Ah, all right, if you haven’t ever been here before my name, is brandon thrasher welcome to anything, goes and uh. This is where we review things um so far, mainly iems um, headphones, amps, decks and now smart watches, yep that’s right. So this video is about a smart watch first time. I know crazy, all right guys so anyway, i’m i’m uh. I started a new section here. The ultra low budget, smart watches today we’re going to take a look at the let’s fit and uh. Let me start off by saying this is a ultra low budget. Smart watch uh get this on amazon for 35.99. It comes in this box, nothing. You know unique super special comes in there. A case that’s in the box comes with one year free warranty card, and then it comes with your book paperwork. How to operate uh, you know, connect it to your phone. This will work with android or apple, has an app for both of them and uh. Honestly, the app is uh it’s, extremely decent to use um. I got the black watch with a blue band. It’S, not real big uh it’s, not thick it’s. It it’s got all your sensors there, it’s uh. It is a very comfortable watch, as you can see like on the wrist uh it’s, not big at all. It’S, not it doesn’t stick up uh. The screen is pretty good. Um you know got time. Tells time got all your apps footsteps uh? How many steps you’ve taken your connectivity um? You know how many steps time shows your totals.

Um you just push down. This is always the back button. It just takes you back, turns it off. Uh i’ve been wearing this. For i’ve been testing a little over a week and uh and i’m kind of a watch fiend, i guess in a sense, along with my obvious, sound problems, i have uh, i i like watches um, i got ta say i. I i’m very impressed with this watch at 35.99. Okay. 30. 35.99. This watch uh has a heart rate, monitor in it and it it’s not 100 accurate, but it is it’s been pretty close. I have a. I have a blood pressure problem, so i check my blood pressure. My heart rate, all the time – and i can tell you this is within i’d, say three points. Both ways sometimes sometimes it’s about three points: high, sometimes it’s, three points: low um, but it’s it’s fairly accurate um. The step counter, i think, it’s from what i noticed is not obviously it’s not 100. Either they never are but it’s, pretty close uh it’s got a whole whole option. You set your height, you set your weight, you say your age uh in the app on your phone. You set your goal for what you want to lose or what you want to weigh actually versus what you do. Weigh and it’ll tell you it kind of estimate how many, how much walking you need to do running if you’re into that this is a fifth uh watch, it’s a fit smart watch – and i mean that’s kind of the point of smart watches anymore – is most of Them are for some sort of fitness or to or tell you how healthy you are or what you can do to be more healthy.

Another way to kind of keep your eye on your health, and this watch is according to my wife, which has the fitbit uh versa 2, which is like a 200 dollar watch. I have 160 now or something uh. She says this is every bit as good in her opinion and does almost all the same stuff that her fitbit does, and this is 35.99 uh it’s very comfortable. It comes in a color, a couple different colors. You can get it in kind of a teal blue. A pink silver black um, the bands of course same color or you can get the black with blue or black with black um. I got nothing bad to say about it. It seems to be functioning great and i mean the battery life on. This is amazing. Connecting my phone or not connecting my phone, this watch lasts roughly five to five and a half days before i got our target and it comes with a little charging puck magnet. It is ip68 uh certified waterproof, which means don’t go swimming in it. It’S not highly suggested uh it’s not highly suggested to wear in a shower, but it’s, okay in the rain or something it’ll take sprays um. You know, it’s ip68 is just a rating of how much pressure it’ll hold at a certain depth, but does not mean it’s. 100 percent waterproof in a in a sense if you get what i’m saying, if you’re jogging you’re jogging in the rain, because you live in a state like mine or in a country where it rains or whatever uh in the state of oregon, most joggers god in The rain they’ve learned a joke in the rain um.

This watch is good for jogging in the rain it’ll pass. It has no problems. Uh it’s been a great watch. The screen is plenty bright enough. Um it’s got it uh five different bases you can choose from the factory, but when you’re online there’s apps, you can add, you can use your own pictures um. It will show you notifications for text messages stuff like that uh it all it all worked. It all worked flawlessly, i didn’t have any connection issues. The only thing i noticed obviously is bluetooth is going to kill my phone faster. It doesn’t seem to affect the watch at all like the watches, uh it’s, good it’s, good 35, 100 worth 35.99 uh. If you’re. Looking to get a smart watch for somebody for christmas, which is coming up real soon uh, this might even go, maybe maybe on a black friday deal. I mean this is 35.99 on amazon right now. I don’t know what they’re going to do for black fridays or what’s popular in the smart watch zone, but uh my galaxy watches battery doesn’t last as long as this um anyway. This is, this has been an absolutely awesome adventure, little testing little show of what it’ll do and for 35.99 the let’s fit smartwatch is a no brainer it. It is a good deal if you’re getting into if you want a smart watch, it’s based on fitness and your health and uh you can’t go wrong with it from what i can tell, and i like i said all my all my reviews, man, i buy everything With my own money, it wasn’t given to me i’m not paid to do this i’m, just giving you my honest opinion.

My opinion is at 35.99. This is a killer. Smart watch, there’s million bands you can buy online, for if you don’t like color, you want to change it up or um, whatever your preference may be because it’s all about preference, nobody wants to be the same. Everybody wants to be different, somewhat fashion or form. So with that being said, uh, if you liked the video hit the thumbs up, if you liked it a lot subscribe hit the bell. So you know, when i’m posting videos i’m going to have a giveaway at 100 subscribers, another giveaway one at a well one. At 50, one at 100 and another one at a thousand, a big one at a thousand um, i could be whatever i review between the beginning of when i started until that point. So i don’t know what i’m giving away i’ll know when i that time actually comes right now, i’m, pretty far off from it. So no rush, no foul right, so i hope you guys have a good day and uh.mlFXephZxoM

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