Today, im going to be checking out its key features, the accuracy of its tracking and answering the question. Should i save a couple of hundred dollars from the name brand offerings and buy the sound petes watch too stick around and lets find out together. The watch, too, is a really good looking watch. It is almost as sleek as some of the absolutely brand new offerings from the name brand companies. The weight difference is negligible, but the battery life on the sound pizza watch too what the what it lasts. Seven days come on. That is huge and it takes only two hours to recharge, using this simple magnetic cable theres, no way you can put this on wrong and it sticks good, two hours full recharge. It is ipx 68 dust and waterproof resistant, so you dont have to take it off. While washing your hands while taking a shower or even if you were to take it swimming now, lets take a look at the watch screens themselves. You got multiple watch faces available. You just long tap on the surface of the watch and you can change. Those watch faces theres plenty of them available in the app you can download them from the internet and synchronize them. With your phone itll do 24 7 tracking of steps distance calories burned. It keeps a record of your heart rate, your daily minimum and maximum. All of your history and other data are right here on the watch for those different things that it tracks its top mentioned feature is its blood oxygen saturation or the spo2 sensor.

Now sound piece does remind us. This is not a medical device. However, you can track those things using the watch. It will show you the weather in the locations that you choose in the app and you synchronize it to the phone. You do need your phone connected and access to the phone to get the accurate weather readings. It also has a breath trainer, thats, surprisingly relaxing in its simplicity, just relax and breathe to the prompts youve also got settings on the watch to adjust the brightness turn the watch on reset the watch check out the version number of the software thats installed and etc. Things like that, its got those 12 sport tracking modes. I have used the indoor running mode quite a bit so far. The tracking is really consistent. Every time i use the watch – and i remember in the early days of smart watches that wasnt always the case. So i do appreciate where sound pizza is at on the watch too, its not as accurate as the treadmills readout, but its no better or worse than a name. Brand watch either in terms of the pedometer tracking outdoor jogging, was a surprise for me because without having my phone with me, i ran outside with this multiple times and just the watch each time the tracking was really really consistent. It was a little bit lower than my gps, but it was at least very consistent and i knew how far off it was, if youre, an avid runner who needs detailed stats.

I recommend, if youre, using the watch too youve got to use the phone youve got to use the app youve got to give it all the permissions that it wants, and then it will track accurate stats. All the data and trends are syncable to the sound petes life app on your phone. It does have real time, call text, email, calendar and app notifications if you enable them in the app as well. It also has your music controls that you can connect to your phone and control them right from your watch. Its got additional apps for a stopwatch, a timer for finding your phone – that is a ton of features, lets face it for a little amount of money. So setting up the watch itself, absolutely 100 out of the box requires you to use the sound petes life app. The sound petes life app is not published under sound piece. It is published under the developer name, muson life, its one of sound petes brands. I did confirm it with soundpeats if youre skeptical about the app you can deny the app most of the permissions that it wants and you can still set up the watch too, with minimal permissions granted denying those permissions will limit the usefulness of some of the app Features like syncing your actual exercises and the accuracy of your running information, but otherwise i think the app is functional. It is, i would just say its on an early part of its life cycle, and i do believe that sound pizza will improve this pretty fast.

So do i think the watch 2 is worthy of your consideration. Oh lets summarize it here are the pros and the cons. First of all, on the pros side, the treadmill accuracy is very, very consistent. I think it would be nice to be able to adjust your stride length, so you could get more accurate readings, but they are consistent. The watch face downloads are simple: theres, a decent number of watch faces. Switching them is really easy. Once youve synced them to the phone, the outdoor running, when you dont even take your phone with, you was a surprise to me again. It tracks distant, very consistently. The battery life is just phenomenal at seven days and lets face it. It actually looks pretty good and no one would ever know how little you actually paid for this watch on the con side. I do believe that the app needs a lot of permissions, its not that other name brand watches dont need the same amount of permissions. You do have to get comfortable with the sound petes life app and give it the permissions that it wants. You have to feel confident in the company as a whole that backs it. I think it would be great if sound petes added a couple more settings right on the watch itself, like the gesture control. Turning on and off in the watch itself, adjusting your stride length would be nice so that the pedometer readings could be a little bit more.

Accurate, if youre willing to give the app all of the permissions that it wants to make it work, it does work really actually pretty well, and i do find that it, even though its running all the time, its not terribly draining on my battery. If that is a concern for you, then i definitely recommend denying the app some of those permissions or even uninstalling the app and just using the watch, as is, is like a inexpensive watch that does a lot of tracking youll just lose the ability to sync it Back to the sound pizza life app, which could, by the way, also sync that information to your google fit account. So, ultimately, the watch 2 is really growing on me every day that i use it, i mean it looks good, i dont mind watching it. It feels pretty good to use id love to be able to swap out the watch band, which you could do so from just the watch hardware itself its an easy recommendation at this price point. It is a little rougher of a recommendation. If your budget is, you know five times as much as this watch, you might as well go into the more mature ecosystem. But if this is your budget or if youre, just looking for a good looking watch that you can use without your phone to do some basic stats, running and tracking of your workouts, the watch too is perfectly adequate. And, furthermore, i do think that its a really cool time to get into the ecosystem theyre a small company soundpeats, so as an active member of their community.

Today, i believe you can play a pretty active role in helping them, develop better products and influence the feature set in both the watch and in the app, and i believe that this app is going to have updates. You know every month or i shouldnt put it on sound beats, but i believe the app will get updated pretty regularly and i think this is a really cool time to get into their ecosystem and have your voice heard so thats. My review of the sound petes watch 2. thanks for watching stay safe.Mrtg6jLeD5o

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