Today, we’re going to be talking about smartwatches. Now smartwatches are a fantastic way to really revolutionize your daily routine. It can do things like allow you, the ability to check your email and text right from your wrist., And it can also go a long way in tracking important health metrics, like heart rate steps taken, and it can even track your sleep patterns.. Now there are tons of different types of smartwatches out there and, depending on your particular situation, will depend on which smartwatch is right for you., But don’t worry we’ve done tons of research on smartwatches and today we’re going to be bringing you some of our top choices To see which might be the best in your particular situation. Now, as always, I will leave links to each of these products in the description below.. So if you want to do a little bit of your own research feel free to check them out there as well.. If I happen to find any deals, discounts or coupon codes, I’ll drop those down below for you as well.. Now Starting things off, we have the best smartwatch for new users and that’s going to be the Fitbit Versa three.. Now the Fitbit Versa. Three is definitely a great way to completely remove yourself from your phone.. It has a built in GPS and it can do things like track real time pace and distance.. It also has a heart rate monitor to gauge exercise effort.. It can even do things like track.

Your nightly blood oxygen levels and it can be easily paired with google assistant or Amazon Alexa., Also some other added features.. It does have a built in mic and speaker, so you can take Bluetooth, calls handfree and do things like send calls to voicemail and adjust volume.. You can even store and play music and podcasts.. This is truly not just a workout tool, but a great way to really revolutionize your daily routine. It’s, definitely an all in one device that removes the need to carry around a lot of extra devices with you.. Also one great feature here: it does come with a free 90 day, Fitbit premium trial for new users., And you can actually cancel before your free trial ends to avoid any subscription fees.. So if you are new to the world of smartwatches and you’re, looking for a great option to try out definitely check out the Fitbit Versa three. Next up, we have the best smartwatch for new Apple users. And that’s, going to be the Apple Watch. Se. Now those of you who love Apple products, love them a lot., So it’s no surprise that you’d want to keep the apple train going with a great Apple Watch.. The Apple Watch. Se is a fantastic choice.. It does have fitness tracking voice assistant, elevation, tracker, GPS and even a heartrate monitor.. You can actually do things like reply to text from your wrist.. It has a large retina OLED display and it has a processor that’s up to two times faster than the series three, which means this one is going to be a very speedy option.

. You can also easily track your daily activity on your Apple, Watch. And there’s. Even a great fitness app for it on the iPhone., It also does have a swim proof design, which means you can literally take this thing pretty much anywhere and not worry about it. Getting damaged. One great feature here is you can sync this with your iTunes to load up your favorite, music, podcasts and audiobooks.? It also completely removes the need to carry your wallet around with you, because it is also supported with Apple Pay.. I mean you can just tap your watch and you’re good to go., So if you’re somebody that likes to keep all of your devices in the Apple family so that they all work together, then the Apple Watch se is a great option for you.. Next up, we have the best smartwatch for Android, users. And that’s, going to be the Samsung Galaxy watch three. Now, in the same way that Apple users are passionate about their Apple products., So to our Android users. No, this is definitely a fantastic and stylish Android option.. The Samsung Galaxy watch three has some great features like the ability to basically leave your phone behind.. It gives you the freedom to call text stream music and even get notifications via Bluetooth connectivity.. It also has a fantastic long, lasting battery, which means you can go for more than a day on a single charge.. It also has fantastic sleep tracking and offers insight on how to get a better night’s sleep.

. It also will monitor your stress level and helps you recenter with breathing guides. Another great feature here. It does have integrated bigsby voice functionality and it can read your text, make calls or initiate life coaching on command and on the go.. It also does feature Samsung Pay, which means you can easily tap the watch and pay for your favorite products.. Aside from that, it does feature a ton of health benefits, including heart rate tracking, along with some other advanced health monitoring.. But the really great feature here is just how beautiful the smartwatch is. It comes in two sizes.. It has two different finishes. And it has three colors and 50000 plus different watch faces., Not to mention these are all military grade, meaning they’re, incredibly durable and water resistant.. So if you’re looking for a fantastic and stylish option to pair with all of your Android devices, then we highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy watch, three. Unknown Speaker 424. Next up, we have the best overall smartwatch for Apple users and that’s, going to be the Apple Watch Series six.. Now this watch packs in a ton of features.. It does have GPS and cellular which lets you call text and get directions without your phone. It’ll actually measure your blood oxygen levels with an all new sensor and app.. It can keep track of your heart rhythm with an ECG app.. It has an always on retina display that’s, two and a half times brighter outdoors, when your wrist is down and it’s up to 20 faster than the series five, which means this watch is lightning fast and you can get your updates almost instantly.

. It also does have five gigahertz Wi Fi and a u one. Ultra wideband chip With this watch it’s definitely easy to track your daily activity and see your fitness trends with the fitness app on iPhone. Again, this does feature a swim proof, design, meaning it’s incredibly durable and water resistant. In terms of colors. Here you can get graphite, stainless steel or a black sports band. And both are beautiful. Options. There’s, also a ton of different watch, faces to create a beautiful, stylish look.. So again, if you’re, just looking for the best all around Apple Watch, then definitely check out the Apple Watch Series six. Last up. We have the best budget, smartwatch and that’s going to be the amaze fit BIP s. Fitness smartwatch. Now it’s, no surprise that smartwatches are expensive. There’s a ton of technology that’s packed into the box here, and it can be hard to find one at a lower price.. Well, this is a great way to capitalize on some of the features, but keeping it in a much more budget friendly range.. One great feature here is the incredibly long battery life.. It does have a 40 day long battery on a single charge.. It also has 10 Sports modes and it will track things like treadmill, outdoor running, cycling, yoga, etc. It’s, also water resistant, meaning that you can take it for a swim without having to worry about it getting damaged.. As with some of our other models, it does feature a built in GPS and it’ll, be able to track daily step count, distance, traveled, calories burned and sleep quality.

. It even has a great heart rate monitor in here that provides high precision, continuous heart rate tracking don’t worry. It also has some of the great features to replace your phone, meaning you can get emails, SMS messages and incoming phone calls as well as alerts for Facebook. Twitter, weather forecasts, etc. One great feature is: it is also compatible with both Google Android and Apple iOS.. So again, if you’re looking for a fully functional high quality, great budget option definitely check out the amaze fit BIP s fitness smartwatch. Anyway, guys, if you are looking at diving into the world of smartwatches, then definitely check out some of our top choices. In our research. We found a wide range of features and prices, and hopefully you were able to find something to fit both your budget and lifestyle needs.. If you did, please feel free to give us a thumbs up. As I always appreciate that. And just a reminder, I will leave links to each of these products in the description, so you can check them out there if you want to do a bit of your own research as well.. If I happen to find any discount deals or codes, I’ll throw those down there for you as well.. Also, if you happen to have any questions or comments, please drop them below.. I do love getting to answer as many of those as possible.. Otherwise, thanks so much for watching today. Stay safe out there and I can’t wait to see you in the next video.