A good digital watch can be an excellent addition to your everyday carry if you spend enough time outdoors, doing hard work and need reliable time keeping. You can invest in a tough digital watch that can handle the rigors of your job. Most modern digital watches are built to last, and the best ones can last for years without replacement. If you want reliable time keeping and want to be prepared for any situation, the best digital watches are the perfect addition to your edc kit, with their analog face, analog hands and digital timepieces. Digital watches have most of the features you’ll need for daily life, and many have benefits that make them a better choice for outdoor pursuits. To give you this top six review, we have looked at 77 products and analyzed 3219 customer reviews. You will find all the links to the products shown in this review in the description below the video. The items mentioned in this video are in no exact order, so be sure to stay to the end, so you don’t miss the perfect model for your needs. Number. Five is casio’s gravity master, gpw, 1000. 1A. If you are one of those having enough capital to afford one of the finest g shock watches ever created, then you will be pleased to know that the brand recently launched their new gravity master gpw. 1000. 1A. The watch features many of the usual g shock features, including a resin material band, a carbon fiber insert for the bezel and a top notch gps receiver.

That keeps time, regardless of the location. A unique feature of this watch is the gps hybrid wave scepter that combines the power of gps with the multi band system to ensure an accurate time, regardless of where you are. If you are not sure whether this watch is for, you, then be sure to check out our other picks in this video. In short, this is our absolute favorite. Many of the users that have reviewed the say i work on the railroad and i’ve had my gravity master. For about a year now, it’s held up perfectly good quality watch happy with purchase, and here is what some of them don’t like crown on. This watch, is a bit too easy to turn from its lock to unlock position. Number four is casio’s g sync: gold, limited edition the g shock. Ga 710 gb1a is the latest model in the brand’s new garish color series. The timepiece is based on the ga700, but the difference lies in the metallic treatment to the dial front button and band clasp. The overall effect replicates the glittering ostentatious accessories, worn by b boys in the heyday of break dancing. The watch has a high brightness super illuminator led light at the base of the face 31 time zones, 48 cities, world time, accommodation and a five year. Battery customers, who, like these right in their review, love this watch great, looking highly functional when i started wearing it. People around were grabbing my hand and, looking into it saying this, nice watch bro definitely that attractive.

Some customers found that the only drawback is the light function. It does not light up the face very well in dark conditions. Number three is casio’s gd358. The casio g sync 350 is a sharp, looking high quality watch that has a lot going for it, starting with its military inspired design. It has a lot of features both inside and outside the watch that make it an excellent pick for those that, like to wake up to vibrations, there’s, a very useful vibration, alarm built into the watch. That will let you wake up on time and ready for your day. You can also use it as a stopwatch and timer. The backlight is also very useful, as it will light up the screen when a specific time has elapsed. There’S a lot to like about this g sync 350, starting with its high grade japanese quartz movement. That keeps time very accurately, the digital display is easy to read, has five alarms and a handy countdown timer. It has a good battery life of around five years before you need to replace it. It has all the features you need for a serious military watch. This is the top things. Customers are saying about the gd358 as an added bonus. The watch has a vibration alarm. Setting to my knowledge, it is unique to this model. I love the easy access to the countdown timer by the push of the d button. Few customers who bought this thought that the upper third of the screen is just a candy.

They could have made the entire display bigger. Moving on to the next casio g shock watch on our list, the rangeman gw 9400 1cr from casio the casio g sync range man is a high quality watch built for rugged environments. It has a 42 millimeters case with a silicone strap that is resistant to scratches and will last for years. It features a unique triple sensor that combines an altimeter thermometer barometer and compass. When the triple sensor is engaged, the watch will simultaneously indicate the current altitude temperature barometric pressure and time. The three beep system used to indicate the status of the triple sensor is very useful, it’s very easy to use and has very clear readings. There are plenty of settings to choose from and it’s easy to get lost in the details. The watch is water resistant to 200 meters. It has a 10 year battery life, as is recharged by solar power, with a low, medium and full state of charge indicator. We consider this as a high quality product and would recommend it to anyone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors customers who bought these, like that, i like it because it has altimeter barometer and compass. The clock is always accurate. Thanks to the atomic feature, customers who bought the rangeman gw 9400 1cr did not like that. The backlight is weird with the right side. Less illuminated. First on our list is the dw 5600 e1b from casio.

Is there anything more underwhelming than an expensive digital watch that doesn’t perform as advertised the casio g? Sync 3? Is our favorite, affordable sports watch? It balances a bold design with reliable performance, making it a great choice for everyday wear available in several different colors. It has a chronograph day, slash date, display and backlighting that helps make it a great choice for any activity. It has a strong battery life and is water resistant to 99 feet when it comes to features it has a rigid body and a digital display. That is easy to read. The aesthetics are classic g, sync, with colorful characters on the dial and a rugged resin case that will stand up to a lot of punishment. It’S a great value with a digital display, that’s easy to read in bright light. It also has a sticker price of just under fifty dollars, making it a great option for everyday wear customers who bought these, like that. How many forty four dollars watches, have 200 m water resistance and are certified by nasa for manned space missions. This watch has everything you need and nothing you do not. Some customers found that if you have fat fingers, the adjust button may be hard to press. If you found any of the products in this video interesting, then you can find a link to more info and prices below the video. Thank you all for watching. If you found this video useful, please hit the like button to.

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