. I had my apple watch for just over a year and loved it, but really didn’t use all of the features that came with it. The primary features i used were to track heart rate steps, exercise, alert incoming cell calls alerts for daily meetings and, of course, for current time. I was extremely disappointed in apple when i called them to get my screen fixed and after owning their watch for just over a year. They informed me that it would cost as much to fix the screen as i paid for the watch, and it would not be worth it and that i should just buy a new apple watch paying over 370.. Oh for a watch that lasted just over a year and being told that i would need to buy a new one to be able to use the features was not something i was willing to do again. So i searched for an alternative. I found the inaccfire fitness did all of the features i use and was less than 80.. Oh, oh, the watch was rated by customers very well. So i thought i would give it a try. It seemed to good to be true. I am so glad i did it saved me, a lot of money and the watch works as described. I didn’t have any trouble setting it up to sync with my apple phone, which i thought i might the battery lasts. A lot longer than my apple watch did too im not sure why but im good with that.

The charger is a little different and has a short cord, but it doesn’t have to be charged as often so it hasn’t been an issue. I’Ve had the watch a couple of weeks now and really like it. It is user friendly too, which they don’t advertise. I would highly recommend this watch to anyone thinking about getting a smart watch. My only regret is that i didn’t know about this watch before i bought that last apple watch. I have been used this watch for weeks. You can set up any app notification to receive change. The watch face and track your heartbeat and your sleep time charging battery every week very good watch worth to buy it. The watch is a great value for the price nice, affordable smartwatch. The watch is rated ip68 waterproof, so there is no need to remove the watch when washing or any need to worry. If it gets wet under normal usage built in gps battery, it has been almost a week and the battery is at 30 strong. They claim the watch to last seven days which at this point seems very likely to reach it or even exceed it very intuitive. Once you look over the well detailed manual and play around with the watch, you will get the hang of how it is used, uses the zeroner health pro app in the app store w. The design of the watch is very stylish. It has a big display with bright colors.

The setup is a snap. It uses an app called zero ner health pro to sync information. There are plenty of exercise apps and the information it lists about every exercise performed is very detailed. I also love the fact that i can see the incoming call history on the watch. Battery life is pretty good too. I was able to use it for almost 10 days with light use, as you can see charger snaps right on the back of the watch and you just connect it to the juice by a usb cable supplied with the watch. It also has a lot of neat utilities like smartwatch, compass and timer, which i find very useful. It was not too expensive, especially considering that seller gave me 20 off coupon to use before checkout, all in all it’s a great value for the money spent. I had a higher priced android watch for some time in shopping for a replacement after losing it about a year ago. I thought about what was important to me before choosing this one to use with my galaxy s9 colon one seeing who is calling to text content 3 general health recording 4 comfort, 5 ability to read in any light condition 6. battery life. These happen to be all the pros of the watch. First it’s extremely comfortable with high quality, strap material battery lasts closer to one weeks. I have no trouble reading the screen outside the software is pretty good im, not sure 10.

Oh, oh steps is really nine. Oh, oh, oh or eleven, oh, oh, oh, but who cares it’s just a way to make sure you keep moving heart rate is pretty close to accurate. It vibrates nicely to wake me up and also to display texts, fb messages, phone calls, etc. The things that don’t bother me are can’t answer talk or type messages on the watch compared to the apple and other name brand watches. There is a lot you can’t do on the watch itself, but need to do on the when you twist your wrist to see the time. The delay is too long for my taste, maybe 75 seconds, but that can be longer than you want to hold it great purchase. So far, i think it’s been a couple of months. The five star rating doesn’t mean it’s as good as a high priced watch.jiJYjsbvkbI

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