So this is amaze fits all new t rex to smartwatch guys – and let me tell you this is the toughest smartwatch right now available in the market. This thing is like literally military, great tough standard guys. It has passed like certain different test, guys almost like 15 different military standard tests like drop test liquid test, a scientist and theres like a big list given by amaze fit so im like super excited to talk about in this video, and apart from that guys, you Can even use this watch in like ultra low temperatures, even up to like minus 30 degrees, and still the watch will work and, in fact today, in this video well be torturing. This watch guys ill be doing a lot of torture test so make sure to watch this. Video well have a lot of fun right now, so lets get started with the unboxing all right. Our brand new smart watch from amaze fit the all new t. Rex too, packaging looks very similar to amaze fits other smart watches. Youve got the t rex two mentioned over here picture of the product on the front and, as some of its main highlights written on the box, as ive told you guys, this is like a military. Great tough smartwatch that features dual band gps and five global positioning satellite systems and can also work in like ultra low temperature environment. So im like pretty excited to unbox and talk about this smartwatch in this video, there is nothing much written on the packaging.

So what ill do is ill quickly get started with the unboxing? Let me just grab my knife tear this seal on the package and show you what did we get in the box? Okay, outer box lights out like this and on the inside theres one more white color box, nothing mentioned on it, just the amaze fit logo and there you go boys, our brand new smartwatch, the amaze fit t rex too. By the way, the watch is available in four different colors. We have the ember black edition and look at this baby, oh boy, thats, a macho looking watch is what i can say. Keeping that aside in the package, you get some paperwork just make sure to read this and a magnetic charging dock for the smartwatch, basically for charging it, and that is it. These are all the stuff we got in. The package now lets have a closer look and talk about the design and build quality of the smartwatch. Let me just peel off the sticker on the display and initial impressions, i have to say, watch, looks absolutely gorgeous its a macho looking smart watch guys just look at this. Let me just place it on my hand and show you looks very attractive. I kind of like this sort of a maze field. You know t rex design, guys really dig that youve got the t. Rex model mentioned over here, amaze fit branding to the right side and talking about the design design, looks quite appealing its actually like very similar to the previous gen trx, but slightly updated design, and you know subtle changes here and there and talking about the display.

It comes with a 1.’ inch amoled touch display with a sapphire glass at the top scratch resistant and overall built quality is also very good. Its made of like a polymer alloy and as ive told you before its like super tough and durable, and the watch is also 10 atmospheres, water resistant and is also dust resistant guys now talking about the buttons. As you can see, the watch has four buttons. Two on the right and two on the left: theres a select and back button on the right side and up and down button on the left. So, basically now, when you use a smartwatch underwater, touchscreen doesnt work right so over here, you can actually use these buttons to completely navigate and you know, operate the functions on the smartwatch even underwater. So that is like super advantages for adventurers out there and having a look at the back side. Let me just remove the stickers there. You go its got a couple of sensors at the bottom guys. Basically, your health related sensors to measure hr and blood oxygen spo2, and you also have your charging contacts over here and wait a second. I missed out to show you something you see this hook over here underneath this. The watch also has like a buzzer guys. So basically, buzzer is used to alert a lot of different things. Well, talk about that at a later part in the video talking about the straps, its got black color, silicone, straps quality looks very good, feels soft and durable so thats it our initial impressions and first look at the smartwatch.

What ill do is ill set up? The smartwatch use it for a couple of days and then be back to continue the video all right boys im back to continue. The video ive been using the t rex 2 for the last couple of days and now ill be sharing like my complete experience and feedback on this, so initial impressions guys. I am like super impressed with this thing. First of all, its a very beautiful looking watch and im, not exaggerating, i really love these sort of macho looking watches so yeah. Where do we start from first lets talk about the toughness so because that is the main highlight of this thing. Right, swami switch. T rex too, is like military, great, tough, guys its got like a super tough body and has passed like 15 different military standard tests, which include like drop tests, and you know water test liquid is different sorts of liquids and also sand test. In fact, right now what ill do is ill show you a couple of them in live guys. What ill do is first well start off with the water test, so its almost like 10 atmospheres, water resistant, so ill. Take like a big bowl filled with water were gon na put this watch in that and see if it survives Music. Okay time for test number, two bran said that this thing works at ultra low temperatures of up to minus 30 degree centigrade, so were gon na put this thing in water, freeze that water and then well see if this watch actually works inside ice, Music, hmm holy Moly, you guys saw that i hope you people got like an understanding on how tough this thing is and keeping that aside guys lets move on with the video and talk about all of its other highlights and basically features and lets start off with the display.

First of all, let me tell you not just the body. Even the display on this thing is like super tough, its got sapphire glass at the top side guys and is basically scratch resistant. Even if you try to scratch it with a stone, nothing is going to happen to it. Anyways moving on lets talk about the display. So, as ive told you, the watch comes with a 1.’ inch. Amoled touch display and look at that display guys main thing. I have to highlight over here: is there there are no bezels guys? The display is like edge to edge and gives like a beautiful look to the overall watch and talking about the display quality display. Quality is also like very good. Now come on its an amoled display, theres, nothing less! You can expect over here its got like good amount of detail. Everything looks crisp and clear. You can easily read all your notifications messages or any sort of content on it and talking about colors colors. Also, look rich and vibrant thanks to that amoled panel, and if you ask about the brightness brightness is also like super bright. You can easily view the watch even in like bright outdoor situations. Not an issue at all and best part over here is. This watch also has like an ambient sensor guys, so it also has like auto brightness mode once you toggle it watch will automatically change the brightness just like your smartphone, so that is like very helpful and keeping that aside guys viewing angles are also nice on the Overall guys, im like super happy and quite pleased with the display on this smartwatch.

Okay, moving on lets talk about the software and built in apps and features what ill do is ill. Give you like a closer look at the watch and ill basically show you how the home screen on it looks like ill show you all the built in watch faces and talk about all of its apps and features there you go. This is how the home screen on the watch looks like, and let me tell you this watch has like lots of watch faces guys by default. Now, when you power it on you get around like four to five pre installed watch faces and these are like pretty sick. Looking watch faces guys. I totally dig them now. Apart from that, if you would like to download more watch faces, you can easily do that by using zep app on your phone guys youve got like lots of cloud watch faces. You can easily download from there and install it on your watch now. Moving on. Let me just show you how the gesture and navigation thing works, so swiping down on the home screen will give you a quick access to the notifications and basically youve got like a lot of quick toggles over here. Just have a look at that guys. Youve got lots of stuff like dnd mode. Is there auto brightness adjustment gives you a quick glance at the current battery life and the sort of stuff now swiping right on the home screen.

Now it will give you notification panel here. It will show you all the current smss or messages or missed call notifications, whichever you receive on your watch again, for this youll have to be connected to your phone via bluetooth, and then only you will be able to get all those notifications on this watch and By swiping, left on the home screen will give you complete list of apps present on this watch. Well, come there in a moment and by swiping up on the home screen. Now. This will give you like a complete access to the widgets, and these widgets are also customizable guys. You can add your own widgets using the zep app anyways at the top. You got the weather, it shows you current weather in your city. Then youve got like a quick workout session amaze fit pi information is available, quick toggles to alarm your sleep data analysis and basically it shows you, the current todays fitness activities, for example, how much distance youve traveled calories burned for that particular day, your real time, hr Measurement blood, oxygen, spo2 and all of these stuff is available over here, and one more thing i do have to mention is: have you seen how smooth the watch works in the video? I have to appreciate that guys, amaze fit has like really optimized the ui and the whole os on this particular model. Everything feels so smooth over here and i didnt face any sorts of lags or status guys so ill have to give like good marks on this thing.

Anyways, let me just give you a closer look and show you all the available, apps and stuff on this thing. You can easily access that by swiping left on the home screen at the top. Youve got amaze fits pi score and then going down. Youve got the workout session and youve got like so many workout activities over here guys. So many sport modes are there and using this you can easily track your sport activities now talking about the sport activities guys, this watch has like dual band: gps and five satellite positioning systems. Guys and gps on this thing is like super accurate. Well, come there in a moment and talk about that in depth now moving on guys, apart from that, youve got lots of health related features as well uh. This thing can watch your 24 by 7 hr monitoring. It can do blood oxygen, spo2 measurement. Complete sleep analysis, stress, data monitoring is also available, and what else is it thats it? These are all the health related functions, and, apart from that, you do have your general smartwatch related functions available. Guys like compass, is their timer alarm. Calculator is also built in onto this thing. It can measure your altitude barometer is also there, and you also have your bluetooth music control player, using which you can control the music that is being played on your phone. So basically that is it our complete overview on the software and built in apps and features on the amaze fit t.

Rex too, all right now lets talk about the health related features. So, as ive told you amaze fit, tx2 has like plethora of health related functions. It can measure your 24×7 hr monitoring blood oxygen spo2. Is there stress level monitoring? Is there sleep, data analysis and basically, all of these activities are covered. Guys and sensors were also very good. I means fit has used like really good quality and highly accurate sensors, and these are giving like accurate readings. 90 95 percent of the time now lets talk about the sport and fitness related activities. Amir sweets, dx2 can do lots of activities guys walking running hiking theres, like never ending list of activities available over here, and once you start that now the watch will track variety of things like uh. Current number of steps, youre taking distance travel, how much calories youre burning, and apart from that, the watch also has like dual band gps with five satellite positioning system. Right. Gps on this thing is like very accurate guys, no matter where you go, even if you go into like you know, outdoor hiking also suppose like a jungle or somewhere else, also not an issue at all. Gps was that good and it was catching the signal very quickly compared to the previous generation smartwatches, and apart from that guys, as ive told you, you can view the complete geolocation data for your particular fitness activity. No matter where you go directly on the watch or you can get like a detailed data on a zep app as well, which you can install on your phone, so choice is up to you.

Moving on lets talk about the notifications and, basically, how you receive call notifications on this thing. So, for this thing, youll definitely need to install zeb app and enable some permissions pair, the watch with your phone and toggle bluetooth, and that is how youll be able to receive all your messages or missed call notifications, and this is how you save message notifications. It shows you a complete name of the person sending and even including the content of the message. Just have a look at this thing, and this is how you receive call notifications. So it shows you the name or number of the person sending and you can either like end the call or dismiss the notification choice is up to you. Okay, this is one of the main parts of this video. How is the battery life on the smartwatch? Now? First of all, trx2 is like a military, great, tough, smartwatch right. So you definitely have a bit of high hopes in the battery life and let me tell you ive been using it for the last couple of days, almost like seven to eight days, and i was like quite impressed with the battery life over here now. If youre a moderate kind of user guys, you dont use a lot of bluetooth or you dont use the smart sort of features. Then, when you set the brightness to auto mode – and you use a little bit of activities and really you know health related features, you can easily expect almost like 20 to 22 days, guys per charge, because i mostly was using it like that.

Only and per day battery was decreasing only by like six percent or seven percent guys. This is the kind of result i was getting and again, if youre a bit of heavy user, you do a bit of sport activities and you know you do a lot of health related stuff. Also, then, you can expect around like 10 to 12 days of battery life. Again, if youre, like a complete fitness freak guys, you, you use gps, a lot outdoors and you do lot of fitness related stuff and if you use gps continuously, then you can expect around. Like 24 to 26 hours of battery life guys, so this is the kind of battery life you can expect over. Here completely depends on how you use it so thats it. Our video on amaze fits brand new, tlx2 smartwatch, very good, smartwatch love the looks and functionality and main thing is its like. A super. Tough smart watch guys military great toughness, and you can basically use it in like extreme temperatures also and can withstand any sort of torture test, also so best for, like adventurers or you know best outdoor partner. That is what i can say. Display is also like very good and excellent battery life as well, and this thing costs around, like 15 999 rupees in india, guys ill leave, link to that in the description box below you can check it out there, and apart from these, if you have any other Questions or you would like to see any other special or you know interesting torture test.