We have tested and reviewed dozens of smart watches on this channel and we’re reducing that list down to the very best smart watch for you, depending on how you plan to use it. So if you want to know which smartwatch is best for you stay tuned and let’s get into the video now the way i see it if you’re looking for a smart watch, most people are in one of three categories: you’re, probably an apple user, an android user Or you’re looking to use the watch for fitness or sleep tracking or things of that nature and within each of these categories, we’ve got to pay attention to the price to see if you’re, someone who just wants the best, regardless of price, what the best value is Or what the best affordable options are, if you’re an apple user you don’t need to overthink. This you’ll be looking at one of two different options: the apple watch series 6 or the apple watch se so which one do you want? It’S, probably the apple watch se, although it’s not technically the best one you can buy and i’ll explain why the se does a really good job, with nearly all the features you’ll be looking for in a smart watch, gps tracking heart rate monitor track workouts. Pretty much has the full fitness tracking capabilities that you want within a smart watch and it works well. Overall, build quality is great speaker quality. The microphone notifications, siri it’s all there, and this is really where the product shines.

For me, the interface and the apps overall are great battery life. You can expect approximately one to two days depending on usage, the native sleep tracking isn’t, quite as detailed and accurate, as some of the other smart watches out there, based on what i’ve seen but we’ll touch on a good option for sleep tracking later is the series 6, better sure, is it worth the extra 120 dollars? Probably not. The two are pretty much exactly the same, except that the se doesn’t have three key features. You don’t have an always on display. You don’t have an ecg, which is something most people don’t use anyway, and you don’t have blood pressure monitoring. So unless one of those are very important to you, save the money and get the esee if you’re on a budget, because i know not – everyone has 300 lying around the apple watch. Series 3 is a valid choice under 200 it’s a few years old, but still passable, and you get a lot of the same features such as water resistance, wi, fi, similar battery life and a lot of the same apps and fitness tracking capabilities. It has a noticeable 30 smaller display and performance. Speed is worse. Personally, i would recommend spending the extra money to get the se, but if someone wants an apple watch and has a tight budget, this is a valid option. Links to all the products i talk about are in the video description with updated pricing.

I try to update the description and links with any new information that comes out so be sure to check that out. If you’re interested, if you’re an android user life, becomes a little bit more complicated because there’s a lot of good smart watches out there from a lot of good companies that do a lot of great things, but you’ll probably be looking towards either the samsung galaxy watch. 3 or the samsung galaxy watch active 2. so which one do you want? It really depends on what you care about the simple answer for best performance and value. Is the galaxy watch active 2.? If you want additional performance with ease of use and style, the galaxy watch 3 is great if you don’t mind paying extra for it. The galaxy watch active 2 just offers such a similar package to the galaxy watch 3, but at a cheaper price point they have the same screen sizes, battery processor and a lot of other similarities both offer great performance and quality. All the main features work great gps. Fitness tracking microphone speaker ease of use without the always on display. You can get about two and a half days of battery life and it takes two hours to fully charge the batteries from dead. It has on board storage, so you can download spotify songs, sync the earbuds directly to the watch and go for a workout without your phone, the biggest difference between the active 2 and the galaxy watch 3 is the rotating bezel on the galaxy watch 3, which is Really solid, easy to use and a great feature: aesthetically the galaxy watch 3 looks much better.

In my opinion, more of a traditional classy watch look and something you could pull off with a suit. While the active 2 looks more like a classic fitness lifestyle watch other than that performance between the two is very similar and they’re. Both great is that bezel and the extra style worth a hundred dollars more that’s really up to you, but personally i would prefer to save the money and go with the active 2.. Now, if you are looking for a quality, smart watch, but don’t really want to spend that much money, you may be interested in the amaze fit gts, which is a solid option. Its performance isn’t, going to rival any of the other smart watches on this list. It’S, not the newest or the easiest to use your first go, but i think it’s comfortable and it looks decent it’s very similar to the samsung active 2, and it has a lot of high end features. Fitness tracking and sleep tracking works all right for the price. It’S really solid, if you want fitness tracking or are more interested in health. All the products we’ve previously mentioned are more than capable of doing fitness tracking and they work great for it. But if you want to save some money strip away a few features, you don’t think you’re going to need or want, but keep top of the line. Fitness tracking you’ll probably either want the fitbit versa, 3 or the fitbit charge 4.

. The fitbit versa. 3. In my opinion, is the most ideal mix of fitness, tracking and smart watch features at a reasonable price point. With the fitbit app you’ll get blood oxygen readings, sleep, tracking works really well and the activity tracking is accurate. You can’t download music as of yet and that’s. Definitely a downside but it’s comfortable, easy to use, and i personally use the fitbit app for tracking sleep, but it’s still around a 200 price point. If you don’t care for the smartwatch features and just want the raw fitness tracking experience, the fitbit charge 4 is the way to go. It’Ll give you the full fitness experience for nearly half the price point of anything else. On this list. Great battery life, accurate fitness tracking, easy to use. It has a black and white display which is significantly less functional than most of the other smart watches, but it does fitness tracking extremely well. I tried to keep these product breakdowns brief, so the video won’t be super long, but if you see a product you liked we’ve got reviews on all the products mentioned in this video up on the channel. You can definitely check those out if you want to learn more links for updated pricing are in the description if you’re interested, please like the video, if you found it helpful, seriously, go ahead and hit that button and if you like, shorter to the point product reviews Made to save you time and money be sure to subscribe.

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