After launching the gtr2 and the gts2. Today, amazfit has launched the gts2 mini, and here it is by the way i’ve made separate videos on the gtr2 and the gts2 i’ll leave the links below. In the description. I highly recommend you see those and i’ve been using the mini for about two days now, not exactly the color of my choice, pink, but my wife says she loved it it’s also available in black and green. If you prefer other colors now, don’t get confused by the name mini and the color pink. This is a unisex watch and can be worn by men and women. So this is a scaled down version of the gts2 and is also almost 50 percent. Cheaper continue watching and i’ll, let you know everything about it so that you can decide if should buy this or not alright, so let’s begin with a physical overview, so it has a square dial, just like its elder sibling, but a tad smaller. The frame of the watch is made of aluminium, giving it a very premium look. There is one button on the side to access the apps and workouts or to go back to the home page towards the back are the sensors. It retains the biotracker 2.0 sensor from the gts2 that tracks heart rate and spo2. The straps are made of extremely soft silicon and have a buckle. Design surely does provide a good fit. It can be changed with any 20 mm.

Third party bands, if needed thanks to the hook mechanism, it weighs just 19.5 grams, making it extremely comfortable to be worn all the time, including while you sleep coming to the display it has a 1.55 inch touch amoled display with a resolution of 354 by 306 pixels. It supports 100 ntsc, color gamut, and the watch faces look really vivid and punchy. The display goes almost edge to edge and you can barely see any bezels on it. The text and images are sharp thanks to the 331 ppi. It also comes with always on mode with over 30 plus options, but remember keeping this on. Your watch will drastically reduce battery life. It comes with 220 mah battery, which the company claims will last for 14 days with typical use and seven days with heavy use. Now battery life depends on many things: brightness levels, activity tracking 24 hour, heart rate, tracking, gps notifications, so many things so the numbers might vary, but my estimator is. We should safely get seven to eight days without any problem. It comes with a proprietary magnetic charger that aligns with the terminals on the watch and starts charging super simple. It comes with five atm water resistant rating, so wearing it in the rain or even for a swim, is absolutely fine. In fact, it even comes with swim tracking built in talking about activity tracking. It has a ton of them 70 to be exact. Now, apart from the regular ones like walking running cycling, it has dancing boxing karate, judo wrestling and so many more accuracy for those obviously cannot be tested.

But i used it for a basic run workout and it did a really good job. It did take a few seconds to connect to the built in gps, but was quicker than expected. It shows the duration, distance pace, heart rate and so much more detail directly on your watch face after you finish your workout, you can see the map and the complete detail on the screen too. You can access all the data later on the zeb companion app as well works great. It also has a heart rate and spo2 sensor which provide you all the data, but remember spo2, on a smartwatch is more for reference and not for medical purpose, so take it with a grain of salt. Heart rate tracking, however, is pretty dependable. It also comes with stretch detection, so you can check where your stress level lies normal, medium or high, so you know when to relax and reduce it. A lot of people i’m sure are going to need this one. It comes with sleep tracking and if you need more details, you can check that in the zep app. It tells you about light sleep, deep sleep, all the details. In fact, it even tracks day naps longer than 20 minutes. So daydreamers don’t worry let’s quickly browse through the interface swipe from the top to access, quick, toggles, swipe right activity, goals, heart rate, spo2, stress, pai, weather music player to access music that is playing on your phone and home page swipe from down to access the notifications.

Press the button you have activity goals, you have pai heart rate, sleep, tracking, workout and workout. You have tons of workouts, then you have workout history, spo2 stress, breathing, exercise cycle tracking for women alarms settings in settings. You have watch face screen office, auto screen off some basic settings in more, you have weather music, countdown stopwatch world clock compass, camera remote to take pictures directly from your phone and find phone it’s, smooth, easy to use and responsive could be a little smoother and i Hope it does get better with an update. You get call alerts with vibration. You can reject the call or even silent the call, but you cannot answer or talk. If you want to talk using your watch, you should consider the gts2 or the gtr2 as both of them come with that feature. It also receives notification alerts. You can see the app icon it’s sent from you, can read the message, but you can’t reply or delete it. Pretty standard coming to watch faces. You get four pre installed watch faces. While you can get many more from the sep watch face store digital analog. Whatever you want, i specially love this 80s style watch face. It has a glitch effect every time you turn on the display or come to the home page, of course, it’s a personal choice. You can also custom set your own picture from the gallery as a watch face something i’m sure many would love to do so.

The companion zep app is good. It shows you, your workouts sleep heart rate, spo2, all on the home page in the settings. You can change the call alerts, alarms you can do your updates, it’s, easy to use and pretty functional all right, so here’s, a smart watch with a gorgeous amoled display square metal body built in gps, always on display 14 days battery life, spo2 and heart rate. Sensor 5 atm water, resistancy and 70 sports mode, and all that for just 6999 it’s going to be on sale on 26th of december at 12 noon. It’S. Definitely a good buy for a premium. Mid range smartwatch. If you want a bigger display with the phone calling feature and internal storage, so you can save songs offline, then you can consider the bigger brothers, the gts2 or even the gt r2 i’ll leave. The links for all the devices, including the mini in the description, should definitely check it out. So i hope this video was helpful. If there are any questions mention it down in the comments and i’ll be happy to answer them. Don’T forget to like share and subscribe until next time.