Music, smartwatch has a large screen heart rate bracelet, its designed for android, 5.0 and above touch screen unlock and a 3 axis green light rate sensor. I had one of these for a while, and then we were on a road trip and i forgot – and i left it in my pocket and i washed the clothes, and that was the end of that smart watch. Take it out of your pocket if youre gon na do laundry now lets see whats in this smart watch box, glory fit intelligent sports watch instruction, booklet right on top pink watch. It may look kind of more like salmon, well go ahead and peel that right on off it comes with a usb charger. Lets turn it on. If you will, it does have enough to use it to power up. It says it counts steps i like that. Its got the big screen. This feels like a silicone band, its not leather or anything like that. It is also water resistant, the band, oh, my gosh, the band is nice and long for some reason, my fingers arent working so im having trouble getting it fastened. I dont think thats a watch issue. I do think its a finger issue and, yes, it is all right so im going to wear my smart watch for a while and do some walking and ill come back and let you know if i think that the smart watch is accurate. Im going to check the heart rate, the blood pressure, the pulse oximetry and the step count see how it does.

First, we tried the smart watch at the grocery store and then we played outside come on bring it good drop it and we went to lowes now lets go inside and check the o2 stats. My step counter pull and blood pressure. The time and date are accurate. The steps seemed accurate when going by my phone, which is now shutting down my pulse, checking my pulse on my other wrist. I should get 88 and ive got that i can check the blood pressure, hopefully itll be within, like where it was at the doctors office. It should be around 130 over 80 and its 134 over 78., so ill accept that lets go on over to the oxygen im going to check the wrist. At the same time that i check my pulse oximeter and well see how how the two numbers compare get everything in the screen here – Music, oh, this would shut off. I guess i bumped it there all right lets see now for the o2 set my fingers reading. I think thats 98 and my watch is reading 98, so those match so does a smart watch, take blood pressure accurately? Does it measure a saturation rate right? Does it check your pulse right? Well, im going to have to say yes on this one thanks for watching dont forget to give me a like on the video if you liked it and be sure to subscribe, and if you did like the video consider sharing it with your friends.

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