bezel going around it, but not that much of a big deal. This thing has really nice colors, and the watch faces that are on here really do look really really good, nice and crisp and clear and, like i said it definitely gets brightened up outside and very very colorful. It is an amoled display, so no issues there as far as the blacks – and it just looks really nice when you’re scrolling through the menu and the text is easy to read nothing.

You know no issues there with reading anything on here. Another pro on this is going to be the performance one gigabyte of ram. This watch is really really snappy like just by going through the menu system and scrolling through everything, there’s literally like no lag on here compared to other smart watches. You know there is a little bit of a lag they’re, not this the fastest. You know some of the galaxy watches aren’t. You know very fast, they’re good enough, but they’re not speedy. This thing, uh, you could tell it is a oneplus device. This thing is very, very fast and responsive. The gestures on here are really cool too. You do have gestures uh for the gal, for these oneplus watch and performance is really really good on here. No issues whatsoever, so those are the pros now going on over to the cons. There are definitely a bit more cons than there are pros, but i feel like these cons can be resolved in a future update, and i think oneplus will give us more features on here. This is just the start of this watch and hopefully we get more starting out with the first con usability like you cannot respond to any of these messages or you know gmail’s or anything like that whatsoever like if i were to click on snapchat uh. It does not give me that option to like open up on my phone or anything like that so there’s, nothing.

I can do with this other than close it out for gmail. If i click on that, i can’t read my email. If i click on a text message, i can’t respond to that text message. There is no on screen keyboard or anything that allows me to click on it. This will allow me to read it to a certain extent, but i cannot respond to anything. I cannot have it open up on my phone and you’re very limited as far as what you can do. As far as you know, interactions with your text messages your emails and things like that. You can answer a call and take it on here with the speaker but that’s pretty much it there’s, not much. You could do, and you know that is very disappointing. Pretty much a fitbit with you know less functionality on here. So hopefully, that gets improved on a future update. Con number two is going to be customization there isn’t that much uh there aren’t that many watch faces you could download for the oneplus right now. These are the watch faces that you do get over here and then you go ahead and go into all and you do get a little bit more, but compared to samsung and apple like this is barely nothing like samsung. You could go on their store and download. Hundreds of different watch bases free paid for whatever here. What you see is what you get when it comes down to the watch faces, and some of them are nice, but a lot of them.

You know this is it like? Are they going to include more in the future? Are they going to include this when they hopefully oneplus does come out with a theme store? Are they gon na include the watch faces for the oneplus watch? That is a huge question and i’m hoping they do. Give us more options to customize this watch, so con number two customization, hopefully they include more watch – faces other than the ones that come with the app and pre installed on the watch. Now the con is going to be no double tap to turn. On most galaxy watches, you can have it to where you can double tap to turn them on. This does not have any feature like that. You have to physically hit the button to turn it on or, of course, raise the wake, and it will turn on the watch other than that there are no options for double tap or any sort of screen touch to turn it on. You have to physically hit the button to activate or turn on the display other than just raise and wake and that’s pretty much it for the oneplus watch. I would have definitely preferred wear os. This software is oneplus proprietary software. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it’s oxygen wear os or anything like that, but there is no wear os. I would prefer google software on here that might have been a little bit cooler.

Of course samsung uses tizen, so you can’t use anything like that, but you can’t there is no option for wear os on here. That way, you could, you know download other stuff like going on to another con, no options for third party apps. You cannot download third party apps on here like say a google keyboard or anything like that. You cannot download spotify or you know other applications so that’s another con, no support for third party apps on here. There was no google pay, no nfc or anything on this watch, so it’s pretty basic for this watch as far as using it, but hopefully like i said we get future updates and more options on using the oneplus watch. Another thing is no wireless charging, so this comes with a charger that has pins on the back that snaps into place when you’re charging. This thing there is no wireless charging and i think that that’s weird, since oneplus 9 does offer reverse wireless charging for their phones, but they don’t have that in their buds or the budsies and they don’t have it on their smart watch. So what is the point? You know of having this at least samsung. You could charge your watches wirelessly on the back of your phones but oneplus. I can’t do this like. I would have preferred wireless charging, rather than just that, pin connection and that puck that you do get in the box. Just for uh charging this device, so i would have preferred wireless charging for this.

It does charge pretty fast. It does have that warp charge on here. So you can charge this watch pretty quickly when you start running low, but no support for wireless charging other than that the price of this uh. I got it at about 150, and that was with a little bit of a discount. But i think this watch goes about for 160 170.. I would have preferred it to be a little bit cheaper, probably about maybe 100 and 120, since this is pretty much a fitbit made by oneplus very limited functionality, but it’s still nice, and i still think that uh. The hardware is here, but uh. The software still needs improvement on here like this is a really nicely built watch, it looks nice, it feels nice and it has the specs really nice display. It has a lot of ram on here. You know it has all the specs that you need, but i just think the software needs to be improved a little bit in order to give us a little bit more functionality, and i think the price should have been a little bit lower than what they are Asking for just because you are limited to only a certain amount of usage with this. Everything else works great on here. The fitness tracking and everything works really really nice, the health. All this stuff works good, uh, tracking, your sleep and your workouts. I really don’t use them a lot, but they do work really really nicely, but that’s pretty much it.

This is what a fitbit does is tracks your fitness other than that there’s, not much that you could do with this watch as far as interact with your phone. You can control your music with the music player on here to play and pause and things like that, but that’s pretty much it. You cannot open up apps on your phone or anything like that. So very, very limited of this watch i’m still liking it. The probably the biggest pro for this is the battery life and this display other than that everything else is sort of just okay for this watch, but i still do like it. I love tech. I love this watch a lot it’s something new and i think it has great potential with some more software updates from oneplus. So that has been my pros and cons and slash. Review of the oneplus watch really really great. If you could get this on a discount, that would probably be really really nice, but as far as being 160 or 170, it is overpriced and for you know not much more, you could probably get a samsung galaxy active 2 which go about what for 200 or A little bit higher, you could probably get one of those and have more functionality than you would with this watch and still be happy and as far as that goes, if you get a fitbit it’s gon na do everything. This watch does maybe a little bit more and fitbits are definitely a lot cheaper.

So with that being said, guys hope you enjoyed this video. Give me a thumbs up if you did thumbs down. If you didn’t, i really appreciate it.fn-6e_FhY1g

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