Today, i’m gon na unbox product a product called amaze fit so amazfit is a partner of xiaomi if you’re not aware of it um and yeah um. The specifications of this are it’s lightweight, um, it’s, 5 atm water resistant, the sleep it has sleep, quality, monitoring um, it has personal activity, intelligence, pai um. Then it has this large colored display, which is 1.43 inch. It has 60 plus sport modes, wow that’s, a really cool thing, which i want to check out: um. It has blood oxygen level measurement and also it has 99 days battery life, so we’ll quickly unbox this and see what is this whole thing is about Music, okay, so, first of all you get the watch. Then you get the charging cable, which looks quite premium to me guys and then it has uh this. The small manual book type thing i don’t know what’s inside yay. Of course it has the manual book which it’s not much important to you guys. But if you want to check this out, then you can go to the um amazon page of this i’ll paste, a link in the description now quickly: let’s unbox, the watch, and this and i’ll turn it on and see what it is about: okay, guys and uh Yeah, i i already registered for the um in the um app and the app is z, e, p, p, zip it’s, the name of the app and yeah. This is the app um yeah.

It does not just have only this. It has more so i’ll just quickly. First show you, oh yeah, i’ll first quickly show you this watch, which actually looks pretty cool, guys. Look. It has all this Music and also has these cool working, uh measurement scanners or whatever you want to call it and uh yeah also, actually guys. The watch is quite light, light weight and i thought that the weight would be very high but very much but yeah. And if you do this, if you swipe down, then all these will come and the songs and all those stuff and yeah guys now i’ll quickly show you the app in deep detail so guys. Now this is the app first. If you come in, this has all these stuff and then you come in this tools, so it will. These all stuff will come running, cycling, alarm, clock and all these stuff. And then, if you go go to the page of enjoy, these all stuff will come and yeah. Also, if you go to the pro profile, this will come and you have to press this to um, see these settings which you can’t see in that device. So yeah guys, if you like this video, please smash the like button if you haven’t subscribed. Yet please do that that there is a small red button over there um below the this videos window and just lick that and also press the bell icon for the latest.