Yes guys smart watch – and this is the huawei watch gt 2 pro alumni to start things off and just to give you a really high expectation. I am not like over hyping it and ayo ronnamanding machado event, because again i’m, not selling i’m, just basically reviewing peru for a watch or for a smart watch that was sobrang premium, young tignan sobrang premium and the very premium. Then young materials, how much meringue on huawei watched, gt 2 pro and price, you guys i 11 999 pesos. It is available in all huawei ecommerce store and especially sawawee store in the lab and speaking of the huawei store very quickly guys again. It is huawei’s new e commerce platform, wherein you can buy everything, of course, like smartphone, smartwatch, wireless earphones, even tablets and, of course, laptops. So, yes, guys, customers will be able to shop from their website safely, of course, from their homes and don’t worry guys. It is a very safe to shop from the huawei store website, because definitely you can use your debit card, credit card e wallet, gcash and even cod anyway guys. I highly encourage everyone to shop from the huawei store la luna paparazzi nepal on christmas season, sobering gift ideas website, so going back. Of course the huawei watch gt2 pro. What is that you guys are probably wondering why are you reviewing it to be honest guys during it’s a watch that definitely did pick? My curiosity, it looks elegant enough guys paramount pull off manchester.

So yes, guys from time to time ginagamit. While we watch gt2 pro and most of the time, jason is the one using it so makaki on this video review, or you know, experience about the watch now let’s unbox it. I know dubai, aside from the watch itself guys it comes with this usb type c. Charging cable pero guys you’ll have to connect it here: saisang wireless charging pad mali, atlantis and speaking of wireless. This time, young huawei will watch gt2 pro 10 wireless now so it works if ever man charge smartphones, capable and wireless or reverse wireless charging. Huawei p40, pro plus, or any wireless charging pad a template, warranty card and the user guide – hey guys, so jason will be joining us right now, but uh. He explained, of course, yum material physical experience, huawei watch gt2, yes guys. I look very small on this one, especially wow, okay, first of all for the materials used in the huawei watch, gt2 pro the metal case is actually made out of titanium. Also the back is made out of ceramic and the front has sapphire glass so yeah. It has half hair glass, so it assures you that it you won’t, get any scratches soon for a few words to put this watch. It is a piece of art on your wrist. Well, i know that the watch is made of ceramic titanium frame. Ferro indico guys alumni young glass and gamut detox display i’m made of sapphire glass so definitely guys.

The huawei watch. Gt2 pro is one of the most sturdy and the long lasting smart watch that you can buy in the market right now and it also comes with a 22 millimeter silicone strap. I have a very big wrist, but it still fit me just fine guys for the display, guys to be exact. We have 1.’ inch amoled display with a full color display 326 ppi and a 454 pixels resolution before we fully talk about guys on canon display. This is that this smartwatch is a very sophisticated and dressy one sobrang, perfect, formal event, it’s a watch suited for evening parties and formal dinners, but not only that because of the silicone strap it’s also sporty, but yeah. The dials are smartly designed because it gives off the illusion. As you know, it looks like a real watch, a real analog watch and yes, guys. All this materials combined the lagang masses that the huawei watch gt2 pro is a smart watch built to last long and very durable, actually guys jason did a scratch test just to prove that it won’t scratch that easily. So what are the other features or anupabayon kayangi offer netong bagung, while we watch gt 2 pro uno una is, of course, the spo2 or the blood oxygen saturation levels. This is very perfect, then guys, especially if along young, you already have some medical conditions like heart disease, which is very convenient again, medical condition, aside from that guys, merengue, sleep tracking and, of course, a lot of workout modes.

All of this guys met attack device, download Applause aside from that guys, another favorite feature is, of course, the always on display it don’t feature again. Speaking of of course, though, always on display madurai to protect the usual. Why? Because you will be getting a two weeks of battery life, guys dtos a huawei watch gt2 pro normal usage Music and yes, guys this huawei watch gt2 pro is probably the most long lasting battery life in a smart watch again, even while the always on display is In use, it still gave me guys around 10 days of battery life, which is very surprising, guys, kait nahindisha 14 days, hello, albany chip and also it is the very first huawei watch guys that supports wireless charging. To be honest, very convenient for manga watches next support and wireless charging cassette, especially if you have a wireless pads and it supports reverse wireless charging. It’S very convenient five minutes of charging long for the huawei watch, gt2 pro. It will give you up to 10 hours of usage, yes guys five minutes of charging and for the korean a1, guys very smooth young experience with the huawei watch gt2 pro. Of course, don’t expect a very smart phone like performance, walanum and then pong watch. As of the moment, nakayang gumuanon, but again if we will be comparing it to other smart watches, very good and smooth young performance nabini began it on. While we watch gt2 pro aside from that guys, this watch can also be a remote shutter.

Maradon find my phone feature. You can even answer calls guys using the watch because we tried it and a very clear, denim and young voice again for the 100 plus workout mode, smashing, snowboarding cross country, skiing, golf driving, running walking, swimming hiking trail run outdoor cycle and many more and yes guys. Man then push on automatic, workout detection, alim baba guys. Next start the taiyo mango work out at gigabytes of storage. So the question is mary: should we buy the huawei watch gt2 pro now and another difference, gt2 pro well, it’s, still the same apparel. I can really see the difference. Well guys if you know my previous huawei watch gt, watches then sublime perfect guys to get the new huawei watch gt2 pro now from bayern canyon, previous huawei watch, gt, watches, again weakness, elegant stylish and the premium watches. Then maybe you should also consider the huawei watch gt2 pro. The only thing guys that i wish this watch has almost perfect. Nakaze guys is the ability to be able to reply soma notifications again guys. You can view the notifications, so you can read them. Do online reply but, to be honest, guys for its price point industry a deal breaker, knowing that young features i mere nasha, unlike other premium, smart watches, namaste mahal at doble and preshow. So, yes, if you are looking for a very premium and a durable smart watch with a long battery performance, tap tapos wireless charging pack with a very competitive price point, i suggest guys go for the huawei watch, gt 2, pro again that’s it guys for today’s video.j3U90BmXDxw

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