We made this list based on my personal opinion, that’s a result of research for our. We rank the products based on their quality specification and all other important facts. We have tried to select them from various price range, so you can easily find the best product for you. You will also find product links in the description. You can check everything about the products through the links. Music number five brand name: amazefit model number stratos3, amazfit, stratos 3, adopts a 1.34 inch full round. Transflective memory in pixel display perfectly suitable for outdoor use. The brighter the light is the clearer the display looks the four physical buttons enable you to browse through the features and control the device without using the touch screen seven day. Smart mode enables full functional mode supporting 80 sports modes and professional algorithms, while 14 day ultra endurance mode enables daily life functions. Amaze, fit stratos, 3 comes with 80 professional sports modes and provides rich workout data to satisfy various users needs. Stratos 3 is integrated with two main control chips and two operating systems and is suitable for both professional sports and daily life. Number four brand name: amazfit model number gtr2, the amazefit gtr2 curved, the zls design features a large 1.’ inch high definition, emote screen with 326 ppi pixel density covered in 3d glass, which naturally transitions to the stainless steel watch body, resulting in a better visual aesthetic and A wider content display area equipped with the huawei developed biotracker 2, the second generation ppg biotracking optical sensor.

It can provide 24 hour heart rate, monitoring, blood, oxygen, saturation measurement, sleep, quality, monitoring and stress level, monitoring, powerful 471 milliampere hour battery. That can last 14 days with typical use number three brand name: amaze fit model number gtr, amazefit gtr comes in a classic design with a touch of modern features. It has a brilliant 1.’ inch, a mold display and a gallery of watch faces to choose from to fit any style. Smart sports tracking includes smart sport tracking technology that allows you to record 12 different sports and fitness activities, including running cycling, swimming mountaineering, etc. Amazefit gtr deeply optimizes the power consumption of the system and the components to bring long lasting endurance of 24 days number two brand name: amazefit model number gts2, the amazefit gts2, is a curved 1.65 inch. Hdm mold screen covered in third glass boasts a crystal clear 341 ppi, pixel density, the bezel, less design, naturally, transitions to the aluminum alloy watch body for an enhanced visual aesthetic. The gts2 is equipped with a powerful 246 milliampere hour battery that can last seven days with typical use and is always ready to escort you on your journeys and track your progress, basic usage battery life 20 days number one brand name: amaze fit model number bipu pro Amaze fit bipu pro only weigh about 31 grams, an ultra light design. You can barely feel when striving for peak performance when fully charged. You can relax and enjoy more than a full week of travel or work without worrying about chargers.