Something i like about this. The build quality is amazing as well, and i will go through all the features that he has so inside the box. You will get charging cable and that’s a weird one, but this what you, how you actually place this is you. These metal bits has to be placed here and it will hold it like this and just make sure you don’t damage the screen you have. It does have a built sponge there, but if you remove that it might damage it so that’s the charging cable it comes with a very thick user manual that comes in various different languages, gives you a lot of information about this smartwatch and the app that you Need to download, let me find, let me find the actual okay, so the app is called going fit app, okay and it works for ios or android and that’s the qr code that you can scan and you can download it or you can just type in going Fit and you can download it that operates with this smartwatch now to power this off or power this on or off there’s the power there. It clearly says it power, and this is for going back and let me switch on so what it’s already switched on. So when you want to switch on just hold it and you switch on at the back, you’ve got the um heart rate sensor as well, and i really like the strap it’s.

You can see that it’s got that sweat, proof, um design, breathable and the sweat water won’t get captured underneath so that’s something i really like about this watch and this strap. It has a secure, um strap as well, so it won’t come off that easily and it will fit anyone’s wrist size as well. Okay, if it’s big, if it’s skinny etcetera, it will fit all the same wrist sizes. So the main feature about this smartwatch is that it has a built in gps and that’s, one of the main features about this smartwatch okay, so it has the gps built in all right, so let’s try it. So if i touch here, you can see that you’ve got the health and the sports mode. The notifications, the battery left there and when the bluetooth is on and off you’ve got settings there as well. So you’ve got settings, you’ve got languages and you can very good, auto sync and various languages um to choose from press back. Okay hold on that was meant to be the back button. Okay now goes back all right, so also it has the clock as well. If you go to the clock, you got these options, you can choose analog. Okay, you can choose the digital, you can go for. Various watch faces to choose from your day and time as well. Let me go back all right now. If you go go back to things again, you got display there, where you got a main menu style.

We’Ve got four apps to choose from brightness and screen time and time as well. Also, it has the reset button and about so. You got those options there as well, so mgps watch. Now let me go back, so you got notifications here. You got also. You got the sports mode sports mode. You got quite a few to choose from so you got indoor running outdoor running riding climbing marathon, walking, spinning um. You got yoga, you got football basketball turn record as well. Okay, so that’s there you go the health here as well: they’ve got the pedometer their heart rate. Heart rate monitor blood pressure as well. So you got those now. You also have the music control option: calendar relax mode, alarm clock. You also have the sedentary um reminder. You’Ve got find my phone remote capture pressure. You also have altitude compass tools, motion sensors as well, so wake up gesture. So when you move your wrist, it will um unlock. Also, you have the theme as well and weather, so it does have a lot of features. Packed into this and that’s something i really like about this, it also has an ipx ip67 waterproof feature, so a bit of water going on it. Won’T get damaged that easily, and it only requires two hours to charge up as well. It also has a drip, deep breath, breath and guide as well, and you can also change these um strap as well. So it’s, very simple.

You can push just push this um down and you can actually take this off and put a different, strap on as well. The dimension of this is 10.3 times 9.3 times 6.8 centimeters. The weight of this is only 220 grams and, like i said it, has a lot of features packed in to it slightly it’s quite fake, to be honest for a for a watch. However, it has amazing build quality and it works with ios or android, so that’s all the features. Thank you for watching.qmlnIY7kd7s

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