This watch might make the case of being the best budget smartwatch that you can get in the year of 2022. So far and this watch is dirt cheap – you can get that one for around 60 euros over here in germany on aliexpress and you get a whole bunch of features for that little money. Now, before we get into more some details, make sure to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel. Like always and dont forget to activate the notification bell. Alright for 60 euros, you will get a big 47 millimeter smartwatch, with a 1.3 inch amoled full color touch display with a resolution of 360 by 360 pixel. This watch is available only in the color black with a black silicon strap. But since we have a quick release function, we can quickly change that up anytime. You feel like it on the backside of the watch. We get our sensors for the spo2 and heart rate tracking. This watch is water resistant up to 580m, weighs in the 52 grams and its basically compatible with every smartphone out there if its an iphone or an android smartphone. So one pretty cool thing about this watch is the bezel and the design, so the straps are very basic, but the bezel tampers towards the screen. Instead of away from the screen and thats very unique, we also get two textured physical buttons on the side of the watch with which we can either get to our app list and back or we get to our sport modes and back.

In fact, the lower button is customizable and if we head over into our settings and look for the down key, we can connect this button to all of our pre installed. Apps. Alright, next up lets talk about the watch faces by long pressing, the home screen. You get to choose a new watch face by default. You are set up with five different watch faces, which all look pretty good and you even have a little motion to it like when the hands of the analog watch face are moving or the number of the digital watch face are changing. So you have some pack with metrics, which i love some analog and some digital watch faces. But if thats not enough for you just head over to your mi bro, fitness application, click on watch faces – and over here you have tons of more watch faces to choose from and all of them are free over. Here you can even customize watch faces, so you can take a picture or choose one picture from your gallery and after that you can change the style of time layout and the position of it. Okay lets talk about the battery life for a second, and i dont know if i have a broken watch or so, but ive been wearing this watch for the last 24 hours. I did a one hour bike tour and i had it on my wrist for the night and i still have 100 left.

So if i check right now, i have 99 left, so it only dropped down by one percent in one day and if youre not as lucky as me, and you do not get that infinite power smartwatch, you can expect like two weeks of battery life out of It – and it only takes about two hours until you charge it from zero all the way up to one 100. When it comes to the sport bones, you basically have all of the common sport most covered with that one. If its running cycling, walking swimming strength, training or some ball sports, and for most of them, you can set targets for the time burn, calories or the distance. One noticeable thing that i just have to mention about the watch is that you can use your music player during your workout, so you can skip a track, go back a track, adjust the volume and play and pause and stuff like that and thats great now i Havent fully tested this watch yet, but my one hour, buyer tour, the other day wasnt tracked properly. It only gave me the workout time and burn calories, but it didnt track the mileage so thats kind of unfortunate all right. As for some more features, we have a very accurate spo2 tracker on this one, as i compared it to my spo2 finger tracker. Whatever that thing is called, it was only off by like one percent at most, it may take a short time until you get the results, but its pretty good, though you also have a standard, 24, 7 heart rate tracker, which you can set to give you a Few heart rate warnings in the settings, for example your sleep, sport or resting time.

You get the regular sleep tracker, which is kind of confusing. The watch tells me. I slept for 2 hours and 46 minutes, which is wrong, but the app tells me that i was sleeping for about midnight until 4 44 in the morning, which is still not correct since i went to bed around 10 30.. But, besides that, it tracks your light and deep sleep as well as your wake time. As for the next feature, we have a blood pressure measurement. I think now theres no indicator on the app and you only see it on your watch. Just keep that in mind. You have breathing exercises a basic music tracker, but since you have no internal storage, you cannot download any music to this watch for offline music, a calculator stopwatch a three day, weather forecast, timer and fiber phone feature, but keep in mind if your smartphone is muted. You will never hear sound and your owner will hear the vibration. The navigation on this watch is very easy. Swiping up takes it to all of your notifications and down to your quick panel. As far as for the notifications, you get almost all of the notification that you would normally get on your smartphone as well. You just have to turn it on in the mid pro fit app first, since its turned off by default. Swiping right takes you through all of your different tiles, like my heart rate, weather, daily stats, and i can even add some more if i press the plus symbol at the end of it.

But by long pressing on either you can kick some out of the rotation. If you dont feel like that, you would have a need for it now. Swiping left from your home screen takes you to something like your quick overview and some basic stats like the weather and your frequently used apps and folks thats already it for the video.NwJKjdreqzA

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