Apple Watch Ultra V Garmin Fenix – After SIX Months

It immediately decide that it was still not even close to being able to replace my Garmin. A phoenix has been with me across deserts over mountains and throughout my fitness journey, its quite simply unbeatable and then send it back. But this took me by surprise, and just three months later had become my […]

SMARTWATCH HK9 PRO Unboxing Review – AMOLED INCRÍVEL! Mas vale a pena? É bom? – HK9 PRO PTBR

No geral eu gostei do acabamento para fora. Mas isso fcil resolver voc, pega outra, pulseira, bem tranquilo, no geral eu gostei do acabamento nessa parte de cima que na tela tudo bem encaixado Eu s; no tenho detalhe aqui t vendo parece que essa parte da tela aqui ficou faltando uma partezinha, aqui ou, […]


No leva nada, melhor, hoje um produto que te entrega GPS alexsa quase 70 modos de ajuda de fsica uma boa tela um bom, acabamento e, no geral uma, boa bateria at nove dias de bateria ento assim dificilmente voc, vai encontrar algo melhor que o bipiu pro nessa Promoo com, esse tanto de recursos, […]

E600 Blood Glucose Smartwatch review | Non-invasive glucose monitoring smartwatch | Health & fitness

I ordered this with my own money and with my own money I mean the money generated from this channel by you, smashing that like button and subscribing and leaving a comment and sharing it with others, today we have the e600 smart watch, Music, good lucks, so Ill. Do the unboxing here and if […]

കണ്ണും പൂട്ടി വാങ്ങിക്കാം | Best Smartwatch at ₹1695 | Fastrack Revolt FS1

This is the best smartwatch, okay, so foreign foreign foreign Fast Track in the reward s feature no problem: s calling feature settings Screen Time, menu, style, vibration, intensities in a music player, voice, assistant, Music, camera control, Music, breathing exercise, weather alarm.

Amazfit GTR Mini Review – Best Smartwatch Under 10000 ? AMOLED, GPS, App Store

, Which is very accurate and beautiful too, And it is for both males and females., Because It is an Amazfit smartwatch, Just kidding The name fits, But this smartwatch is quite exciting. And I have been using this watch for Almost one week. With my primary watch, I will tell you all about it. […]

NEW G-SHOCK GBD-H2000 – Solar Powered Fitness Watch [HR, GPS, Thermometer]

It always performed pretty well now, three years later here we are, we finally have a sequel. The G Shock, gbd h2000, like I said its a GPS watch. It has Bluetooth, has solar charging thats why the battery should last forever as six sensors, including heart rate and blood oxygen, among others, Ill talk […]

Amazfit GTR Mini Review – Smartwatch Combining Style and Functionality for Any Occasion

25, 42 m 1.28, AMOLED, 80, PAI, 5, 4, 5, SPO2, 10, 10, 1, SPO2, 120, 10, 8, 1, Rs.

Eine Uhr für die OHREN?! James Bond wär neidisch… | Huawei Watch Buds

Knopf drcken, okay und jetzt steckst du einen davon in deinen Anus nein, was ja in deinen Arm aus, aber wieso einfach wir haben keine Zeit zu verlieren Musik und den anderen in dein linkes Nasenloch Musik, okay, ist alles drin und jetzt und jetzt was ist jetzt nix. Ich will das aber Musik, hey […]

In dieser Smartwatch sind Kopfhörer?! #WTF

Das die Akkulaufzeit tatschlich krass gut ist sie reden von ca, 10 Tagen durchgngiger Nutzung was so viel mehr. Ist als gewhnliches smartwatches also meine pixel watch Einheit, Tage und so eine Apple watch, auch und so eine Apple watch, ultra vielleicht, drei, Tage und auf den ersten Blick sieht das, Ganze aus wie, eigentlich, […]

Amazfit GTR Mini: Back to Basics! Everything You Need + Lower Price!

This is actually a very compact, slim and lightweight Smartwatch that Im actually wearing right now, but for this particular video I think we should head over to the desk. So we can check out the watch in further detail. Lets head over to the desk now in case, you are not familiar with the […]

Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro Review – Everything you need to Know!

Today, Ive got my hands on the beautifully designed xiaomi watch S1 Pro Music, so xiaomis latest Smartwatch featuring AMOLED display sapphire crystal glass, 5 ATM water resistance, long battery life, Bluetooth, cores and lots lots more. Now. The retail price for this watch is around 300.. Now Inside the Box, you will find a […]