We haven’t done unboxing still, so this is going to be the first unboxing of our channel. So this is the v8 smartwatch. I have two smartwatches. Both are v8, the module is v8 smartwatch uh. I will be now unboxing each other separately. I’Ll be first unboxing this. So when you open the box, you have directly the watch. You can see. I’Ll take the watch out now and i’ll keep it separately inside the box. You will have a small ready form piece and a cardboard it’s really packed in a really simple way. Music. Here you have the charger. This is the same charger you use for your phone. This is the back cover. You have the emi number of your for watch. That means you can put a single that’s right. This is the battery it’s, a small lithium ion battery, and next you have the user manual inside i’ll. Put those pieces inside now and close the box, uh i’ll show you all the watch next, so i’ll keep the boxes separately now i’ll unbox this. So i have unboxed the first v8 watch. So this is going to be the second v8 watch, i’ll be unboxing. So i will open it now. You can see this is really different from the first watch that we unboxed so here open it. You have the watch and that’s all you have a small plastic case, that’s the first watch. This is the second watch. This is what strap is brown color.

This watch is black color, so you all can see. Now i have the charger cable for this also, the manual i think the battery is included inside the watch for this yeah. They have put the case and everything i’ll now. Just slightly open the case: do it carefully here you all can see the batteries there. The image number sticker and the speaker is also there. So now, i’ll close the cover back here, i’ll on the watch later i’ll show you all the first watch now again the black color watch that we didn’t finish unboxing, so i will be taking it out now so here i have the watch they have in this Package they haven’t included this battery inside and the cover. I ordered these two watches from two places to see the differences between the watches and everything. So i’ll now take this the battery out here you all can see the speaker sim tray and the memory card slot. So i have the battery inside this, so i’ll take the battery now here i have the cover, i think they send the battery charged. I got my both the watches charged, so it is easy for us that’s a really good thing because they charge the watch and send it to us. So i will not be putting the cover Music hold and wait the top right side top button that’s the power on button, the right side. Bottom button is the back button.

Normally in the phones also it’s the back button. The watch will on with a nice tone in this watch. I haven’t put a sim or a memory card still or i didn’t tie it to bluetooth. Even so, you all can see when i go on the watch here. The time is, there are date and the dial pad. Here i can press numbers. The keypad is a little bit small, but no problem because you can type easily. You have the menu when you swipe right and left file manager. Everything is there here when you uh off the watch. You have the second watch faces. You can change. The watch faces from there touch and hold and wait for some time to change the watch faces. Now i switched the watch off so i will take the battery out. I am not going to be using this watch that’s why i am keeping the battery out. I will be using this watch, so you all can see. The watch is on charge. It’S charging. This watch i didn’t get charged, so i just now it’s charging i switched it on, so you all can see the watch face. Is there when i swipe right, you all can see. The time is correct and everything is correct. You can see. I have inserted the sim, you all might be able to see dialog and the network. The network is also available when i swipe right and left the menu is there.

I have calculate the calculator is working it’s really good by the way. Here you all can see. The answer is correct. So when you press back here, you have clock, you can set up to five alarms in the watch. Now you have the calendar, and here you can the same as the first watch. The top button is power and the down button is back button. They say you can activate facebook and whatsapp, but i’m, not sure about it. So when you double click the top button, the watch uh switch off, you all can see uh they have given. The image is a black watch. I also expected a black watch for the second one. I got a brown one instead, but the brown one is also really nice. I hope you all understood the difference between two smartwatches of the same model. These two, both are v8 smart touch.rBspGeLJQb8

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