So this is everything you need to know about all of it, so im gon na start with the phones and the theme for the phones is definitely refinement, and this was already the theme last year and the year before. But look in the relatively young world of foldable phones, right now for being honest, samsung is kind of dominating the space like theres. Only a few foldable phones that real people are actually buying right now and the flip is apparently the most popular folding phone in the world. So the flip 4 looks and feels very much just like a flip 3. like theres, really three things that are notably new about it and theyre all subtle. So one is a slight aesthetic trimming, so the bezels are just a little bit slimmer on the inside. The rails feel a little bit more trim and flat plus theres a new set of colors. Then two is its a bit stronger and more durable, so thats always good to see in a folding phone. So the hinge is a little bit more trim and still feels very sturdy to open and close and, of course, stays half open for all. The software features that take advantage of that and then three is theres, updated, specs and im thinking. This is just me just using context clues, but im thinking that the most noticeable improvement year over year with this phone might actually be battery life. So this phone has the new snapdragon 8 plus gen 1, which has had excellent efficiency in some other phones, ive tested so far, plus the battery also bumps up from 3 300 to 3 700 milliamp hours, thats a small thing, but its a combo.

That could be great for battery life, plus it still fast charges up to 50 in 30 minutes, not bad other than that, though, the hardware youre looking at is very similar to the last flip and really theres one big new software feature, which is a bunch of New widgets and lock screen stuff on the outside cover screen, so you got ta love the lock screen customization and the functionality potentially even matching your watch face to your phone. So if this was early days, maybe the first one to two generations of the phone thats when youd expect to see more tinkering with like the size of the outside screen and what it really should be capable of. Now that theyve settled on this size, though theyre really just adding stuff that you can do with it, so you can change quick settings. Take a selfie, activate the flashlight, accept a phone call start a new phone call all types of stuff like that. This is all good quality of life. Stuff makes a lot of sense and i think theres flip fans out there and austin evans um, who, like the previous versions, who are gon na like this one too. But at the same time, if you werent convinced on the flip, whether its because that crease is still somewhat visible and feelable when you scroll or because you dont like the idea of having to open up the phone every time you want to use it or whatever Else might have bothered you, none of that has changed either.

So this new one probably wont change your mind and neither will the new price because its the same as the old price 9.99. So there are other phones that you could get for this price other flagships. You know gaming phones, slab style phones, but this one for 9.99 folds in half and its probably the most appealing folding phone to most people, but on the other end of the spectrum, though, is the big unfolding productivity monster the fold for so this is actually the One im personally most interested in and what, if i told you that the exact same set of things is new on this phone too? Well its actually a little bit more than that same stuff. But the fold 4 also has an improved, slightly slimmer hinge, which is one of the most important overall pieces of this phone, and it feels firm and confidence inspiring and very satisfying to clap closed, which is great uh. It has a nice satin finish on the back with three colors, the gold, the black and then this deep blue and then it does in fact have a stronger gorilla glass, victus plus on the outside paired with those aluminum rails. Theyve also updated the specs again with the same new snapdragon, 8 plus gen 1 inside the highest end chip available, and it does have the same size, 4, 400 milliamp hour battery as last year and then theres a new camera system on the back as well.

So these folding phones have never quite had exactly the same set of cameras as the highest end flagships. You know the ultra phones, but they do typically get right up underneath as the next best thing. So this fold here has a 50 megapixel primary camera, a 12 megapixel ultra wide and a 3x telephoto, which will let you get up to 30x space zoom. I will definitely be testing these new cameras in these flipping folding phones in the full review just to see how good they are. But if i was guessing, if i was guessing, theyll probably perform pretty similar to like an s22 plus, which is to say pretty great. Well, see, though, and then surprise, surprise the fold four also has one big new software feature this time its on the inside screen and thats the dock at the bottom, so youll notice, when you open an app the entire dock, shrinks down to the bottom into this Sort of bar kind of like a windows taskbar and from there you can easily launch recent apps or hop back and forth between apps quickly or even launch straight into multitasking, with two or three apps on the screen at once its a small change. But i think it makes a big difference to keeping it easy and fluid to quickly multitask on a phone like this. I dont know about you, but when i open the phone up and its got this huge seven inch screen inside, i just want to use a lot of stuff and multitask.

So youve got the button to open up any app. All the way on the left. Youve got the navigation buttons all the way to the right. I really do like this taskbar and then just flipping through the device for a bit. The rest is very familiar to what weve seen just again slightly refined. The outside cover screen is actually three millimeters wider. So its a slightly different aspect ratio again thanks to slimmer, bezels and you can just barely tell by eyeballing it and on the inside the bezels. All the way around again are just slightly thinner and the crease, through the middle to my eye, is a little bit less visible than it is on the flip, though its not too different from last year, basically, where, if youre looking at the content on the screen, You really dont notice it too much because you dont pass your finger over it when youre scrolling, like maybe you would on the vertically folding phone. Maybe if youre a big stylist person youll get the whole s pen case and everything, and then you really notice the crease when you draw a lot over the middle but yeah im, not one of those people, so basically its there, if youre looking for it, but Its not really too bad. If youre, not, you know what else, though, you probably didnt notice, if you werent looking for it. The new under display selfie camera right up here on the top right hand, side.

So samsung is using a new second generation, hidden selfie camera up here and from my very limited experience, it is actually very impressive. Just how well its able to hide itself and stay out of view even more so than last years, first gen, but the images that come out of it definitely do not look any better like that was the big weakness of last years, folds hidden camera, and it Appears to absolutely be the weakness of this one again. You can see it does a fair amount of processing with the still photos, but i imagine a video call wont. Look too pretty you know ill, give it a shot. Maybe the snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 will surprise me but thats how it looks aside from that, though theres nothing fundamentally different in any technology across the board. With this phone, it is still very much the productivity based tablet in your pocket that we know and love just settling into its form. Basically, if we expect any sort of different shape with a foldable from samsung thats, probably just going to be a whole new phone. Just a whole new model, so in the meantime, this fold 4 launches again at the same price as last year – 17.99, so ill review both of these phones for sure but low key. Maybe the most interesting new hardware to me here is actually the new pair of watches here that samsungs dropped theres a new galaxy watch 5 and galaxy watch 5 pro.

Some of you are already remembering that i havent reviewed too many smart watches in the past, but maybe leave a thumbs up or a comment on this video if youre interested in something on these. Basically, if youve been paying attention to apple rumors, lately theres been all kinds of stuff brewing about maybe an apple watch refresh in september and maybe an apple watch pro. But hey here comes samsung right out the gate, just ahead of that with a watch 5 and a watch 5 pro. So the watch 5 has a sweet new design with a reshaped curvature and actually a flatter contact area on the bottom. So theres more contact with your wrist for more accurate readings of everything, theres two sizes, 40 or 44 millimeters, and each one has a 15 bigger battery than before. Thanks to the new shape for a claimed up to 50 hours on a charge, theres a nice bright, oled display on the front and theyre covering it with a sapphire crystal glass this year and the whole thing is ip68 water resistant software wise looks pretty familiar plus Theyve added things like detailed sleep, tracking, with stages, which is another thing apple, just added to the apple watch, but the watch 5 pro is interesting because its a more fitness and adventure focused version of the same thing. So when you see them back to back, youll notice its its thicker, its a little more of a ruggedized version than the standard watch, theyre only doing it in a large 45 millimeter size and the display is sort of inset.

Behind these titanium bezels and the sapphire crystal cover glass, they say is even stronger than the standard. I assume thats just because its thicker and they fit a 590 milliamp hour battery into this thing. So pretty massive battery without actually looking like a super huge watch, so they promise one and a half times the battery life of the standard watch, putting it up at 80 hours, and that is what im curious to test. So the watch 5 bluetooth only starts at 279 and then the watch 5 pro at bluetooth only will start at 4, 49.. So interesting new hardware developments from samsung here very curious to see that stuff. Let me know in the comments what youre interested in seeing for the full review.JuWF9G6SSi0

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