Even so, they are good for many things. They can give you an easy way to get information, support you to view or reply to new messages without having to take out your phone and much more. The features offered by smart watches are very diverse, starting from calculating heart rate measuring blood pressure, stress management to navigating with gps. Everything can be found. You dont have to buy a smart watch that has all the advanced features as long as you can get. The benefits of a smart watch thats the best smart watch for you. Are you confused about finding the best smart watch? We have a recommendation of the top three best smart watches that might help you find a smart watch that fits your needs before. I start as always im placing links on each product selection in the description of this video. So you can check out the latest pricing and availability for anyone you might be interested in also if there are any special deals or discounts on each product, ill include them in the description as well. First, on our list, we have the touch lx series: smart watch. This smartwatch has hd screen digital watch equipped with 1.52 inch full touch screen with 360 by 400 pixel high resolution. If youre searching for light smart watch, this series – smart watch, is a good choice, because its super light and thin smartwatch case has a light weight of 17 grams and a thickness of nine millimeters.

This series, smart watch, has a blood oxygen tracker. It can measure your blood oxygen, letting you know how your body is breathing. The smart watch also accurately tracks your heart rate throughout the day when youre doing exercise. The serious smart watch has a fitness tracker that supports 14 sport modes, such as outdoor walking, trekking basketball, football ping, pong outdoor cycling, badminton, rowing machine, yoga, freestyle, baseball, treadmill, indoor cycling. You can set up the goal before the sports session and analyze the details when finished touchalex series smartwatch is also equipped with a pedometer watch. This healthwatch accurately records daily steps, calories and distance. This smartwatch is also equipped with a sleep monitor which tracks and records your sleep conditions such as deep sleep, long, sleep, waking up at night, etc so youre in control of your sleep quality. It also has a feature that will remind you about drinking water and standing up and other features like five alarms, timer and stopwatch all calls messages and notifications show on your wrist with vibration. The smart watch comes with 30 plus dials and supports the use of your own pictures as a dial. The serious smart watch is also splash proof, swim, proof and surf proof, no worries when washing hands or taking a shower. You can find remote control photography on the smartwatch, just shake your watch and it will take a picture of the beautiful moment through your phone. The dimension of the smartwatch is 11.

2 by 2.64 by 1.14 inches and has a weight of 33 grams 14.4 grams without straps sirius smartwatch has great battery life. It only takes 2 hours to charge and has up to 7 day usage. The mobile apps name for the smartwatch is touch lx, which works with android 6.0 ios 9.0 and above coming with a 12 month warranty by the way, todays sponsor is nordvpn theyre consistently. The top choice for staying anonymous online, torrenting safely and accessing geo restricted streaming content. You can check the description for our full review along with a special discount if interested the second top three of best smart watch is the fitbit versa. 3.. This smartwatch supports running biking. Hiking and more phone free and see your real time pace and distance with built in gps. You can check out your workout intensity map in the fitbit app the fitbit. Versa has active zone minutes that uses your resting heart rate to gauge exercise efforts and gives you a buzz when you step up the intensity, so you can make the most out of your workouts. It is better track: heart rate 24, 7 with pure plus 2.0 fitbits. Enhanced heart rate technology, you can see your nightly blood oxygen level at a glance with the collection of sp02 clock faces. You can use the fitbit app to track your trends over time in the health metrics dashboard to see when there may be indications of important changes in your wellness.

The fitbit versa is equipped with google assistant or amazon alexa built in to get quick news set. Bedtime reminders and alarms control your smart home device and, more just by speaking to your watch. This smartwatch has the built in mic and speaker to take bluetooth, calls hands, free, send callers to voicemail and adjust volume its available when the phone is nearby and requires more frequent charging. This fitbit versus smartwatch can store and play music and podcasts on deezer or pandora plus control spotify. All from your wrist. The dimension of this smartwatch is 1.59 by 1.59 by 0.4 inches and 0.704 ounces weight. The battery of the fitbit versa is a six plus day battery with 12 minute fast charging. Last but not least, is the garmin venue square music. This smart watch fits wrists with a circumference of 125 to 190 millimeters. You can see everything clearly on a bright colored display. That includes an always on mode perfect for quick glances health is important to you. You can monitor everything from your body battery energy levels, respiration, hydration and stress to sleep. Your menstrual cycle, estimated heart rate and more. This smartwatch is equipped with a pulse ox sensor, which estimates your blood oxygen saturation during the day and, as you sleep to show how well your body is absorbing oxygen pulse ox is not available in all countries. Its easy to download songs to your watch, including playlists from spotify, amazon, music or deezer accounts.

It requires an app on a compatible smartphone and connects with wireless headphones sold separately for phone free listening. You can always find new ways to keep moving with more than 20 pre loaded sport apps, including walking running cycling, mindful breathing swimming golf and many more use. Pre loaded workouts that include cardio yoga strength and even pilates create your own garmin connect app when paired with a compatible smartphone garmin smartwatch pay contactless payments with supported payment network. Let you pay for purchases on the go. The dimensions of the smartwatch are 1.61 by 1.46. By 0.47 inches and 0.53 ounces weight, you can go longer on a single charge with up to six days of battery life in smart watch mode and up to six hours in gps mode with music and thats going to bring us to the end of todays top 3 best reviews of smart watches on the market today, i hope youre able to narrow down your search to find the perfect fit for your particular needs. If youve got any questions on your mind about todays recommendations, go ahead and drop those in the comments below ill. Take some time to answer as many of those as i can, while youre down there. Let us know what you think we should cover in our next video. What other products have you been on the hunt for wed love to help you on that hunt too? Thank you guys for joining me on this really fun video.