But if you fancy slapping a premium Smartwatch on your wrist Boston, Fancy Pants features like temperature measurement and almost a week of battery life than the xiaomi watch S1 Pro might just butter your spuds and for more on the latest and greatest Tech. Please do POG subscribe, ending that notifications Bell cheers now. The first question is: what do you actually get in this lovely long box? Well, theres one shambi, watch S1. Pro youve also got yourself a wireless charging dock and a very chunky user manual thats. Basically, in every language ever conceived and thats your whack, alright, so Skippy forward a couple of weeks, Ive been using the xiaomi watch S1 Pro as my full time. Smart watch all that time. So what do I reckon well as usual, with xiaomis wearables? That design is premium throughout youve got a sleek and smart finish, which will basically go with pretty much any outfit from tuxedos to dungarees its fairly chunky and its got good heft to it, thats for sure, just like most premium. Smart watches these days so thats just to be expected really, and probably the harshest thing I can say about the xiaomi watch S1 Pros design is the fact that theres no real Evolution over previous models, like the regular Watcher S1 youve, got a stainless steel case and A sapphire screen, so thankfully this thing is still absolutely pristine. After a good couple of weeks of being banged about the place, its water resistant of five atmospheres as well, so no worries if you want to rock it on your wrist.

While you have a bit of a paddle, youve got full swim tracking and everything my review sample right here came with a fluoro. Elastomer strap actually said it right first time. Normally I need about a dozen takes to nail that one fluoro elastomer, but, as you can see there, you can quickly and ease the yank off these straps and replace them with another of your liking. So you can slap on a leather band for a night out on the town, for instance, so to get the most out of your xiaomi watch S1 Pro. You will, of course, want to pair it up with your boy. You do so using Bluetooth 5.2 and the me Fitness xiaomi, wear app. You can grab this nice and easily from the Google Play Store and apparently its on Apples App Store as well once youve actually got that app downloaded onto your smartphone. I found that the pairing process was, thankfully stress. Free, only took a few minutes, and that includes all the usual permissions Guff and thankfully Ive had no issues with syncing over the past fortnite as well. There is a manual sync button if they ever do lose connection, but touchword havent had that issue. The app could perhaps be a little bit more helpful when it comes to setting background permissions. But apart from that all good and then my time testing out the xiaomi watch S1 Pro Ive had it paired up with a couple of different smartphones: the Samsung Galaxy watch s23 and xiaomis very own 13 Flagship fun.

And I found that the parent process and the general functionality has been the same on both and also massive kudos to the shami team for making hopping between different phones as pin free as possible. With this thing, a lot of watches youve got to fully reset them before you can pair up to a new smartphone. Not so with this weed bugger, you can change a lot of the watches settings direct through the watch itself, but quite a lot of stuff is also sort right here in the app. So, for instance, you can customize the watch with different faces. You can play around with all the different settings, including or calls allowed, which apps can actually send you notifications. Now you can activate lots of other features, such as the advanced sleep track and 24 hour, heart rate monitoring, Etc, and here is also where you can update the watch now that AMOLED display is ever so slightly bigger than the original S1 watch at a mighty 1.47 Inches with even skinnier bezels surrounding the screen, its a 480 by 480 pixel resolution so supremely crisp, even the tiniest little widgets on watch faces, are clearly legible. So the only real limitation is your eyesight youve got lots of different watch faces that you can choose between. You can store quite a few of them on the actual watch itself as well, and I found that theres a really good balance between classic and modern analog and digital, simple and oh blimey.

What the is going on there. If you jump back into that me, fitness app and hit watch faces in the settings. This is where you can download and dozens more. These are all your local ones hit online, and this is where youll find some fresh options. Just select a category and Away you go and yeah theres. Definitely not nearly as many watch faces here on the xiaomi watch S1 Pro compared with the pixel watch or one of those Samsung Galaxy watches, but theres plenty to keep things spicy over time, theres, something to basically suit all tastes. Now I think that the user interface on xiaomis watches has improved considerably over time. I really like how simplified and stripped back it is, while still packing in everything you basically need. So if you swipe left and right, you basically scroll through all of the main widget pages, and I really like how you can fit multiple widgets onto a single Watch screen as well, which is really really good at me – do not have to swipe 10 or 11 Times to get through all of your widgets that youve got on there, these widget pages are fully customizable through the watch itself. You can change up the layout. You can have a single widget on a screen if you want, otherwise you can have either three or four. You select exactly what widgets you want and where you got lots of different ones to choose from, as you can see there and if you want until you can simply remove a widget screen or add in new ones.

You can scroll either way through your widgets and if you do swipe right from your main watch face, this brings up the Alexa widget more on that in a bit. Meanwhile, you can swipe down to access your notifications. They appear in a big long list. Ive generally not had any drip from these; occasionally it takes a little while for one to Ping through onto your watch after it hits your smartphone, but generally its simultaneous. All you can do is basically check out what the notification is, so you can decide whether its worth pulling your phone out of your pocket to actually respond to it. Otherwise you can dismiss it and thats, basically it and then. Finally, if you swipe up from that main watch, face, youve got fast access to a bunch of toggles, so, for instance, find my phone, the alarm modes, the Do Not Disturb mods and if you happen to be enjoying a bit of music or a podcast or whatever, On your smartphone youve got faster media controls here as well, so you can pause and play your media. You can also skip a track, and if you just give that media tab, a quick tap, then youve got the full controls, including the volume, support thoughts and show me what chess one pro also has a couple of physical buttons here on the edge, one of which Is the rotating Crown which allows you to skip through menus and the like as well? If you give this a pork, it will wake up your watch, and it will also then bring up all of your different apps if you actually enjoy venturing into the Great Outdoors, where youve got quite a few tours packed onto the xiaomi watch.

S1 Pro that you might get on with and by the grid outdoors, I dont mean a quick Ramble On Wimbledon common. I mean actual Wilderness miles away from the nearest Gregs or wine cellar. Basically, the kind of thing I avoid as if its James Corden, so, for instance, youve got yourself a bit of barometer action. If you want to check out what todays air pressure is doing, and also a bit of altimeter altimeter, not sure, if Im seeing that right, you got a compass all the usual fare youve also got dual bands or GPS as well, which usually only takes a few Seconds to lock on a signal once you start doing a bit of a walk or a jog and certainly seems accurate enough from the little bit of trekking and stuff that Ive done. You youve also got yourself a built in speaker and microphone as well, which is pretty handy if you want to take calls via the xiaomi watch S1 Pro or even record little messages for yourself theres one here from last night, apparently Im sober crisp. This is drunk Chris from last night. You suck dude sort out your life man, what you think, youre a YouTube: Superstar youre a knock and spunk all man, and you could also use the watchs built in microphone to directly ask Alexa a question such as, when are Sunderland Football Club playing their next match. As much as I wish, I did support Real Madrid thats.

Not quite right. Lets try that again, when are Sunderland Football Club playing their next match and there we go boom now for the past week or so, Alexa has been working really well here on the xiaomi watch S1 Pro nice and quick and responsive. You know the mic seems to have no problems, picking up my voice, even in quite noisy environments. However, prior to that it was a pretty patchy experience to say the least. Quite often, I would flick to that Alexa widget and would just say connecting and stick on that forever and also, as you can see there, I dont actually get any voice responses out of the watch, its only text that appears on the screen not sure whats, going On there, if I should be getting the voice responses, even its just not working even with the volume turned all the way up to Max. You do also have NFC support on the xiaomi watch S1 Pro for making Wireless payments here in the UK very limited support. Although curve card was supported, unfortunately, I couldnt actually get this set up at all, because I just kept getting error messages when I tried to do it via the app. So I havent been able to test that out and yes, youve got the usual array of Fitness tracking apps here on the xiaomi watch S1 Pro as well stuff like 24 hour, heart rate tracking and spo2 monitoring by the looks of Amazon, really enjoyed doing these videos.

Ive got a couple of spikes right there, and this watch also offers up a skin temperature sensor, although this does tend to fluctuate a lot depending on the ambient temperature all kinds of stuff and remember earlier how I said there were two buttons here on the edge Of the xiaomi watch S1 Pro what a quick product that bottom, one that brings up the workouts app – and this is loaded with over a hundred different types of exercises, ways to Flap your limbs about and generally burn off calories. The chances are pretty good that whatever youre into its supported here on this watch, even a bit of frisbee, so thats students sorted then, and when you find your chosen exercise base, you just give that little tap and off you go, and it tells you exactly how Long youve been doing it for how many calories burned and then also distance covered, if youre, for instance, walking or running. You can also check out your current pulse. If you swipe left, then youve got your full media controls, great news. If youre pounding the pavement, while listening to some motivational, Tunes or whatever, and I swipe the other way, allows you to pause or end your workouts, you can check out your daily stats right there on this Smartwatch, including calories, burned. How many steps youve covered? How many hours youve actually been standing thats a massive total for me today and you can even check out your workout history if youre so incline see exactly what youve been up to so certainly for casual exercises such as myself, the shami watch S1 Pro will basically Do what you needed to do? Anyone whos a bit more serious about their keep fit routines and all the rest of it might be more attempted by something like a Garmin.

However, and also it would have been great to have some quick like 10 minute hit routines or something like that led by the watch, and oh yes, if youre into your sleep tracking well, of course the xiaomi watch S1 Pro will do that as well. While monitoring your spo2 levels, your average heart rate, all that kind of good stuff Ive got to admit, I personally dont see the point in sleep tracking, because I dont need my SmartWatch to tell me that I sleep late, absolutely, but if youre into it, then it Does it, but anyway, thats pretty much it for apps here on the xiaomi watch S1 Pro besides the usual alarms and timer Gump? As for the battery, while xiaomi has managed to cram a 500 million Empire capacity cell into that tiny dinky chassis of the watch S1. Pro thats slightly bigger than what you find on the original watch, S1 and xiaomi reckons that this will deliver up to two weeks of battery life from a full charge. I certainly found the battery life was a little bit better than that original watch. S1. I tended to get around six to seven days of use on a full charge, thats with pretty much everything turned on the always on display. All of the fitness tracking features the 24 hour heart rate, the advanced sleep monitoring so its certainly on a pod with the likes of the Huawei smart watches and a significant improvement over the Samsung Galaxy watches.

The Google pixel watch in your general wear OS efforts and to charge the bugger back up again. Well, you got full wireless charging support, although I have found its a little bit hit and miss on wireless charging, pads youre best off just using the bundle Dock and that right there, my lovelies is my full unboxing and two week review of The xiaomi Watch. S1. Pro a lovely little premium watch thats packed to the tits for some great features, but doesnt really do anything particularly new or novel, compared with the slew of other xiaomi and Huawei small watches that Ive already tested some of the features like Alexa and that wireless payment Can be glitchy or just not work at all in the case of the actual payment stuff, you dont get that same dedicated notification support you do from where OS, but on the flip side, its generally more affordable than Alexa for Samsung Galaxy watch, and you get that Brilliant battery life so thats, why? I reckon anywhere to be gritty. Your thoughts on the xiaomi watch S1 Pro down below. Please do box subscribe and dig that notifications bar for more on the list and greatest Tech and have yourselves a really wonderful rest of the week.T6Rz9KVDT9A

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