It is the evo w26 plus now let’s go. Firstly, let’s see the box. This box is same as the ewo.w26, and then we can see the model, name is w26 plus and the cpu is mtk2502d and the watch size is also 44 millimeter and the waterproof is ip68 and also the main features and the package now let’s open the box And the first three we can see the watch and the inside there is the magnetic charger and the menu. Then let’s see the watch. This watch is also 44 millimeter and we can see this side. There is also only one red circle button. There is no long button here and in this side here is a microphone and in the back there is a charging interface and there is also no lock button at the top and bottom, and we can see this. This place is a little different from the evo.w26. Later we can compare, and also there is some wordings in the back in the left side. There is a speaker, so this smartwatch can support bluetooth cores. Also this watch can exchange straps and it can also fit the 42 and 44 millimeter original apple watch jobs. Now, let’s power on the watch. Firstly, we see a different watch face from the evo w26, then let’s check the watch faces. It has totally seven watch faces. This is also the same as the evo w26, and we can see we can rotate this round button to change the watch faces.

Then let’s check the quick actions and from the bottom to the top is the message reminder and from the left to the right? Is the spot exercise? It has totally 8 spot mode, then, from the right to the left is the main menu, and this is the smart style and also we can rotate this round button to zoom in or zoom out, and we can have a check when we zoom out the function. Will start we can check the language and then the setting, so it can auto start when you zoom in and also main menu style, then we can change to the night apps view and check. We can also rotate this round button. Let’S have a quick view on the functions: firstly, the phone book, the dialer and the call logs, and then the message notification for this function for some phones, such as iphone and samsung phone and the recession. This function is not available. Then the notification, when there is incoming message, notification from the iphone this watch can synchronize the same and it can also set by yourself. We can see when there is notification from the iphone. The watch will display the same and the bluetooth connection, the pedometer. You can turn on turn off and the main menu style and find the phone the sleep monitor. You can also turn on a turn off and heart rate, spot exercise, sports history and temperature, blood pressure, alarm, clock and the calendar and bluetooth music.

This can also control the music volume and then the remote camera stopwatch the calculator and the wake up gesture and then the language. If you want to change the language, you need click, the auto sector of then we can go to change the language and then the setting we can see bluetooth setting clock and if you also want to change the time by yourself, you can change the time set Off then, you can change the date and time and format by yourself, a new notification, bright, sound volume display and we can change the brightness and also the screen timeout. The max time is 60 seconds and the reset and about and then the blood oxygen ecg. This need start test from the app and the send entry reminder: okay, that’s all those functions in this smartwatch, and we will have a detailed testing on the functions later.O-ba3XIs2yU

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