So in this video I have explained each and everything and shared my honest, blunt opinion on it. So that you guys can decide whether to buy the Redmi Watch or not or to go with another option available in the market, most probably the Amazfit BIP. U 0000 Intro 0108 Quality Of The Product Made up of full plastic and looks quite standard and premium Quite good quality On side. There is a button for accessing the menu. Quality of strap is superb, it feels so smooth and soft Water Resistant, upto, 5ATM, 0143, Fitting And Comfortability. It is quite lightweight and easy to wear. No skin irritation and rashes. Look good on thin wrsits, as well as in medium and gorilla. Wrists 0203 Display Screen is TFT LCD Panel Good resolution, Bright, visible under direct sunlight Comes with Auto Brightness sensor. Bezels are huge in it, Comparision with Mi Band and Amazfit Display. All three are almost same in display quality., But Redmi watch is a bit exceptional here with auto Brightness sensor in it., 0304 Features and Modes Exclusive features, GPS on board chip, Compass and Air Pressure. Password, Lock, Rest of the other modes and features are normal. Like Music Player control, You can see the app and message notifications Calls can be rejected and silent Talking about the sports modes, so it has total 11 sports modes to choose from which is less as compared to Amazfit Bip. U 0510 Data Accuracy, Heartrate Scanner works fine and support continuous heart rate monitoring.

But sometimes i have seen it stops measuring and u need to restart the device. Steps. Monitoring is quite accurate but onky when u r moving. If you wave hands while sitting it will count but accurate in specific workout mode. Sleeping Monitoring is good, but alot of data is missing. Rem is not present as well as it is not count. The awake, timings., 0618 User Interface Ui looks awesome. Icons are well polished. Everything this is present in ui, but when u slide thing, it feels like a calculator. Coz. The ui is not having any animation or transition., But there are no bugs in the ui and it works fast without lags., But Amazfit Bip. U had a far better ui experience Talking about the watch faces, so this watch is having a lot of Watchfaces nearly about 200 plus watch, faces. 0711 Handling Application. The application need some improvements. Coz, a lot of things are missing from the application and need some huge improvement., 0816 Battery and Charging It comes with affixing Charging dock, which is an old technology. Battery, backup on heavy usage. It can last for 3 days and on light usage. I think up to 8 days. 0833 Final Now let’s talk about the two big problems., No SpO2 sensor, No animation in UI Need improvement in sleep monitoring. Should you buy this or not At the price point of 4000 rupees? If you want a watch only for running and overall UI animations don’t matter for you, then you can buy this one.

Else. If you exclude the GPS and Auto Brightness sensor, then amazfit BIP.Edl_wIagGBg

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