Today we will talk about product. Alot of people asked about it over the last 4 months ago, today’s review gon na be about high copy. Smart watch W56 lets start ELMAKTABA as usuall in our video. We gon na divide it to parts first part unboxing and box. Contents. Second part is software of the smart watch and its inside options. Third part: the pairing of watch, smart watch with the mobile and the options that it can offer. Now we started to add new part, and it is summary of video. As we can see, the box is square, such as FT50 T5S T55, but this watch specifications is different from them. This W56 is new version of W’s generation. First advantage of this watch that it has same sizes of apple watch, so we can use all accessoires of apple watch. As we see. The special thing in this watch is this watermark that the factory did to ensure its quality. I allready tried the watch so, as you guys see it is been running. First content of watch is body then strap cover for body. I think it is the first time they offer this option wireless charger. It can charge the watch within 1.5 to 2 hours in quotELMAKTABAquot store. We offer extra strap with W56 smartwatch when you buy it. The final content inside is the catalouge which has languages english and chinese, but the most thing inside catalouge is the QR. You can download its application, which its name is quot M active quot.

We finished the part of unboxing now moving to the second part of video, and it is the technical specification. The watch has log strap, which can hold the strap tightly in this watch. You can use all the apple straps, whether metal or silicon or fabric, here, the sensor of measurements. In this side we have the scroll button and it is very smooth, and here the button of back and switching off the watch. The screen of watch is 1.75 inch, size, 44 M resolution, 320185, processor, MTK2502 c ram 256 speed, 256 MB battery 320 M amp stand by from 2 to 4 days, simple use from 1 to 1.5 day. The way of charge is wireless, as we said, and by the way you can charge it. Even you put the cover of the body. The version of watch. Bluetooth is 4.0. We can switch it on by power button and scrool by scroll button. The watch has 50 backgrounds and you can also download backgrounds from the Application. This button swiches off the watch and we can enter the menu by it swipe down. We can find the model of watch. We also find the battery alarm QR style of applications, smart style and 9 applications. As we can see swipe righ we find sports exercises swipe left. There is the menu swipe up. We find the notifications.