We will explore the newly smart variables launched by apophic named the acco fade w9 now aquafit is an indian brand founded in 2018. Is a technology starter with a primary focus on electronics and smart devices, category the company specialization research and development, designing manufacturing and marketing and adherence to the core value concept of originality, quality experience and service presently having a corporate office research and development facility and factory in Noida so indian brand, as i said, their main products are variables which include the smart bands and the smart watches. The business philosophy is to create smart devices that can bring a healthier lifestyle to consumer worldwide, with innovative design concept and efficient floor line. Products acrophate is becoming a global brand. Now the company has launched aquafit w9, a smartwatch in the indian market on 24th of may 2021. let’s explore the product in details, so when you’re thinking about buying a smartwatch, the design and the build quality becomes one of the most important parameter now aquafit w9 comes In a zinc magnesium body, with a glorious 1.33 inch, hd ips display with a high resolution of 240 into 240. Moreover, it has a premium curved screen, so design wise, aquafit w9 has a superb look, but the watch has bezels, which seems thick and because of the outer rim, and one also has to check the brightness level of the watch relating to display. Secondly, let’s talk about the multifunctional support mode: it comes with eight activity sports mode, apart from the health tracking abilities to keep your 24 into 7 heart rate, sleep, blood, oxygen and calorie count, etc.

Now you get all the common activity tracker which you get in any of the smartwatch in this category. However, one advantage it comes with the blood oxygen tracker, which is essential in today’s pandemic scenario. However, stress monitoring and blood pressure monitoring are absent, of course, for any entry level watch. You cannot get all the features. Thirdly, the most important and the unique part of this smartwatch it has a bluetooth, 5.0 configuration and in built speaker and microphone you so you can receive and can make calls directly from the smartwatch without touching your device or your phone while you are exercising now. I consider this as a unique feature in this watch and is the usp of aquafit w9. Now compare it with its competitors like the noise fit active or realme s. The calling feature is absent. However, if you compare with cross bit orbit orbit has its own problem in connectivity. Therefore, aquafit w9 can really dominate the market with the specification. Next aquafit is powered by a large battery capacity of 280 mah, providing a 7 to 10 days in a regular use and up to 2 days, if you are using it for calling facility and up to 30 days on a standby so relating to battery life. Yes, it has a lower capacity compared to the others, but since in the industry, trend is somewhere around seven to ten days. Similarly, it comes with an ipv67 certification, so your watch is dust proof as well as flash proof.

It even has access to notification from social media, and you can even control the camera play pause. Your music update on weather forecast, and even it has the anti lost feature. So this watch comes with unique watch faces inbuilt as well as you can download. The watch faces from its app to sum up this specification. It comes with a bigger dimension of a 1.33 full round display with a 240 to 240 pixel. If the strap length is 96 mm into 128 mm it’s, a silicon based strap with a 280 mah battery capacity. The watch material is basically made of zinc, alloy and the housing is made of aircraft grade aluminum. It has a bluetooth, 5.0 and a 30 day standby. So these are the important specification of aquafit w9 to me, this stands as a unique smartwatch in this category of below rupees 5000, and if you are looking for a round watch, this can be one of the best possible choice. My anticipation is that aquafit w9 will compete well against its competitors like crossbit orbit, noise, fit active and real mes if receiving calls is an important factor and your budget is below 5k, then this is a perfect solution. Lastly, the price of aquafit w9. If you refer to the company website, currently the product has been priced at rupees, four, two, nine nine, but you get a rupees 500 off. As an introductory offer. You have to use a code aquafit 500 to get the discount and therefore your final price will be somewhere around three seven.

Nine nine. However, if you add the same in the card, it’s showing four, two, nine nine as of now so this is all about. Aquafit w9, if you have liked the video hit the like button subscribe to the channel and in case of any query, please do comment in the comment section. I will try to revert back. Moreover, videos relating to launch of product review and product comparison. You will get updated videos from this channel, so viewers be associated with this channel till then.FSC_K_FPtP8

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