Are you guys ready, let’s, get started? First, let’s talk about the outlook and design the real me watch. 2 has a bright 1.4 inch lcd screen the maximum brightness can go up to 600 nits so far i’m able to see the screen clearly under bright. Sunlight no issue: you can adjust the level of brightness up to 5 levels. Something i should point out is that there’s some bezel here around the screen, but to be honest, it doesn’t bother me at all and it goes nicely with the choice of wallpaper. You pick, then, we move on to the case of the watch. It’S made of plastic, but it’s actually built nicely. It doesn’t feel cheap whatsoever and there’s a button to the right of the watch which function as a home button, as well as on off screen button. There is no tab to wait the screen another way to wake. The screen is actually raised to weight. Only if you look at the strap it’s actually 22 millimeter. The strap is actually comfortable and soft to be placed and wear on the wrist. The dart to lift worse is on the strap, which looks kind of cool. However, you can always change it to other 22 millimeter, silicone or leather, strap from real me and there’s. Actually, a latch here that you can just pull and take it off the strap, so you guys can check it out the types and color of the strap from our previous video, which i will put in the link below next let’s.

Look at usability. First thing i must press realme is that it’s very smooth to scroll on this watch. I didn’t face any lag whatsoever during app opening scrolling. The only thing that sometimes when i’ve changed the watch face, it might take some time, maybe around three to four seconds. To do the transition, but sometimes it’s a as you can see here, yes, but sometimes it’s, actually instant, but really not a big deal, but i think that you guys should know let’s talk about functionality. This watch can measure heart rate and blood oxygen level. Spo2 from my usage, the heart rate monitor, and the sp02 of this watch is actually quite accurate, i’m, not an athlete, so my heart rate is constantly around 70 to 80 bits per minute at resting condition, and my spo2 is around 96 to 97 every time i Do the measurement the trick is that when you do these two measurements to get more accurate readings, you have to be relaxed a possible sitting position and make sure that you wear the watch nicely not too loose to cause the sensor behind the watch. Less contact to your skin, therefore giving you a less accurate readings. As for the sleep measurement it’s a bit less accurate, you can give estimation of your sleeping duration nicely dislike whatsoever, but there was one night i was wearing it and i woke up during 2 am and 5 am, but the watch didn’t record it.

As for the workout modes, realme claims to be able to provide up to 90 workout modes via over the air updates. As you can see here, these are the workout modes available. Okay, on this watch, something to point out is that this watch doesn’t support swimming mode. Although it has ip68 water resistant certification, hopefully real meat can add in the swimming mode via future ota updates and also this watch doesn’t have gps built in. So you will need to bring your phone out during your outdoor running to enable gps. Other apps that you can find here are like alarm weather stopwatch timer, and this music control can actually control your music app on your phone and the camera. Remote is actually to control the shutter button of your phone camera, especially when you do selfie, and this find my phone app can actually ring up your phone and locate it if you misplace it at the corner of your house, provided your phone is still connected to The watch via bluetooth, so you can change the watch face on your watch via real mailing app. So, as you can see here, real meaning app can provide up to 100 watch faces that you can choose from and from the watch. If you swipe down from the top, this will lead to you to the latest notification from your whatsapp instagram wechat, your messages, your facebook, so you can store up to five latest notification and if you swipe to the right, so this will lead you to some options Here you can see the battery percentage uh the date the day and also this is actually do not disturb option.

Brightness level option, power, saving mode option raise to wake option enable or disable, and this is actually to lead you to the setting of the watch. Lastly, i want to share about the battery life. I managed to get around 10 days of usage on a single charge, which is still nice. Of course, if you forget to bring your magnetic charger, if you are out from the house for a few days, you can always turn on the power saving mode to extend the battery life for another few days. So there you go guys my full review of the real me watch 2 after using it for more than a week at 229 ringgit malaysia. Should you guys consider this watch? I personally think yes do. Let me know if you have any comments or questions down below. Thank you so much for the huge support or the share like and subscribe.lrXBRS8PpNc

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