Hands On kind of thing, with this Flagship Smartwatch from amazing. Now you guys might already be familiar. Ive covered multiple TRX devices and Im actually still rocking a couple of them, and these smart watches are actually my favorite lineup from amazfit because they look like the G Shocks, watches now back to the T, Rex, Ultra as soon as I removed it from the box. Immediately, I felt a noticeable weight to it. It does feel very much more premium and Flagship compared to the previous amazing, watches and thats, because previously it was using sort of like a plastic case all around, but with the T Rex Ultra its actually using a stainless steel case. Now its not just any stainless steel case, this is actually a 316l graded. That means it is anti corrosion, especially towards your mud, your sea, water or acidic liquids. Now, basically, in Layman, thermostat basically means that, if youre going to swim in the sea, if you do a lot of off road mud, you know – and you sweat a lot. You dont need to worry about this casing: youre, getting rusty or corroded. Now, just in terms of design guys just look at how beautiful this watch is. Not only is it beautiful on the front, but I noticed that a lot of attention to detail was given to the back as well. Look at these really nice screws at the back. Here I dont know about you, but I personally appreciate this very much now other than that.

This watch is also just like all the other T. Rex, smart watches, military graded. That means that you can withstand temperatures of up to negative 30 degrees Celsius, and that means that the watch will still function even under those very cold situations. Last but not least in terms of the colors, we do have two colorways a black and the Sahara, which is what you are seeing here and I personally think the Sahara looks crazy, good guys. I love this color of like brownish dust kind of color, and it just looks so good now, if you just take a look at the stripes, you guys, I noticed something here. We do have a very. Let me just try and get it into focus. A very nice lug over here that actually allows the watch the strap itself to move around a little bit more and make it more comfortable and give you a tighter fit on your wrist again. A lot of attention to detail has been given to the design of this amazing T Rex, Ultra alright lets talk a bit about the display. I know the display at the front here is something that some of you guys are always very concerned about, and you guys always say to check out the smoothness. So Im gon na do a very quick smoothness test here, as you can see it Glides on very smoothly on the display. You guys always like to complain about it may not smooth, but this T Rex Ultra is very very smooth now, as you can see, Ive been pressing on the button, so we can either control the display using your finger or go the more conventional way and just Use the buttons, because again they are actually very, very responsive.

You can go up, go down, you can actually select, and you can also go back into your main screen now in terms of the display once more, we are having a 1.’ inch AMOLED display. That goes. All the way up to a thousand nits. That means that, if you are Outdoors most of the time, you dont have to worry about the sun being too bright for you to see the screen itself. Other than that we do have a couple of new watch phases built in. I particularly like this one, because we have a live compass going on in the background, take a look at that nice watch face. Of course, there are also a couple more new ones. Let me just show you one real quick: this is the main watch face that is being advertised on the amazing T, Rex Ultra it looks pretty good and you also have one more here, which I think is actually quite fancy. Let me just show it to you. Real quick once you go into this particular watch, face, take a look at the attention, the detail, guys that second meter is actually just moving across the watch face. I think our main speed has always been doing a great job with their watch phases. All right lets move on to some more important stuff here and talk a bit about the spots and GPS on this T Rex, Ultra now, just in terms of the GPS, we have here a dual band: GPS, positioning and six Satellite Systems supported.

So you should get some pretty decent GPS data in here, but whats most important. A new feature here is the offline map support now how this works. Is you bring in your phone? You choose a location that you want to download the offline maps so naturally because Im in Kuala Lumpur, most of the time Ive actually selected this area. Here I mean you can always put in a huge map, but you will eat up a lot of space. So Im using this, which is actually 47 kilometers times 30 km, and you just need to just press that add to your device and right away. You will notice that we have a prompt here, so just click tick go to connect and of course we have Wi Fi on the watch. Try to connect it with your own home, Wi Fi to get the faster speeds and right away. You should be able to download those Maps into the watch now the downloading process is actually quite quick. It took me about a minute to just download and decompress the maps and right away. I could have it on my T rex, Ultra now, the offline maps itself does not support like finding routes or finding locations its, not like a Google Maps built into the watch, but it actually helps you to show where you are. You know in terms of a reference point whenever you are exercising Outdoors so thats, just something that I wanted to point out now other than that in terms of the number of sport modes.

Yes, we do have a ton of sports modes. As always, there is up to 160 different spot modes in here, and it also supports one thing that I thought was quite interesting and that is the free diving of up to 30 meters. Again, we have the 316l stainless steel that again prevents it from any sort of corrosion, so yeah feel free to take this free, diving guys, alright guys so in terms of the health monitoring aspect. Again, you can expect to have all your typical stuff that you expect you have your heart rate all day, your all day, blood, oxygen stress and, of course, your sleep and naps. Everything that you would expect to be tracked on a smart watch is all here on a T Rex, Ultra now. Last but not least in terms of the battery life guys. What can you expect in terms of battery life here? Well, a misfit says that the T Rex are travel, lasts up to 20 days on typical use, but you know me myself: I use it very heavily. I have a ton of notifications coming in and for heavy usage. A misfit says that it will last approximately 9 days now, just in case youre stuck in a cave, and you wanted to save a bit of your battery. You can go up to 25 days on the battery saver mode, alright guys so thats pretty much it. For my very quick First Impressions and Hands On with the amazing T Rex Ultra my first thoughts has been really positive and I just want to call out that I really love the design and the color of this T.

Rex, Ultra anyways amazing Malaysia is going to be releasing this on the 18th of May so stay tuned. For that, the price is, I think, 1899 Ringgit, and they are working with decathlon to provide you guys with some kind of freebies, so Im putting more information down in the link below now with that said, thank you for watching todays video. All the way till the end, let me know what you think about the amazing T Rex Ultra down below, and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next one stay safe and take care bye.